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  1. +1 Should follow the same rules as evading police, 15 minutes then you're free to logout/go about your business.
  2. Currently being rented out.
  3. The one thing about black jack is the dealer doesn't stay on 16/17 and it takes a ton of the strategy out of it, especially if you see their top card. It would be nice to have an actual script, I played 3 games of the dice black jack and left sad
  4. I've thought about doing fight nights along with other events. What is the legality of hosting such a thing? Did you go through the government?
  5. +1 it would be cool to make them mini player owned businesses they could buy too.
  6. +1 Also since it's suppose to be an IG market need people to quit just going "bump", but that's just me nitpicking.
  7. Please post the proper format which can be found below
  8. I'll always +1 this. This just makes bikes insanely OP at times.
  9. +1 +1 for what @GOAT mentioned too.
  10. +1 to increasing time.
  11. For rent again! Please contact for details. Also now with MORE storage!
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