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  1. Charlotte_Mercer

    Crime zone

    I mean I don't get how you think " shoot with no kos reason" would be a good idea? this would create an area for gangs to camp and spray down every person who steps in this zone. so that zone will die as well as people won't come there unless they are 10+ people. this is not RP and all your arguments are not even good. you haven't been active on the server the last month or two so I don't get how you can say that it's so bad? it's always people at chop shops. making drugs are risky and people do it less as its easier to steal cars. it is more RP now then it has been for a long time. I have been on the server for 2 years so I know how it's been, yes it can approve but it is a lot better then it was. if you are annoyed of random robbing in the city then I don't think you would like this area yourself as its impossible for small groups to even access the area before you end up dead. It would be a DM zone and not a criminal zone and you can go to GTA online to do that stuff -1
  2. Charlotte_Mercer

    Members of Narco's || DM

    the report is not for who shot in the second video but for you guys shooting us in the first video without giving any type of demands. and you have no right to shoot someone just because they run away. they had reason to shoot you in second movie as the one i was with in movie 1 was still alive and had given all the info that it was you guys which would give my guys valid kos. but this situation all started with you DM'ing us
  3. Charlotte_Mercer

    Members of Narco's || DM

    @Flucifial https://plays.tv/video/5c2f5b6a521bd5fb6a/narcos here is a video of out backup coming to the same scene and as you can see they start to shoot them with no reason aswell, as they were not involved to start with and the red guys did not know if that was our friends or not. so id 113. 41, 18,32 and 52 is involved. and the time frame as you can see i am at hospital at 1546557971 and they are getting attacked at 1546557964
  4. Charlotte_Mercer

    Members of Narco's || DM

    okay ill check if someone have more footage when they get home later
  5. Charlotte_Mercer

    Members of Narco's || DM

    Player(s) being reported: i have called one Diego but i dont know who it was because of new system Date of rule breach:04.01.2019 Time of rule breach:00:30 GMT+1 Your characters name:Vicky Timlin Other players involved: Cjeet Norr Specific rule broken: 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. 7.2.4 A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands and warn the victim more than one time, if the victim is too slow to respond or react to the demands. How did the player break the rule?: We were making drugs up in Sandy shores when i got info that 5 guys are coming in, we choose to leave my car and run for it til we get back up. When we run one guy shoots me BEFORE they say anything to us and then someone tells us to get on our knees but continues to shoot after us. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c2e9c15164fb55c1b/dm-much-?from=user
  6. Charlotte_Mercer

    Arena, Clothes, Pets, Cars +++

    So I’ve seen they just posted a vote for speed cameras on the server. which is 50/50 interest pretty much, but i would like to see other important stuff be implemented than just things that benefit the Police Department, if something happens like a minor crime scene it can show up 7 police cruisers so why can’t 5 of these perform traffic stops instead?. Some things that can make us do more RP to reduce people getting bored and robbing people with no reason and so on.😉 Fighting Ring: I had in mind that making up an Area/Zone where you can have fist fights without dying, just getting “wounded” for 5 sec and then be back in full health if you’re in the zone. This can make more RP with fights for fun, fight events with people betting on people and so on. This might also help people stopping being so trigger happy and can just go fight their friends when they are frustrated. One Area i would have in mind is up by the horse ranch, i know this is a owned house so might not be the best place. but i have these two places in mind: Cars/Vehicles: To get more cars in the city, it is a lot of players in town and it would be nice with a varied selection of new vehicles and maybe try and get back the boats if that’s not a Rage thing . Clothes: More cloths options like dresses for girls to be able to get married in a normal dress. going on dates, host dances and so on, probably many other cloths that is not in the city yet and also some cloths thats still buggy and have holes in them . Tattoo: Being able to have multiple tattoos like on the torso you are able to have on both back and front tattoo Pets: Back on GTMP we were able to get pets like different dogs, cat, chicken and so on. and this would help to get more RP if its able to get in Rage. Note: Be able to do more with the notes, like different shape and colours, fade to be able to make shadows and such for people who like to draw, its many people who like to communicate through notes so this is also something that can help with more rp. (i took an example from Rust where you can see the palette on the side)
  7. Charlotte_Mercer

