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New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

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Hello everyone. Just some idea's I had for some weapons that could be in the server.
Some of these are a bit powerful so I added them to the maybe section. 

Switchblade, Cost: $1000


Broken Bottle: $50


Single Action Revolver: $4000
((Same damage as 50. just 6 bullets))


Double Barrel Shotgun: $14.000 (Import at a warehouse) 

Molotov: $1500 (per bottle, Import at a warehouse)

Mini AK47 $10.500 (Import at a warehouse) 
(Damage is between micro SMG and AK-47)

Maybe: (A bit too powerful)

Machete: $3000
Musket: $10000
(Massive damage, Slow reload)


Thompson Sub Machine gun, Mark 1919: $20.000 (Import at a warehouse) 
(GTA has put it under Light machine guns, It does massive damage.
But might be good for old school mafia RP)

So what you guys think?
LEGAL: +1 or -1?
Illegal: +1 or -1?
Maybe: +1 or -1? + Opinions?

Love you all!


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-1 While variety is good, we shouldn't bring more of the powerful weapons in game. The criminals should only have pistols with the except few that have more powerful weapons, but in our situation we have criminal factions selling all weapons they have access too, to anyone without any restrictions, flooding the server with AK's/SMG's

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1 hour ago, MusketDeezNuts said:

There is a fire departmemt though. Gives them more RP

I agree There is no activity on  Fire Department, they need to do some roleplay already desync destroy fire department as well like someone can see fire and another person can't see that i guess this can do roleplay to fire department

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