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  1. Hello, so first of all let me explain situation. your friends started to shoot me near tattoo shop, so I had KOS on them, thats why there was a shooting. (You guys can watch admin logs.) Secondly, your friends called for a backup or smth so you arrived there. As you can see it was desync, but on my screen you hit me with your car, so I tought you want to kill me, while I was shooting your friends and they ran away to a NCZ, I saw you aiming a gun at my friend (ID 46), So I shot you also. There was no ncz, as you can see on your screen. Cameras cant film that far away. Thats why there is /ncz. I dont know why admin made that decision on that report, but I asked few admins and they said me thats not a ncz anymore. Also your friend John_Massouh says same thing on faction chat.
  2. No, its metagaming. You allowed to talk about game with them in game only.
  3. Sorry, Im not involved but there is good example of metagaming in other language. After first timeout he says timeout blet, and after second, he says "vėl" which means again. Also friend is talking in background
  4. I was going very fast and I failed to stop, Im sorry about that.. It was an accident, I didnt mean to do that, you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Also as I remember VDM is when people running people over more than 1 time intentionally, I wasnt trying to do that at all. Sorry for that.
  5. Everything is perfect, except that shit with coma.. Sometimes just shit happens, a lot of desyncs, instantly deaths, random exploding cars.. and the worst is that medics are not responding in time...
  6. +1, and it could be a charge for cops, if someone is driving without registration
  7. Driver was shot, because he was trying to help his friend run away with car
  8. 1 Time was said while he was talking with friend in radio, its just hard to hear it, and you can see in other video of Logan's, that he was talking, second time was when he was jumpig off the roof, he was trying to sit in friends car and escape, so we shot them. And I'm not agree with this ban, because it is unfair.
  9. Account name: ProCeeD3210 Character name(s): Rick Debose Admin who issued punishment: MarcoD banned, topic reviewed by @Grape Date of punishment: 09/01/2019 Punishment received: 72 Hour ban Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching Your explanation of what happened: I got banned for DM, for no reason. Me with my friends came to LSD drug lab, to rob some people, we saw 2 guys in it. 1 of them was sitting in car, other one was making drugs. We told a guy in lab to put his hands up, but he started running into his friend's car, then we started to shoot. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't think it was deathmatching because we had reason to shoot, because he started running away. Post any evidence or further details: We saying hands up between 0:40 and 0:48 seconds. And in Logan's video we can hear same thing: https://plays.tv/video/5c33a3af7a17230874/s Link to a report topic:
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