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  1. +1 LOVE IT. it would be better than how it is right now i mean doing role play as you have to it sucks and you wont be able to get the keys if the guy refuse which really sucks.
  2. Account name: Arshia2000 Character name(s): Arshia_jaksun Admin who issued punishment:Ballinbynature Date of punishment:26/Jan/2019 02:45 Punishment received: permanent ban Reason given for punishment: DM #4 (FR), extensive admin record Your explanation of what happened: Hello so i got banned from the server due to my bad behavior which made me to break some rules and be mad at a staff member and before that i had done a DM as Ballinbynature banned me permanently because of that, i didn't want to DM anybody in that video cause as diego started to shoot so i started shooting i wouldn't have done death match because i do understand that how it breaks the nerves of somebody and makes them angry as i would be angry if i were them. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I completely understand what i have done in the past and as 1 month has passed i have came over my bad behavior and i regret what i have done, i really missed eclipse in this 1 month and i promise that i won't break any rules and i wont be unrespectful toward any members of the community cause i rally missed eclipse and i want to role play as i really missed to do. Post any evidence or further details:https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/14531-arshia2000-arshia-jaksun-perm-ban-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-71489
  3. Account name:Arshia2000 Character name(s):Arshia_jaksun Admin who issued punishment:ballinbynature Date of punishment:01.26.2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Arshia_Jaksun will be permanently banned due to DM #4 & Extensive administrative punishments Your explanation of what happened: We went to LSD lab then we were trying to search for a clown gang members as they robbed our friends before we were searching for them as we arrived at LSD there were two clown members so Samo the guy who gave the warning in the chat went after them and we were following him as he tried to shoot them down we went to the situation and i saw that they have their guns in their hand and they were shooting i only started to shoot at the Clown members as i saw their guns in their hands i didn't want to DM anyone here as the Samo said that he gave them the warning and they ran i didn't know that it was a DM. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Well as i know and you guys can check it in the logs you can see that i didn't shoot at them at first it was not me which leads that i didn't DM in this situation and i was not informed either ingame or forum to defend myself which i think its not fair i maybe deserve for like not knowing why i was shooting at her cause i didn't know its DM or not Also for the past reports that i have been into like the VDM that flucifial gave me and the other one that we were infront of the prison which i think i didn't Dm cause i told them to put their hands up as im bad at rules but come on its my first time playing a heavy roleplay server and idk man its just been a hard week for me. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/13693-members-of-narcos-dm/
  4. I completely disagree with you.
  5. My only problem with this patch will be the 15 min coma that you get,and that you can not afk in prison any more which means you have to waist your time for 2 hours.
  6. Cool, a good way not to respond and let the punishment time finish it by itslef.
  7. GamingAlF

    ID 107 (DM)

    ok ok .. we will wait and see until the admin respond to this hopefully. "But my pretty clean ban record speaks for for itself I believe" its all because you are a girl and other would not like to get you banned. and also if you didn't mean to dme me, why was @JayGamble trying to punch me while i did not do anything to
  8. GamingAlF

    ID 107 (DM)

    So, you are saying to me that i was hurting your friend jay gamble ? i was riding my city bee and he was walking next to me and i just pass him he get him self on the ground on soul purpose i did not hit him on my video also on your video i just past next to him,and also for the bug that you are picking on me take and advantage over this report you can see how the black guy is not moving which it means he was riding the city bee after i died; he gets in the city bee and rides it while i was downed on the ground. " If you are speaking about me I can tell you don't worry I don't think like that. I'm glad you made this report and now I see how it was from your side. I really try to follow the rules and feel free to report if you think I did something wrong as you think I did here. But the 'females think they are untouchable' point doesn't work on me buddy as we are all equal and have to follow the same rules so keep your weird hate for females somewhere else please." You had broken rules twice in front of my eyes, its not the first time seeing getting reported.
  9. GamingAlF

    ID 107 (DM)

    I did not damage or harm you you were running into me and i wasn't even moving you can see it all clear in my video.
  10. GamingAlF

