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Paleto Bay Furniture Store

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11 minutes ago, Flucifial said:

I think there should really just be big stores open, like the Mega Mall, where you can buy all kinds of stuff; raw meets (to be cooked in ovens at your house), clothes, furniture, etc. on top of this! 

Opening up the hardware stores would be amazing. +1

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29 minutes ago, NM369 said:

I've never seen someone IRL get a gun in his face to drop a chair at a furniture store. and there are cameras in every store *Shrugs*

NCZs are RPly highly secure areas with CCTV and armed guards/police, for example: city banks, police department, hospitals, big nightclubs and impound lots. 

Furniture stores don't typically have armed guards. 

The issue you're experiencing is because of the "rob hands up" meta that exists on ECRP and adding NCZs won't fix this.

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