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  1. +1 paleto has been growing. Why not add creature comforts
  2. http://panel.eclipse-rp.net/ On the splash screen there will tell you the order your application is in. As far as timeline I am not sure what the current status is but you will either receive an email or if you notice it says that there are no apps pending just log in to the server and it will either let you play or tell you reason for denial.
  3. I appreciate it! I am waiting on word back from the Government on the feasibility of this. I will do my best to keep everyone updated, especially on the first hiring drive.
  4. I've been around alot of servers since my last heavy rp community a few years back. I think I've only been on 1 CK server. I do agree with an increase in jail and fines IF its needed as a deterrent to avoid this becoming a cops and robber server. While, yes, there is alot of crime compared to server pop, again. I have seen much worse servers. If you are just here to shoot cops all day and get killed, I'd recommend going to a DOJ server. On the flip side there still is a massive amount of civ RP to be had. Come hang out at one of the marked locations and you'll find plenty of it. And even funnier crim rp as well with people who are in crim for the storyline and not to get rich and kill cops all day.
  5. No worries so much stuff goes into suggestions it can get lost easily
  6. It's been talked about just last week. It was 50 50 but I am on the side of agreeing. Just using CTAF on an ATC freq would be more realistic than just flying willy nilly.
  7. This would be a +1 from me. A small inconvenience but a simple fix to it. It wouldnt really harm criminal RP but it would make you really think a decision if you had to wait a few hours for your "dead" character to come back to life. However I can see the potential for abuse as people now know if you murder someone you wont see them for awhile. So why. Ot murderlate everyone at the drug lab? Hey free few hrs of making money.
  8. After discussion with a government official and a tour of the location, Alamo Sea has filed for a business registration. Talks are still being conducted with the Government and will keep everyone posted!
  9. Log into the eclipse server from RAGEMP. after you log in it will tell you what is wrong
  10. +1 would be nice to have infrastructure like that for possibly addition of aircraft
  11. If anyone has something constructive to add I would love to hear it. I would love to turn this into a business venture in the future if possible.
  12. I plan on turning this into a business but wanted to sort it into a faction for the time being. Lots of hurdles I have to jump through first.
  13. While Alamo Sea Skydive Ventures is a relatively new company, it has its roots dating back to early 2013. We are a top Skydive company and look forward to moving to San Andreas. While skydiving with us you will be afforded an aamzing view of Sandy Shores while the aircraft ascends to jump altitude. Upon exiting the airframe you will be awarded amazing views of the skyline of Los Santos, views of the ocean and the amazing Alamo Sea. Our Skydive instructors are all USPA "D" License Certified and our Safeties and Jumpmasters all "C" Licensed or higher. We aim to provide the premier Skydiving experience to both locals of San Andreas, and any tourists who are here to enjoy the sun and surf. Being a specialized company, we have a simplified command structure Parachutes Javelin Wings UPT Curv Goggles/Helmets KISS Tonfly Bonehead Cookie Jumpsuits Parasport Tonfly PittZ Titan Workhouse of the Alamo Sea. Able to carry a Pilot, Jumpmaster/Instructor and up to 8 Jumpers Cargobob Secondary Workhorse of Alamo Sea. Carries Pilot, Jumpmaster/Instructor and up to 8 jumpers Mammatus Used for smaller jumps with experienced jumpers, holds pilot and 3 jumpers Dodo Used for beach jumps, experienced jumpers only, holds pilot and 3 jumpers Alamo Sea is in the infant stages of development. Work is beginning now to start up the company and search for a location Start talks with FAA and LS Government Find airfield willing to rent/lease/contract Search for Commercial location for Skydiving outfitter Acquire Airframes Train employees and instructors Start Skydive school ((I know I know no planes, for possible future update)) ((Please leave non-constructive replies out of this thread))
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