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  1. We can offer a wide variety of super cars to rent. Check out our website. https://discord.gg/EQx2Azh
  2. HOTEL with all the tenants are for sale, revenue is 70,000.00$ a month ((1 week IRL)) Easy to manage, just rent the rooms for couple months in front, and that's it. I usually would rent for 4 months((1 week IRL)) , thats 40k*6rooms=240,000.00$. Selling with all the management system, private parking lot. Currently taking offers. For owning the hotel you do not need any blips or ads running constantly, what I was doing, just ordering 2 ads, that there is rooms available, and that was enough, people were racing to get the last rooms, because of the todays housing market, people can't afford a house, so they better rent a room with storage, and a parking lot.
  3. The room number 2, just freed up. Contact me 2763533 for the room reservation.
  4. Selling a buildable property in PaletoBay, you can build what ever you want, a coffe shop, restaurant, fight club, nightclub, office, hotel, everything is on your imagination side, the ideas are endless. Location Paleto Bay next to other establishments. Contact me on email Rima#5644 or phone number 2763533.
  5. Addition to the hotel 5th and 6th rooms were built. Room #5. Room #6.
  6. Hello, I am interested in any buildable property in city, send all of your offers to my email address- Rima#5644 . I am very interested in properties in city, any sizes.
  7. Hello everyone, new addition to the Hotel, we have bought a parking lot, now its secure and gated, no one will steal your cars, every customer gets unlimited amount of car space inside the parking lot.
  8. I have added the location in the gallery.
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