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Vehicles i would like to see added (Opinions):

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Hello. So its been a long, LONG time since eclipse has gotten new vehicles purchasable on the dealership markets (Last of them being the Cheburek for Dealers and the Patriot Stretch Credit SUV), And i have decided to compile a list of vehicles i think would be lovely to be able to purchase and my reasons why. I know server development takes priority, but we do need new toys too (I will be excluding the Super class aswell as giving some vehicles a no go due to OP reasons) and pictures of said cars will be provided. I would like to hear feedback of each of the cars provided (And the ones from the list at the bottom i did not do) and see what everyone thinks. I know cars are not high (like at all) on the development list but i would like to still get this out here. I will start by Class:


Pfister Comet SR: Now this Sports is a little too "good", and its a more updated and mordernized version of the Comet we have access to. i believe this Comet SR would do nice to replace the Comet2 currently purchasable in the Credit store, not only due to its performance but its advancement over the standard Comet.



GB200: This cute little adorable car is a perfect little sports car for the Rally like events that have recently been going one. one issue (And this is why i did not pick the Flash GT) is that its offroad preformance is outstanding for a sports car. its small, compact, and fast, and has a very interesting look and as mentioned earlier, makes for a perfect little rally car.



Itali GTO: This car came in the latest "Arena War" Update, so isnt obtainable right away. Its made by Grotti (AKA Ferrarri) and represents a low end Super in some ways. Sleek, kinda ugly in some ways, but a cool kind of ugly, It preforms nice (From what i can tell) but caution should be exercised adding this car (Make it one of the more expensive sports)



Jester Classic: Need i say more? Toyota Supra. Its not only an iconic ride from the old days, but preforms nice and would be an excellent addition to divide the Elegy Drivers a little bit, as the Elegy has some things over the Jester Classic, but the Jester Classic also has other things over the Elegy. Its a unique Retro car with a ton of customization (It also cannot double clutch, so its acceleration isnt absurd)



Neon: The Neon is made by Pfister (Porche), and is an Electric 4 door sports car that really only has acceleration and looks. The four door capability make it perfect for moving people around, and since its electric is also spices things up, while having not a high top speed to make it balanced.



Raiden: The Raiden is like the Neon mentioned above. a 4 door electric sports car, except this one has a more luxury appeal to it then the sportier Neon. this car would be a perfect get around car if you like electric cars and dont want the ugly dillante, or wants something a little nippy around turns and acceleration and dont require top speed. 



Revolter: Now this car needs caution, The Revolter is made by Ubermacht (BMW) but more or less represents a modern day Cadillac. Its looks give of an extreme luxury feel to the car, aswell as being able to go fast if need be. while not the fastest car on the market, its looks definately make it for it. it is also a four door, giving off that luxury feel more. Only negative is 0 cosmestic customization other then paint and Liveries. (I say used caution because it has a "Weapons" modification not obtainable of normal LSC Customization)



Schaglen GT: This car i dont know much about as of now, but from what i can tell its a really good preforming sports based off of the Mercedes AMG Black Series. It looks mean from the front, sleek in the back, and is quite fast, so if this car were to be added, it would have to have a hefty price tag, as this type of luxury is really nice.



Sports Classic Catagory: (Not much from this catagory)

190z: Not only is it a classic car (Represents the Nissan fairlady), but its customization is really good and it would fit in with the "Sporty" crowd a little bit, as its not exactly sluggish but not the fastest either.



Michelli GT/Savestra: Ive included these cars together because they practically are the same. Both are two door old school "Sport" cars that represent the Warrener and can be an alternative to the common Warrener. while lacking the two doors, they make up for in customization and go just a little faster then the lunchbox we all know of.



Viseris: This car is a V8 Monster (Not really?). Its an old school sports that has alot of muscle characteristics, including a loud torquey (Is that a word?) V8 in the back, aswell as a mean looking exterior. Its by all means not the fastest in speed or acceleration, but damn it sounds nice, looks nice, and has that perfect set of customization to make every one unique.



Muscle: (Prepare for a long one! we have access to 22 muscle cars IG, and theres 42 total excluding the Arena War, Weaponized, Ruiner3/ruiner 2000, and the Race Variants.

Clique: This is another car from the latest "Arena War" Update, along with the two sports cars Itali GTO and Schaglen GT, So it might not be obtainable off the bat, but its a small 2 door muscle that is old school in its unique way. Im personally not a fan of its design, but somebody out there may be drooling over it and its not the best preforming, and can be a cheap little muscle.



