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  1. nukkie

    [BUYING] Elegy retro custom

    @gohena what does the licenseplate say and what is your number?
  2. nukkie

    [BUYING] Elegy retro custom

    @gohena can you send me a message on my phone ((IC)) so we can talk about the price?
  3. nukkie

    [BUYING] Elegy retro custom

    Still looking
  4. nukkie

    [BUYING] fully modded BF400

    Still looking
  5. nukkie

    [BUYING] house in mirrorpark

    I’m looking for a house in mirrorpark, you can contact me on #3294578
  6. nukkie

    [BUYING] fully modded BF400

    I'm looking to buy a fully modded BF400 do you have one for sale? contact me on #3294578 
  7. nukkie

    [BUYING] Elegy retro custom

    Still searching
  8. nukkie

    [BUYING] Elegy retro custom

    I'm looking to buy a fully modded elegy retro custom do you have one for sale? contact me on #3294578
  9. nukkie


  10. I’m willing to buy a schafter v12, contact me on #3294578
  11. nukkie

    Hoxton (Shotgun / 23 shots)

    I was the person in the video and I'm okay with @verydoge12 getting the shotgun back because he gave it to me so I could hold it and the risk would be smaller of losing it.
  12. nukkie


  13. nukkie

    stranger 9149_1503 ( DM )

    Hi, I was one of his friends that was recording. The reporting party called the police on Lucas in the garage because he was shooting at someone (this wasn’t metagaming because Lucas was also in the garage himself) so he had KOS on you. I would appreciate it if you can say that this is what happend and that he wasn’t shooting at you without a reason because you also know that he had a reason to shoot. Kind regards, Lewis
  14. nukkie


    Still for sale
  15. nukkie


    I'm selling this lovely 2 garage house next to grove street. Contact me with offers on: #3294578