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  1. I see your point, makes perfect sense. It doesnt have to be a NCZ but what about making more fishing places ? Or for example being able to fish close to water everywhere ?
  2. who hasn't experienced this: You wanna earn some money for a new car/bike, but you don't wanna be driving arround a post vehicle, so you go fishing. You started and even managed to catch some fish, suddenly some dudes come arround, surround you and pull firearms. Well you have a rod in your hands and there is the fear RP rule. You're pretty much f'd. You lose the fish for which you spend a long time. You also had a gun with you to defend yourself. Hah. Jokes on you, they are three people. Ah btw while youre being shot to death they loot your car aswell. By the way dont forget you can not return there for 30 mins. Please for the sake of my, and Im sure of some other player's will to live, or atleast will to play on this server, make the peer a non-crime-zone.
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