Deviant: Now this one also needs Caution. The Deviant is made by Shyster (Only car they have is the Fusilade), and boy is it a Beast of a muscle car. Capable of About average speeds, its the acceleration this guy packs that is absolutely monstrous. While also Looking like a Bat outa hell, and accelerating like one, it comes with a unique SuperCharger under the hood giving it a distinct "Whine" sound at mid to high RPMs, and the customizations allow for so many different looks. this car i would recommend be a Credit car, if not an expensive muscle, just due to its performance and the mods it has.



Ellie: This car needs no explaining. Oldschool Mustang Boss/Fastback. Need i say more? its not the fastest, but hot damn does she look nice. good modifications and an appeal nearly everyone would like.



Impaler: This car is a unique one. Being an old school muscle also from the "Arena War" Update, this guy looks like a sleeper in some ways, but can be used for either Racing (Drag ofc) or just a nice go around car. Similar to the Buccaneer, it favors appearance over Preformance, but has race like modifications if you so go to choose that route.



Tulip: Another "AW" car, this ones a Four door Muscle! Not only would it be the perfect "Every day" car, but its appearance is off of an iconic car, the Classic Chevrolet Chevelle. This car would be a perfect addition to the lower budget people who want to upgrade from their Warrener to gain Some power but keep either Class, or effectiveness, and cant afford a fancy 4 door sports car.



Vamos: Like the name Suggests, this car Moves. This is a 2 door Muscle also loosely based off the Chevrolet Chevelle, but instead of having 4 doors and a subtle use, this is a pure race breed. Fast in a straight line like the Deviant, this 2 door monster of a muscle packs a ton of horses under that long hood it has, and has the modifications to back that up. Would be one of the expensive ones due to its preformance. (Side note: This car is Pretty Fast. Its modifications are all Drag based, including a wheelie bar, intakes, and even a fake parachute bag, and on a flat road can reach sport car speeds)



SUVs: There isnt alot here, so ill be quick.

Toros: (Literally the only one im recommending), is a SUV made by Grotti (If im correct) and represents a Fast but luxurious SUV. it would be higher priced then the rest as it has nearly Sports car handling and preformance, but the big package of the SUV and four seats, along with plenty of modifications to make this wierd but amazing looking SUV Unique.




Gang burrito 2: The A-Team Van. Need i say more? it could be used for transporting goods (Criminally ofc) or zooming around with the boys pulling off criminal activities, or vigilante activities.



Sadler: This is oddly in the "Utility" Catagory, but its a standard Pickup truck thats extremely common in GTA Story more and Online. It has..."Some" modifications, not much, but it would be a decent alternitive to the Bison or Bobcat, and would serve as a perfect Generic Pickup truck for those who dont want a Fat Sandking, Fast or wierd Contender, and a slow Bobcat/Bison.



This is all i really have to suggest for the time being. its alot of cars and trucks, some arguably too good, some maybe pointless, but the real point is Variety. Its no fun going out to a Car meet and seeing 9 Elegy Retros when those 9 could be split into Elegy Retros, Jester Classics, 190zs, and other unique old timey cars, or instead of just Dominators, Dukes, and GTX's, it can be even more divided and a more Unique feel to the overall area as there isnt just a select few cars. Some cars are just because we are missing them. Now there are cars i shouldve suggested but i didnt, and ill provide a list here at the bottom for all the cars ive missed and feel like Could be added but i didnt want to explain why or feel like they are a bit redundant/not needed. Keep in mind Every car here is based off of my opinion and my testing, so i am bound to be wrong in more ways then one, so i HIGHLY suggest if they do consider adding a car from this list, testing it out themselves or asking me to test it with a friend in a similar car, and providing footage, and determining its Price, And if it should be in Dealerships or the Credit Store.

Cars i have missed:

Flash GT (too OP)


Comet Safari (too OP)


Hotring Sabre (Nascar)


Pariah (too OP)




ZR380 (Cant confirm if a stock varient exists, i dont think so)












Retinue (similar to the other 2door little box sport classics)






Buccaneer Custom


Faction Custom (and The DONK)










Moonbeam custom


Sabre GT Custom


Virgo Classic


Virgo Custom


Voodoo (both varients)




Issi Classic


Alot of Motorcycles (I didnt see what we have and what we dont but theres a good amount missing)







Sandking SWB






Blimp (For memes)


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4 hours ago, GamingAlF said:

I think that's brilliant cause the cars in game is starting to be continuously the same.
Players don't have enough options to buy different models and i think its really essential for the game so it would be more fun and more variety of the cars.

Players have lots of options. They just choose to go for the "fastest".

Saying that, I'd like to see some of these in game.

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2 hours ago, MusketDeezNuts said:

+1 exept for the armored. Rocket cars and the blimp. 


Blimp i get, but none of the cars listed above are Armored nor have Rockets (The Zr380 Might not have a stock version, and if so that its an armored car and thus shouldnt be considered)

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