    ID 107 (DM)

    Hello that makes no valid reason to kill a guy without any warning or anything i did not ran you over you were just pretending that you were falling read the kos rules ma dude i hate girls who do anything and think nobody would report them cause they think they are a female, And the bug that you saying i was downed on the ground for my self.
  11. dude ban me if you want i have got 171 h on me right now best server in the world. Yes we tired to rob them but they pointed with theyre gun at us so we started to shoot eventho i didn't break any rules. THis GREAT server is full of kids which when you kill them they rage and try to report you or if they have power they will ban you.
  12. Hello, I just wanted to show the chats between me and Flucifial before the VDM. The proof that i didn't acted disrespectful toward Flucifial in game only things i said before he frozed me was this 4 lines of sentence which i don't know how he says that it was disrespectful to him? i don't get it why he gave me the full time for VDM offence which he is saying it was because of me being disrespectful in game. Maybe i have not understand all of the rules in this server,but i'm not excusing myself for a thing that i haven't done i simply said sorry after he gave me a warning and after he froze me i didn't act offensive or disrespectful toward him only after he banned me for 168 h i got shocked for because i haven't done VDM. and for the poor role play i didn't know that if you act like a terrorist group is poor roleplay cause i have seen the jihadis in the game and they were alright. Also i did not steal it from NCZ the car was after a bridge that passes the PD next to the parking building in the middle of the road,which i was able to bobby pin the car. Still i do believe that flucifial had done MG,So i'm requesting a video from the situation that was happening in the middle gas station before we arrive. Kind Regards, Arshia.
  13. Hi, thanks for replying @Flucifial. As it seems in here he have not spawned any one of players but he have revealed the situation to others by any other communication program or through game /pm to the police force. So as you said my friend moved and didn't stop so you decided to reveal the OOC information that where we are to the police force so they shot my friend in the insurgent. As my friend told me he was getting shot at from distance by an sniper as he gets close to the place that shots were coming from he dies by a bullet in his head and i'm asking how this have happened (the fact that he got shot by an sniper in a distance). We were driving around how could police find us and place a sniper and a chopper with each other in the same place waiting for us to pass that exact place to have an good sight to start shooting at the driver how could anybody have told them to be there how they have been there ready to take a shot ? somebody had to give information to them which have been in the car or and admin which have been spectating us nobody else could know that we were there which in this point i'm accusing Flucifial for Metagaming that he have done you are also saying "Your friend asked me why they would start shooting when your friend crashed, and I respectfully answered that I would allow it as you had driven a little bit" ,you allowed the police force to start shooting at the driver which i think its a pretty good evidence of your own words. When i show up getting into the insurgent i didn't VDM the lady in front of the truck cause i had the right to do so because i had stolen a high valued SWAT vehicle that is restricted for civilians and police have KOS on any civilians who tries to steal or drive this vehicle. which it gave me a valid reason to VDM the player. For the disrespectful attitude that you are saying i have gave to you could you line them for me or give me any screen shot of that cause all said to you as you told me not to say to people to get on their and suck my dick was a simple apologize that i said sorry and after you frozed me i didn't act disrespectful to you why are you excusing your acts because of the thing that i haven't done, I was mature and calm in the whole situation in game after you just banned me because of nothing, after i got banned for no reason that nobody likes to be banned for no accurate and exact reason and even giving a 168 h to an simple rule break that you gave me anybody else would be mad because of it and i'm not the only person saying that your acts are based on uncompleted feeling that you have in your age right which makes you be angry really really quick and can not decide on logic and it would be based on anger yet maybe they have seen something special in you that gave you this Administrator but not only by my opinion also others who have upvote this topic or the other dudes that have been kicked by you without any valid reason are saying this. I'm kindly requesting you to be simply humble and logical to others at this situation cause i know and its visible that i haven't done something wrong and it was only because of your acts in game.Cause i don't want to be enemy to anybody. Thanks for replying @BallinByNature.
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