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[2.5.0] [2019-07-01] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.5.0

Dear Eclipse Community,

After weeks of hard work, I am proud to announce the 2.5.0 Development Update. In this update, you'll see a focus on various Quality of Life & Finance additions. Without further ado;


1. Introducing - Action Timer

We've added an action timer to most actions in the game. This prevents players from doing actions unrealistically fast and overall provides more immersion to the roleplay scenery.

Animated GIF


2. Introducing - Recoil

In order to make shooting more realistic, we've introduced recoil to shooting. Before this, you could shoot in a straight line, but hopefully with this addition shootouts will become more realistic and require more skill.


Animated GIF


Left is controlled, right is uncontrolled

3. Introducing - Financial UI & Debt

3.1. Wire Transfer

We've introduced a way for players to transfer money directly with this new feature. You can now transfer money to anyone you wish from this UI.



3.2. Salary

Instead of just doing a command at the bank, you can now take your salary out from the financial UI under the Salary tab.


3.3. Debt

Prior to this addition, there were no repercussions of being imprisoned for charges with heavy tickets if you had no money. After this update, players will go into debt if they do not have the money to pay back their fines.

For example, if you go to prison with $0 in your bank account and your fines are $11,200, your total debt will be $11,200.


To pay your debt, you can go under the debt tab and choose how much you want to pay.


4. Introducing - Prison Currency & Activities

4.1. Prison Currency & Store

After being imprisoned, you receive 500 stamps (prison currency) by default. You can use these to buy items from the commissary. To earn stamps, you can spend your 500 stamps to buy a pickaxe and go mining ore in the yard. You can sell these ores for stamps next to the commissary.

These stamps convert to pocket money after your release.

4.2. Prison Activities

This has been a topic for a longer period in the community - players wished for more activities in prison. We've heard your feedback and have introduced poker and mining into the prison. Poker won't be for money, but rather the prison currency, stamps. As mentioned in 4.1., players can earn stamps from mining.


5. Introducing - Map & GPS

In order to see the mini-map, you now must have the GPS item in your inventory. If you wish to see the map from the Esc menu, you have to have the Map item in your inventory. These items are purchasable from any general store.


6. Introducing - General Additions

6.1. Pointing

Some older players might remember our pointing system back in GT-MP that we had to get rid of after moving over to RAGE:MP, but we've now been able to add the function back!  You are now able to point your finger at any direction.


6.2. Mask Rework

Previously, to toggle a mask on and off, you did /masktoggle. This has now changed - to take your mask off, you must do /masktoggle and to put it on, you have to equip it from your inventory.

6.3. Minor Weazel News Addition

Weazel News have been given two new commands; /weazelCamera and /weazelMicrophone. Hopefully with these new commands, Weazel News can bring in more immersive roleplay scenarios to the server.



We've added a new section the the rulebook, 16. Building. This section reflects on the realism of building and its limits. To get a clearer understanding of the rules, here is the quote of the new rules;

  • Structures must not block any publicly used roads or pathways. 

  • Building is not allowed during the active rp situations.

  • Player may only build the structures on the property he has permissions to.

  • Structures may not be used to create any obscene shapes or forms.

  • Player placed structures may not block widely used entrances and exits.

  • Stashspot of houses must be accessible and not blocked by the player built structures.

  • All player built structures must be realistic and follow the rules of real world physics.

    • Example: Furniture must not float in the air unsupported by any other elements.



(including all changes made since the last forum post)

  • [Sirens] Synced siren lights of all emergency vehicles.
  • Disabled shooting if in any animation
  • Fixed carrybody when entering buildings
  • [Phone/Bug] Fixed bug where phone would be loaded as functional, when it should be turned off
  • [Parking Lot/Bug] Potential fix for random teleport on /park
  • [House/Bug] Fixed issue with parking vehicles in houses
  • Changed /raterp to /goodrp and /badrp
  • [Vehicle/Bug] Fixed /window command not working for all vehicles
  • [Warehouses] Purchasing a warehouse as owner will cancel the sale
  • [Businesses] Purchasing a business as owner will cancel the sale
  • Campfires now properly work with dimensions
  • Fixed gun stores
  • Added impound at Paleto Bay
  • Added Taxi gate
  • Removed 'stickToGround' restrictions for furniture
  • Created Medic, Police, Taxi GPS. It allows them to track faction vehicles on map if gps is present on vehicles
  • Masktoggle only works for removing mask, when mask is removed it appears in inventory
  • Added vehicle compartment (small inv)
  • Tweaked food, beverages, weapon volumes
  • Added /weazelCamera /weazelMicrophone
  • Added reception at LSSD
  • Large vehicle inventory is only accessible if vehicle trunk is open on vehicles that have trunk
  • Added area information to police calls
  • Added support for multiple lockers helipads and parking lots
  • Added pointing
  • Implemented action timer
  • Radio frequencies now are attached to radio item
  • Added mining, store, poker, prison currency (stamps) to prison
  • Added ability to exchange prison currency for lower prison sentence
  • Mining will now require owning pickaxe
  • Added recoil
  • Added GPS and MAP items
  • Player must hold right click to attack with melee (removing ability to missclick)
  • Added support for exterior inventories
  • Added blip for LSSD
  • Added sheriff gate
  • Added debt
  • Added ability to cook fish
  • Fixed crafting
  • Added financial UI
  • Added support for furniture object inventories

Thanks to Serthon for a great contribution towards writing of this devblog!

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2 minutes ago, NBDY said:

Thanks to Serthon for a great contribution towards writing of this devblog!


Good work!

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I believe this update took alot of time, but all I can say its not finnished and shouldn't be realesed that fast. 

Its okay 😕

Edited by KeistuoliZ

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As a tow drive that has been robbed a few times by gang members or new players alike, that addition of GPS just means other way for the job to cost us money.  Will there be an auto GPS in service vehicles by chance in the future?   Will we be unable to see MRs without the GPS?

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