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  1. Character to be refunded:Mark Williams Date and time of incident:10-1-2019 Requested refund (what and how much): I lost that time, 20 Crack i think, i dont remember exact amount, but it was between 15-20. And a .50 pistol. Description of incident resulting in loss: So me and this random person which gave me a ride, Got DM and VDM, Both of us died because of the people failing to rp. Evidence of loss: Gonna post the whole report. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/13930-players-202138-and-24-dm-and-attempted-vdm/?tab=comments#comment-69069 Comments:
  2. Tomaxas6

    Players 202,138, and 24 (DM, and Attempted VDM)

    If they get punished? Will i receive what i lost?
  3. Tomaxas6

    Varrios Los Aztecas

    Keep it up! Looking towards having some fights with you guys. 😉
  4. Tomaxas6

    Grove Street Families

    Keep it up Yo.
  5. Tomaxas6

    Crips Carson Ave.

    We crippin' out here in the town tho my niggas. C walkin'
  6. Tomaxas6

    Players 202,138, and 24 (DM, and Attempted VDM)

    Yeah, I am the passenger. Them dudes came out of nowhere, as seen, they did not even roleplay going through our pockets. They killed him as seen in this video, without giving time to react.
  7. Tomaxas6

    How to make new players stay

    If you know how people in SA-MP did roleplay and looking in here. I dont even think this is a RP server.. Yesterday some players tried to rob me in a clothing store.. Clothing store you kidding me? Right next to police station :DD For real people?? And they didnt had no guns, So i had no point of putting my hands up or anything like that, After i said Show me your weapon or i do nothing they just ran away. Server is good, But server needs a little bit more RP, Even with guns is the same, You are a gang member, you die, you just go to the same location you died take your car and drive like nothing happened.. Nobody looks at the rules, Its like gangs is all about shooting each other, Even in real life, i have never heard people robbing in a public place.. Come on people, Do some RP Atleast write this command for some players to react /me Withdraws his weapon from pocket or any other possision.. Do some roleplay.. Not like how it is done now, Withdraws a gun and yells into a microphone hands up... If it was done in the SA-MP server.. You would be instantly banned.
  8. Tomaxas6

    Impound job OR paying for impound work

    I meant for workers you suggested, Like they impound a vehicle, And get some money, Ofcourse it would be awesome if it would depend from distance and car.
  9. Tomaxas6

    Impound job OR paying for impound work

    +1 Very good idea, because there's to many cars on the road, and nobody is bothered to move them away. Or even do like for example, Start a job, get a truck, drive around city, Helping people, But i was thinking about, When a player impounds a vehicle he could get some money, Like a money transporter, Delivering, and making some money for impounded car.
  10. Tomaxas6

    Map: Show True NCZ Reach

    Or atleast put make some kind of a cameras in the non crime zones, Atleast around them so that police after crime could investigate what happened
  11. Tomaxas6

    Ability to "Strip" weapons

    +1 That's a good idea.
  12. Tomaxas6

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    Even rp is sometimes boring, Because some players probably play RP server for the first time, and they dont even know how to use /me or /do Or what actions they suppose to do in any rp situation, Looking forward to Fear rp, Ofcourse this rule is a little bit strange., but this is not the point, rp is shit in this server.. only police and medic are based on heavy rp.
  13. Tomaxas6

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    +/- Maybe not insurgent in a dealership but yeah.
  14. Tomaxas6

    Gun license.

    I dont want to advertise that server, but if you know that server from sa-mp times, Mostly american people know it. If you wanted a gun license, First you needed to get a Pf License, which was like license just to buy it, you had no opportunity to carry it, and second you needed to get another license which allowed you to carry it with you all the time, Ofcourse there was No crime zones in which gun wasnt allowed to use, and that gun you could only use for self defence or to protect somebodies life, or work as a police security or any other kind of a job. But yeah, in that server if you wanted you needed to pass criminal history check, to see if there's any charges that your character has, after that fill an appeal online and just then get it. It even needed to write for what specific reason you gonna use.