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  1. dEMZYYY

    Crips Carson Ave.

    😁😁😁 You guys just need a bloods gang for your rivlas 😀
  2. dEMZYYY

    Your desktop screens

  3. dEMZYYY

    ID 33 ID 9 ID 111

    I posted the video just to show you that i saw your car there and that we didnt saw ur 'police' from the shop.Big words about MG from a guy who is in voice group chat with his friends.you can say here that you dont MG there but we all know what is really going on in that discord group 😉
  4. dEMZYYY

    ID 33 ID 9 ID 111

    okay so in my video i said to my friends they are behind the corner not they are calling police how i said here my bad...so you can see that i saw you in that corner thats why we all came outside and then when we was outside i saw in the chat 'police'. Im saying for the 3. time i fucked up i accept my punishment im not trying to get out of this.Im just trying to prove here that we didnt saw your 'police' from the shop how your video is showing. Im done here Staff members just assign me the punishment.
  5. dEMZYYY

    ID 33 ID 9 ID 111

    In 1 hour you gonna see this scenario from my POV
  6. dEMZYYY

    ID 33 ID 9 ID 111

    Just wait for my video because in your we cant see shit. I dont know simply rules? Jesus you even dont know what rule we broke here this isnt MG is PowerGaming....i repeat im not tryin to defend myself i said im guilty i will accept my punishment...im just tryn to tell here that the scenario isnt like this how your video is showing. And yes quiet was inside she was aiming at cashier.I was outisde looking at ur car when you type 'police' so i came back in the shop and i told guys they are calling the police then you can see us outside.So im only one guitly here because they got that information from me.I broke the rule of PowerGaming. You typed 'Police' in IC chat i used the game chat to got that information. Its powergaming.
  7. dEMZYYY

    ID 33 ID 9 ID 111

    Okay...im not at home now but tomorrow i will post my POV video because you didnt post all interaction between us.First of all i think that we didnt broke any of MG rules.i was outside when you stop in front of the shop. I was outside when you park ur car in that corner of the shop. I saw you pick up your phone i saw you how you calling someone.So i think that only my fault is because i saw it in the chat that you was calling the police.So this is powergaming not MG. In real life maybe i could hear you that you was calling the police maybe i could read your lips maybe not i dont know.But i cant belive that you really report us for this tiny thing...you said that you are sick of people breaking simply server rules im sick of kiddos who cant figure that this is a fuckin game and report every single fuckin little thing what happen on this server.every day i got VDM DM NLR i have tons of videos and evidence but i report only big rule breakers not this tiny things.we are humans we make mistakes.I will accept my punishment. I have 100k xp and i dont have every single admin record. Thank you for this.
  8. dEMZYYY

    Mask 6102_9715 Mercy kill

    bullshit i dont belive you...you saw you friend running to me when i was injured.....and plus your friend is wearing orange you can see from a airplane difference between orange and green. and your friend first looted me then your friend...in that moment you was pretty close to ur injured friend.
  9. dEMZYYY

    Mask 6102_9715 Mercy kill

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 6102_9715 Date of rule breach:24.11.2018 Time of rule breach: 2:07 gtm+1 Your characters name: Jaime Brown Other players involved: Mask 3497_9233 Specific rule broken: Mercy-Killing is a form of deathmatching and non-roleplay that describes when a player attacks or kills another player who is injured in order to expedite their death process. This can result in a deathmatching classed punishment. If the player being killed, asks to be killed, the player asking to be killed is breaking the non-roleplay rule. How did the player break the rule?: you can clearly see on the video that Mask 6102_9715 is mercy killing his friend Mask 3497_9233. you can stop the video on 0:06 and see all the names. Mask 6102_9715 have a bag on himself, in the end of the video you can see the guy with a bag shooting on his injured friend. Evidence of rule breach:
  10. dEMZYYY

    Vehicles i would like to see added (Opinions):

    +1000 for Jester classic!!
  11. dEMZYYY

    Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961 7.7 Hostage rules

    So i steal a car and i say to the owner i didnt steal it i just borrow it?
  12. dEMZYYY

    Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961 7.7 Hostage rules

    i wait for staff response.I consider this Kidnap because you force me in ur car and drive from my current area.
  13. dEMZYYY

    Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961 7.7 Hostage rules

    i know what you telling doesnt matter how mutch meter you took me. You force me in your car and drive from my current area thats kidnap. I never saw somebody robb like this. If is alowed everybody will come and : put ur handsup get in the car and easy peasy robb! you are safe police cant never find out
  14. dEMZYYY

    Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961 7.7 Hostage rules

    You need active KOS right? you force me in your car thats kidnap!!!! And yes must be 5 of you to kidnap someone!
  15. Player(s) being reported: Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961 Date of rule breach:30.11.2018 Time of rule breach: 16:20 utc +1 Your characters name: Jaime Brown Other players involved: none Specific rule broken: 7.7 Hostage rules How did the player break the rule?: i was farming at Pauls lookin at my busniess and 2 guys just run in the field with the car and start to robb me..everything was ok until they start to forcing me into theirs car.I told to them that is not allowed to kidnap someone if isnt 5 of them they didnt listen to me and i said ok and continue RP in their way. Evidence of rule breach: Here is where robbery start. here is the video when i start record: