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  1. Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    If you would properly read my text rather then what you think is playing in your head, there is no rage here fellas. It's a simple matter of rules are rules, i've been reported for sillier things, just making sure that proper justice is dished. With that said the evidence is laid out for the proper staff members to interpret, the same with everyone else, I don't , didn't and havn't tried to attack anyone's personality, if that is what you read into it then I apologise, however it still stands that this needed to be addressd not just because of this situation, but because its been an ongoing issue that plagues the server. EDIT: Forgot to add, the reason we stuck around was because as seen in video said officer crashed into sign and vehicle stalled, we had heard shots fired and assumed he was being attacked so weren't about to abandon a man even if it put us in danger.
  2. Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Being apart of a faction who'se duty and in game purpose is to respond to and defuse dangerous situations and to attempt to save and protect lives is where the line needs to be drawn in regards to COMMON SENSE, and IN GAME FUNCTIONALITY. Also, again, i'll point out one more time that at the beginning for 20+ minutes, it was 4 officers pursuing 1 pounder, the driver of the pounder Tavi, was on the radio calling for help constantly OVER MISDEMEANOR CHARGES. So what your suggesting, is that in ANY situation when an officer commences a pull over, and the other player calls for help EVERY single time that the officer HAS to retreat and practice fear RP so that the suspect gets away? This is where I went on to explain that players that are in these gangs take advantage of the server rules and find loop holes in situations where it wouldn't be possible. So seems to me like this might be a practice that needs to be addressed by server staff because the way things are now, and if we truley do have to "run away" every time a bad guy whines over radio cause he dosen't want a traffic ticket, it means criminals are virtually untouchable.
  3. Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Thank you ItzKnight, you are absolutely right. So with my offical reply, I will point out in detail the rules that were broke which can be verified by the evidence above: 5.3.5. If there is a valid reason to use a vehicle as a weapon, the vehicle may be used to hit the target only and may only hit the target one time. Hitting more than once or circling back around and driving through a scene more than once is considered VDM, even if the player misses their first attempt. Tapping someone repeatedly to keep them in a ragdoll state or parking on top of them is also considered VDM. 5.3.6. A vehicle should never be used against a player on foot who has a firearm except for in the case that a gun is freshly drawn and driving forward over the shooter one time is the best means of a safe escape. If a player is actively shooting or aiming at you, getting into a vehicle and using this as a weapon would be unrealistic and therefore classed as VDM. If you come upon a shooting where someone is actively firing at a friend, you may use your one vehicle hit to stop the attack and flee. 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay. Cop baiting or purposely trying to create a chase or provoke cops for no reason is not allowed. Advertisements by news agencies or bleets should not contain illegal or offensive information. You may coerce a news reporter to post a legal ad if they have the money on hand however you may not coerce them to create illegal ads. Players must value their vehicles and only use them for transportation or getaway and not for ramming other vehicles when it is not necessary. Players may not destroy their vehicles intentionally. A player who uses a vehicle to ram other vehicles must use a vehicle designed or able to do so realistically. Supercars should not be used for ramming in any circumstance. 6.1.2. Fear roleplay is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger most importantly but not limited to when an attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. <---- which if you watch the video, can see countless occasions of them driving at officers head on whilst being fired at.
  4. Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    OK Then, do you feel better? Did you vent out all of your annoyed sarcasm and childish attacks with walls of text of derails rather then addressing the actual issue? This topic is a valid report, with valid evidence, and not once did I attack anyone involved with their ability to play the video game but rather their ability to properly follow the rules as posted by the server. Common sense has nothing to do with rules that were laid out in a multiplayer video game - but if you want to go that route to try in defend yourself, i'll bite. In no paticular order as this is only to address your 'common sense' attacks so you are properly educated. Common sense dictates that if criminal factions are so large that they are capable of having fully automatic weapons - it's not a matter of being a in SWAT. common sense would allow anti-gang task force officers, and equip them with automatic weapons such as MP5, AR15, Mp3, and other subshoots to match firepower since cops are always outnumberd 10 to 1. But on this server the standard police force are equiped with the lowest calibuar 9mm and if allowed, a shotgun all for the sake of "immersion". Ok, i'll be immersed when situations can be properly delt with given that this city is obviously in a state of anarchy. First off, pursuit started with chasing one single person, as seen in the video for everyone to see, I don't know why -I- have to explain it, but maybe you were to blind in your manchild rage to notice. In real-life a criminal driving a semi truck would not call other criminals with semi-trucks and hotrod vehicles to come and ram police cars that have been doing nothing but follow behind you, and attempt to shoot out your tires because you ran over officers. This goes hand in hand with 'ramboing' 9 people and dying, there was 4 officers reponding to a single trucker, when the entire gang decides to show up to kill 4 officers because they don't want 1 man to do jail time. Whats hystierical is how people like you are hyprocitical as fuck, as you are in both the PD, and RUN a criminal faction and spend more then 70% of time on your criminal alt which is also breaking faction rules, but not to mention that you blatantly on your criminal alt bait and report officers constantly for "Fear RP" because you abuse the fact that you lose a situation, and enlisted half of the servers with newbies and take advantage of the fact that there are rules in place that you find loop holes with. Honestly I am not the only one that notices this shit, I am just the only one that has the BALLS to confront the people because I am about fairness and fun, not about dealing with powerhungry trolls that get upset when someone points out the obvious. Seriously bro, open your eyes and do a little growing up. Nice, but I don't need to point out that defense involves countering the rules broke not throwing the person reporting under the bus, then claiming that hes complaining because he made a opinionated statement. I really don't have to say anything to this, you kinda just bit your own ass with that one. You literally just contradicted yourself in the exact same paragraph. With the "One person going to jail for 100k of contraband is worth it and the driver agreed" to " We weren't just gonna let someone get arrested" so we go and murder all the pursuing officers. GG good roleplay. OK bud, if you want to go there, let's talk about the countless times your on our private LSPD Teamspeak channel always metagaming knowledge from what the leader of Exiled is doing, what he knows, to all your little PD buddies and this is OK? But then coming at people on the forums for using discord isn't? Or how about you brag constantly that PD is so little in comparison to Exiled and probably even use the knowledge from teamspeak to plan IC events on your ALT is a whole another issue, but maybe thats for another time.
  5. Player(s) Being Reported: (note this list is incomplete and non conclusicve as in the video not everyone involved was on cam clearly) Tavi Patronus, mask 8401_5480, mask 3725_460 , Tom Daniel, Steve Ranchman, mask 3597_7475, James Berge Date of rule breach: 6/12/2018 Time of rule breach: 8:00pm -6 CST Your characters name: Dekkar Darkmire Other players involved: Officer Marcus Brghi, Officer Bear Baldwin, myself Officer Dekkar Darkmire, One other Cadet and shit ton of exiled. Specific Rule Being Broken: 5.3 Deathmatch / Vehicle deathmatch, 5.5 Non Roleplay / Sexual Roleplay Clause , , 6.1 fear roleplay (being shot at by officers, but still driving back and forth, and towards shooting offiicers) How did the player(s) break the rule(s)?: The situation first started to where we responded to calls of disturbance at the airport possible weapons sighted and illegal tresspassers, me and three other officers responded to investigate the area. upon arrival we saw a truck recklessly driving around in circles at the airport, I immedaitely attempt to pull over the driver, and he refuses to stop. He proceeds to drive in circles, baiting me, I call for backup and the other officers that were with me return and we pursue the truck. The pursuit has exceeded well over 15 minutes, and has taken us from the air port all the way out towards sand shores and back. We managed to scan the truck and it was registerd to a Tavi Patronus, we then waited for him to slip, he lost control a few times and came to a complete stop, after which one of us tried to exit vehicle when he drove at them and ran an officer over. We then proceeded to use lethal force on the tires as he attempted to kill/run over an officer, myself (dekkar) and officer marcus got the idea of riding together to help take out his tires - we pulled over while Officer Bear stayed in pursuit and we tried to catch up, upon arriving it was a shit show, 6-7 cars and trucks ramming the officer, we dodge out of the way and they ram at us and shoot at us, even after we draw weapons and return fire they continue to drive at us and run over officers and towards the gun shots rather then running away in fear. Now mind you we drove up a hill and got out weapons drawn and they drove staright towards us and rammed our police cruiser while we had officers shooting at them already. This is just a small example on what us police officers go through everyday on this server, and probably why half of the police department have criminal alt characters. And we get accused of being the ones manipulating and powergaming, and taking advantage of our positions, where as this should prove if anything that this server is severely one sided when it comes to Cops vs Robbers. If that's what this server calls realism, then this is not considered America, more like Mexico, where the cartels are in charge with heavy weapons and police are bribed off and scared because they cant do shit. If this was actually America which is PROPERLY PORTRAYED IN SINGLE PLAYER WITH ESCALATION, especailly if suspects are all armed with uzis, AK47's, and MP3s, it would defiantly be the opposite. and in cities like Detroit and Chicago officers are equiped with Carbine Rifles and heavy pistols, but meh, what do I know? EVIDENCE:
  6. How hardcore RP is this server?

    Theres a constant flow of new comers to the server that arn't very bright and or don't bother to read the rules and follow them. I've had some really great roleplay with some people, with others was hit or miss whether or not they will do some powergamey rob event like what happend to you. If you feel like you're being mistreated or have a question about anything always take advantage of the /report command, as you can then contact an admin directly and see if what is happening is even allowed.
  7. Your player name: Dekkar Darkmire Player you are reporting: Phil Mcgee Rule broken: FailRP, loging to avoid rp, Powergaming Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Me and officer Henrqiue were preforming an arrest on a Phil Mcgee whom was wearing a mask at the time, however we were able to identify him because of his false phone calls, and we saw him prior, as well as being was wanted for priors, including multiple evasions, we managed to track him down to a vinewood location, afterwards we intercepted him and rammed his motobike in which he fell off. He immediately got up and tried to steal both of our cars whilst we tried to shoot tazers at him, he then got on his bike, which we tazed him as seen evidence 1. After he was tazed he fell off his bike and was incapacitated probably from him trying to drive away and got tazed in the process, we called for an ambulance they were on the way he complained in OOC then disconnected as seen in 2.. Time and date: 10:30AM 9/20/17 -6 Central Time (utc) Evidence:1. Evidence 2.
  8. Dekkar_Darkmire - RDM

    Not to mention in this same situation 2 minutes later ya'll Vehicle death match me, til last minute
  9. Dekkar_Darkmire - RDM

    Never shot or killed you, nor was I aiming at you. Read previous reply. Joe and Mason savage are known police killers, and here was no exception. The only differnce is - we don't whine about dying.
  10. Dekkar_Darkmire - RDM

    previously wanted for murder of LEOS and his gang friends in the background pulled gun so I opened fire on his friend, not at the vehicle, bullets went over at the wall
  11. Reporting Teddy_Brookshot

    Charges would be - Resisting arrest, Evasion, Failure to comply, Speeding 1st, Reckless Endangerment, Hit and Run on Police vehicle, Failure to yield, Driving in wrong lane on highway - time would be 60 minutes.
  12. Reporting Teddy_Brookshot

    [b]Your player name[/b]: Dekkar Darkmire [b]Player you are reporting[/b]: Teddy_Brookshot [b]Rule broken[/b]:quiting to avoid arrest [b]Explanation of events/why you are reporting[/b]:pursued in a red pounder off highway, he drove in tunnel, stoped, and quit the game. [b]Time and date[/b]:7/1/2017 [b]Evidence[/b]: See below Your player name: Dekkar Darkmire Player you are reporting: Teddy_Brookshot Rule broken: quitting to avoid arrest Explanation of events/why you are reporting:pursued in a red pounder off highway, he drove in tunnel, stoped, and quit the game. Time and date:7/1/2017 Evidence: See below