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  1. MiguelGerrero

    Increase the amount it costs to fix a vehicle.

    I don't think its a good idea to let the mechanics up the labour, because then every mechanic would become super rich. I think it would be best to increase the base value it costs to repair a vehicle.
  2. I think it would be great if it cost a lot more to repair a vehicle, i think people would show a lot more care for their cars and it would add more realism. The more expensive the car, the more it should cost to fix it. Supercars: 25k Sports cars: 15k Lower tier cars: 5k or maybe a bit less Or it could be based on the actual vehicle value, maybe make it so repairing a vehicle costs 2% of the value of the car.
  3. MiguelGerrero

    Stranger 1065_5073 VDM

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 1065_5073 Date of rule breach:9/23/2018 Time of rule breach:3PM UTC+2 Your characters name: Liam McGregor Other players involved:Stranger 9719_1712, Stranger 6686_4155, Stranger 2920_8409 Specific rule broken: 7.3.2 How did the player break the rule?:He hit the player more than once and then parked the vehicle on top of him. Evidence of rule breach:Video has some support stuff in it, will send to whoever responds to the report.
  4. MiguelGerrero

    Mask 9234_9900 OOC insults

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 9234_9900 Date of rule breach: 9/13/18 Time of rule breach: 4PM UTC+2 Your characters name: Angel Lopez Other players involved: Specific rule broken: 3.2.2 How did the player break the rule?: Insults through PM Evidence of rule breach: Will PM to responding admin, reports visible
  5. MiguelGerrero

    Delete please

    Turns out my video is blocked in all countries because of a song.
  6. MiguelGerrero

    [Selling] Rapid GT Classic $565,000

    Looking to sell my Rapid GT Classic Stock price: $585,000 Sell Price: $565,000 Upgrades: Fully upgraded turbo, engine and transmission. Suspension and breaks are also slightly upgraded. Contact: #4438643
  7. MiguelGerrero

    [BUYING] Contender

    I'm selling my fully upgraded Contender. Call or text me at #4438643
  8. MiguelGerrero

    [Buying] Shafter V12 modded

    I'm looking for a fully modded Shafter V12, let me know what you got and how much you want.