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New Criminal Job Suggestion - Money Counterfeiting

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  • A warehouse, preferably with an open interior, located in the Industrial District of Los Santos.
  • Dropoff: Sandy Shores Airfield and/or Grapeseed Airstrip.



  1. Take paper stacks from a spawn point in the factory, by pressing “E”, to the industrial printer indicated by a marker.
  2. Press “E” again to start the printing process. This will be timed by the animation timer. It could take about 20-30 seconds per print.
  3. Once the print is done, you take the newly created crate to a Van, similar to the farming van, outside and place it in the back. (The Van can hold 10 Crates)
  4. Once the Van is loaded, you then must drive it to either Sandy Shores Airfield, or the Grapeseed Airstrip. (Could do one location or both. Since the Grapeseed one is further, you would get a higher payout, but have a higher risk of getting stopped ONLY IF both locations were to be used.)
  5. Once at the location, you would take the crates out of the back, similarly to how you deliver the wheat from farming, press "E" while in the location and receive your pay.


The payout would be up to the discretion of the ECRP Development Team. However, I would suggest that the payout is in CASH and not salary. The reason for this is because since the job is criminal, it would not make sense for the money to be transferred to a bank account. It would also make the job higher risk, if payed in cash, due to the fact that you could get robbed after delivery.

Final Thoughts:

I think there just needs to be more jobs in the city for everyone to do. While there are jobs to be done in the city, they have been the same jobs for the past 2 years, minus the ones that were added/changed in recent updates. This will also give players, wanting to be a criminal, less inclination to just going around and robbing people all day or stealing their cars. If more criminal jobs like the above were created, it would give the players more to do and more chances to RP/Develop their character the way they want to play. I have more ideas for Criminal Jobs, as well as Civilian Jobs, that I will be suggesting as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.

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+1 I commend you on the well thought out idea that has risk and reward making it balanced and not just benefitting any which way. The only thing I would note is what would stop cops from just sitting at the airfields? would it be similar to labs where would only be able to go if received a tip or call?

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