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  1. logs will show who died first , not who shot. why cant you just upload the video with sound ?
  2. https://plays.tv/video/5c6005c89ef6c11633/lumber you mean this guy ? he always had AK on him and used only that , so if you cant give a better longer video WITH sound, i guess we should just wait for admins
  3. how am i lying when you can see in my video that a pistol was fired 3 times before any of us shot ? everyone except me had heavy guns like ak and shottys and we heard pistol shots first. this hole situation was a dsync party from both sides and should be voided if you ask me. and you can see in your video as ID 30 you shot first and also why remove the sound ? so you cant hear you shot first and not us ? is that it? please provide video with sound please so you can hear that it was your pisol shots that was shot first and not our heavy aks. @Paul_Rizzuto
  4. Hey! I'm not directly involved in this situation but I was there and want to show you my point of view in the situation, its a reason why they cut their video so short as they did as on my screen it shows that they came around the corner and start shooting for no reason what so ever. you can see he starts to shoot three times and then goes back to hide might be hard to see from far distance but you can see that Kent have a shotgun in his hands, Alexey have a AK and i didn't shoot with my pistol so the opening shots came from their side. and that's when Alexey is starting to shoot. might because of dsync but as you can see on my video as well I couldn't hear Alexey shoot at all before he was on the ground. they should show at least from then entered the gates and not from after he shot the first time. you also don't come and start pointing guns at people to get "supplies", if they would be after supplies they would have turned around and left as they saw it was occupied and it would not be anything to take unless they were after robbing us and take everything like our guys had been seen 20 min earlier this evening. here my point of view, i hope this will help to see it from my guys perspective and he should indeed show a longer video.
  5. so you think this is fair after ive told them 10 times the same thing in ooc and they keep ignoring it and ANSWER me in voip what i say to them in OOC and i get the mixing punishment ? yes i guess lets see what a senior admin says.
  6. Account name: Pjuskii Character name(s):Vicky_Timlin Admin who issued punishment:Flucifial Date of punishment:03.02.2019 Punishment received:Metagaming 1th offence, warning Reason given for punishment: first off, your mixing IC and OOC with "If someone code 0's, you're not allowed to take their things, etc. etc." you will receive punishment for Metagaming (Mixing IC & OOC) Your explanation of what happened: I would like to start off with that the ID 25 in the report is actually answering my OOC in VOIP which is considering metagaming, i tried to calm down the situation by talking with them in ooc which they refused to listen to so after a while i started to talk in voip i never mention any ooc words over voip and ended up getting shot. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It should be appealed because i didn't metagame or mix ooc and ic, i tried to talk to them and explain why its not allowed to do so, its a gamebug where you crash at random places because of RAGE and why should i lose all my stuff and my car for a game issiue and start to RP with someone when im not even supposed to be in that area in the first place? i tried to talk to them and it didnt work. this was not a good RP experiance for any of us and i would also like to ask if a head admin can look at my report one more time as i think the punishments on the report is unfair and false. I've been on the server for almost 2 years and is well aware of the rules and never broken one myself until i got this one, one i think is pretty unfair. specially since i made a report in /admin 4 but didnt get any answer but an admin shows up on scene later in character, yes admins should also be allowed to enjoy the game and play but when its an report 4 they should come and check it out. this hole situation could been voided and if it would be fair then they had to go all the way back to paulsfarm and start off there if they wanted to rob me so i would get a chanse to escape, not continue the rp there where it was already broken by the crash. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/14622-id-2225-dmfailrpcopbait/?tab=comments#comment-72228 https://gyazo.com/cdb79f99424d9bd3bf0949267e295ecc
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 22 and 25 Date of interaction reported: 02.02.2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549110640 Your characters name: Vicky_Timlin Other player(s) involved: Police Officer ID 41 + others showed in the video Specific rule(s) broken: Video 1: 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. Stealing a vehicle by hijacking the driver without engaging in any roleplay, if there are no current circumstances to justify it (for example, other players are trying to hurt, capture, or kill you); Video 2 and Video 3: Cop baiting or purposely trying to create a chase or provoke cops for no reason is not allowed. Advertisements by news agencies or bleets should not contain illegal or offensive information. You may coerce a news reporter to post a legal ad if they have the money on hand however you may not coerce them to create illegal ads. 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay How did the player break the rule(s)? So it all started with me having a crash/code 0 at the highway by MD and when I log back in I see a man stand and pick locking my car, I instantly tell him in /b that its not allowed to picklock cars where the owner have crashed and they need to stop, they keep telling me to put my hands up and tries to rob me. I keep telling them in /b that this situation should be voided as me and the car isn't supposed to be there but still is because of the crash. they refused to calm down and talk to me in OOC and keeps trying to force the rp to take the car. After a while, I give up trying to talk to them so they shoot me which is DM ... yes i didn't raise my hands and answer to their demands but that's because its not allowed to take the car in the first place and they should have just said "sorry I didn't know you crashed" and left the place, instead they shoot me and take all the stuff from me and the car as they still had access to the inventory after I locked it when he successfully bobby pinned the car. After a while, an Officer came to the scene and they acted like I was their friend, I told him they tried to rob me and had shot me. They flee the scene but came back again and asked "what happen here" which is cop baiting as they shouldn't come back at all if they got away the first time. I shouted that its the same guy and told the officer to shoot.. he successfully tased him off the bike and after some Dsync ID 22 just stands up and jump on the bike again after the tase which is Non-RP Behaviour . He keeps standing around in the area driving on top of the hill and such and waits for his friend to come back (ID25). they then come back and tries to stop the officer to help me with my injuries, the officer doesn't see the man behind him and got shot down. He pressed his panic bottom and another officer used 2 clips on ID 22 with SMG without shooting him down for some odd reason. I texted for backup and one came and shot down the last person who had shot down me, and two cops for no reason at all. Both got told to check forums and that they will get reported! Evidence of rule breach: Video 1: Video 2: Video 3:
  8. as it has eletric gates, pool + hottub and is it a good area close to town in looking for 3m +-
  9. it is a 4G one yes, 1.4m is abit low i think and wont accept the offer!
  10. just notices that someone already have suggested it 🙂👍
  11. Hey! So as an annoying issue I have seen is that when you share a house with someone, you might end up with having the same type of car! and you are able to take out the car to the person you live with but not able to park it again, and when you have 2 of the same cars in the same parking it's easy to pick the wrong one. so I would like to suggest to either disable that you can't take out a car that's not yours or maybe have "Comet retro (5CBWAM9)" in the list, like license plate after the cars name so you would be able to tell the difference!
  12. I mean I don't get how you think " shoot with no kos reason" would be a good idea? this would create an area for gangs to camp and spray down every person who steps in this zone. so that zone will die as well as people won't come there unless they are 10+ people. this is not RP and all your arguments are not even good. you haven't been active on the server the last month or two so I don't get how you can say that it's so bad? it's always people at chop shops. making drugs are risky and people do it less as its easier to steal cars. it is more RP now then it has been for a long time. I have been on the server for 2 years so I know how it's been, yes it can approve but it is a lot better then it was. if you are annoyed of random robbing in the city then I don't think you would like this area yourself as its impossible for small groups to even access the area before you end up dead. It would be a DM zone and not a criminal zone and you can go to GTA online to do that stuff -1
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