    Mike Adams(9945_8039),Stranger 9891_8173[Powergaming, no rp behavior]

    https://plays.tv/video/5beb302147cf658063/shots-fired-?from=user and here's a clip that shows how long it takes from the shooting to Mike going over to the car, none of the people that were shooting was not taken down and they didn't know where they were so it does not make any sense for him to go up to the car and change
  8. Player(s) being reported: Mike Adams(9945_8039),Stranger 9891_8173 Date of rule breach:13.11.2018 Time of rule breach:18:30 GMT+1 Your characters name:Vicky Timlin Other players involved:You can see it in the video as it's quite few, but they were never directly involved. Specific rule broken: Powergaming and non-rp behavior : 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command), however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: So it started with me getting chased by multiple police officers and helicopter, I stalled my car and got out of the vehicle, my guys knew I was getting chased in town and went around to find me, they tried to attack to get me free, during this situation Mike Adams(9945_8039) decides to go to his cruiser to go into the inventory to change his armor so he will get full health plus all armor bar again even tho they didn't know if my guys where around or not, he also did this with no RP what so ever, and that is the same as going getting fuel while being in a chase, it is non-RP as no /me or /do was done, and also power gaming as he can't do that until the situation is over. we had people all around on the bridge, behind the buildings and so on, so to go and change armor in this situation does not make sense and is not be fair and not a good RP experience. During the situation Stranger 9891_8173 starts to treat my wounds, I already had low health and he then chose to do /CPR before finishing up roleplay or giving me a chance to reply. as a medic, you are not allowed to /heal before you /stabilize as the patient can die during the stabilization, so this would also be power gaming as he never gave me a chance to resist or do any RP before making sure my health was extended. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5beb128ceecd9f046b/kevlar-and-cpr-?from=user
  9. Charlotte_Mercer

    Luna Lei Copbaiting

    Broskiben mention in his report that "the situation was voided" and thats the reason i explained what happend the day before and why you would put "watch out chloe,bitch" in the letter, as you have no other reason to do so, when it comes to the episode where you say thats not the reason i'm mention in the note i would like to inform you that even if me and Sergeant Bacon have catched you before but you have ran away you only have 24 hours to do anything about it, so thats not a legit reason either.and all the stars and moons in the drawing is your typical way write notes, and its not metagaming as i havent used this information icly 😉 how the note got there, i said "IF" and didn't say you placed it there. I dont have more to add and would wait for Support or admins 😘
  10. Charlotte_Mercer

    Luna Lei Copbaiting

    https://gyazo.com/1a194ada24448fbd11f586255e550016 So this all started yesterday when Luna got injuried at LSC, i was off duty and knew that she was wanted, she had new outfit and mask on but i asked on of her friends who she was and they confirmed that it was Luna, i called the cops and said that i had her at LSC injuried and wanned backup, i treated her on scene and waited for backup, in this time she also asked someone to kill her or her words was " i know i shouldnt say kill me...but do it". Shayan Klep rolled up and started to whisper to her when she was wounded on the floor. they talked for like 5 minutes and when the cop rolled up he shot her and ran off. we contacted admins and MarcoD, Dingus, Muzkets where some of the admins on the situation. Marco started to talk to them as it really looked like mercykilling. after a while Shayan got a non rp punishment but luna didnt get anything. the hole scene was voided and we let luna go eventho she was and still is wanted. Then today Matt Trustson finds this letter in the police station. we know it belong to Luna Lei, how it got there we dont know but it dosent help the fact that its cop baiting and if she came and placed it there herself its also failrp as a wanted person would never place their feets in the police station as the station would always have officers around. two days ago she also made this and this was also found at the station by an officer : https://gyazo.com/98bea70790cba9e85136c9a35e5403ff And also i would like for you guys to also see this as a Metagaming case as she mention my name in the letter that i have to watch out , wich she cant do as the hole situation was voided and she have no ic reason to go after me or any other officer that was involved.
  11. Charlotte_Mercer

    Messages on your phone

    Date and time (provide timezone): 19.08.2018 8pm (GMT+2) Character name: Chloe Bailey Issue/bug you are reporting: can't delete the texts i want on the phone Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: So when i log in it says i have 357 unread msg first of all eventho i have read them all. when i try to delete them it keeps the sms from unknown numbers and delete from the top of the list from my friends (wich is the ones i wanna keep) and it also lags the hole game and takes ages to delete them. so was hoping it would be possible to delete the msg you press delete on so you can keep the ones you want to keep
  12. Charlotte_Mercer

    Clothing with holes in it

    Date and time (provide timezone): Edited 19.08.2018 (8pm GMT+2) Character name: Chloe Bailey Issue/bug you are reporting: A clothing set wont remove the holes with /masktoggle Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: i really like this outfit and i think its supposed to be a set but both have holes in it and it dosent work to toggle mask https://gyazo.com/18bdab400e76bb630ccea0303ab7e529 Pants 465000 Top 11124000
  13. Charlotte_Mercer


    and more dresses so it can look like a wedding dress:D
  14. Charlotte_Mercer

    Store Clothing Items

    i was about to suggest this as it would be more fun to have pool parties and stuff and that you can remove almost all of ur cloths to a bikini without have to use 7k to get a outsit again and be more realistic with changing ur cloths everyday as irl