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  1. yes show the whole footage please
  2. what happened to not arguing?
  3. lmao. Got nothing to say here
  4. Thanks man i am absolutely in love with the car 🙂
  5. Huge mg? lmao the only thing we did was fail to pay attention that you rpd closed windows, you can clearly see on the video that he saw you parked arround the corner and we then came to check, you're making it seem like we are the biggest rule breakers on the server.
  6. i'm sorry but i can't even understand half the shit you are typing 🤣
  7. i didn't realise you guys had rpd that the windows where up, but that's fine no need to argue about this, i accept the punishment. BTW we didn't run out because of the phone call you where making, my friend saw you parked arround the corner so we all came to take a look, we then saw you calling the police. Also kinda funny that you report me for metagaming when you and your friends are all in a discord group call LMAO Also please remove my support staff tag because i haven't been part of staff for a while
  8. i doubt that, but it would be realistic considering a transmission replacement for a buggati veyron costs 120k irl and replacing the transmission on any normal car can be done for like 3-10k
  9. i went to the mechanic shop with my jester to get it fixed and it cost me 2.5k. Please read my post propperly next time. i didn't mention mors, i said i went to fix my car and it cost 2.5k
  10. I highly doubt a warrener costs 30k to fix, if what you're saying is actually true its probably a bug, because my jester cost me 2.5k to get fixed and that's a 250k car
  11. Name:Liam McGregor Phone number:3745774 Selling : Fully upgraded Rapid GT Classic Information: Vehicle has low miles and has always been garage kept. Willing to trade for: Send me some offers, willing to trade for a Hakuchou drag + money, but i'm open to other offers aswell. Price is non negotiable.
  12. I don't even think i need to say anything to this, you can clearly see he was committing fear rp alone by the fact that he drove up to me while i was wielding a shotgun and telling me to "leave the guy alone" no normal person would come up to 2 armed criminals and start defending some random guy. You can also see that i gave him plenty of time to drop the gun, told him several times to drop it, and on top of that i gave him a 5 second countdown. But no instead of complying while having a shotgun pointed at your face you decide to act like you didn't know what exactly i wanted from you in this situation. I watched your stream and my video and if you look at the time you can tell that i said "drop the gun" and i shot you about 40 seconds later, that's plennnnnnty of time to comply. Being in a populated place such as high end i was not willing to give you anymore time, because i didn't want the cops to show up. Also i kept saying put your hands up, because on my screen they weren't up. I'll also add my recording to this report once its done uploading, so you can see my point of view aswell. Edit: Looks like i gotta remove some of the audio in the vid, because there is a copyright claim and people aren't able to see it, but that should hardly matter. Video from my perspective:
  13. I don't think its a good idea to let the mechanics up the labour, because then every mechanic would become super rich. I think it would be best to increase the base value it costs to repair a vehicle.
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