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  1. The problem is not getting robbed. The problem is that when ever someone is approaching you, you already know that you are getting robbed. Unfortunately the rules don't clarify these kind of spam robberies as non rp and experienced players who are gang leaders or group leaders don't lead their friends towards a higher level of rp. No idea how to fix it honestly. I know so many people (most of the players that I have rolled with) who only buy a gun and start frisking who ever they see. Rules don't stop them, community doesn't stop them because it's so epidemic. Just check the gang threads, you will 90% just see screen shots from dead people no matter what gang. No big rp and no motivation for it, just robbing and robbing and robbing. Cops can do nothing about it and they are already too many, you can't defend yourself when someone starts shouting demands(which you should not do due to fearrp). This problem is killing the server and I sometimes see other players from other servers who complain about this situation in eclipse too.
  2. What what dude. Current state of eclipse, I mentioned more subjects than just robberies. The problem with the rp on the past few months
  3. The server is just ruleplay and trying to win these days. Let's get official so we can sell guns and make more money. Please promote me on my legal faction so I can afk more and grind 24/7 so I can buy a neon. Let's check the labs and rob everyone cuz we gangsta Let's kill them even if they have hostage pointing a gun at cuz we are well trained marines. Let's camp at mining place so we can make money without any trouble. Rp? Oh man I wrote 7 lines of /me and /do I'm god rp dawg Beautiful. Everytime I log in I can't find anyone to rp with, people who are in powerful gangs don't even talk to you and avoid rp except robbing. Cops always trying to win over any situation and put the most stupid charges on people without caring about the experience that the guy is having. After playing almost one year I know that people are just grinding so I don't really care, I Did my best to change as much as I could but seems it's so epidemic.
  4. Would just make phones useless and annoy players. Big -1
  5. Can someone tell me wtf is this pls. I don't understand
  6. It doesn't effect roleplay,currently you wait a couple second to open his inventory, you don't start talking with him about future businesses after you just killed him. The timer is unrealistically long in my opinion. It doesn't take that much to grab a gun and dip. But if you mean it will encourage people to start more shootouts I am agree with you but shouldn't be that much of a problem when time passes, its mostly an ic issue I guess.
  7. It just ruins the experience for players and it's so annoying. I would suggest that adding a tool box to fix your car when wheels pop or engine stalls would make it better. -1
  8. I mean you shouldn't be in the jail for almost 6 hours even if you have done accessory murder. 6 hours is a lot of time and the current jail status is nothing but an heavy ooc punishment. A guy gets a dm offence and probably goes to jail for 60 minutes and spends only 60 minutes for that mistake, but you generate rp and go to jail for 6 hours which is unbelievable. I'm okay with 3 hours cap but more than this is kinda an ooc punishment pushed by cops to the players in my opinion. In the other server which I play people don't even get 4 hours for bank robbery+shooting cops with pistols and heavies+evading and careless driving+face concealment + GTA(people don't rob the bank with their own vehicles obv) + taking hostage and threating people and stuff like that! I'm so sad because eclipse has such a potential to become the face of rp in these days but can't because of some very wrong mentality about the ic and ooc punishments.
  9. You exactly know what is happening on the server. I ask people who are okay with the current jail time to create a criminal character (if they don't have) and do a couple serious crimes (not checking the labs and rob anyone who they see). After that come here and talk about the jail time and interactions with the cops during the crime and after they arrest you. I guaranty you that you will change your mind right after someone hit you with a 6 hours jail.
  10. Felony evading and stuff like that doesn't even go above 2 hours. The cap should be applied to more serious crimes to encourage people to generate better rps not running away from the cops after passing a red-light. Maybe some people say that so criminals would just start killing the cops and stuff like that. I would say it can't be worse than it is right now. We just see criminals robbing randoms and grind at bayview or mining and the other side we see 20 cops following a guy who past a red-light because they are not facing other crimes because we don't want to walk around an empty jail for 6 hours. It's pretty simple, sentences are that heavy that criminals don't want to engage in better and more serious rps so we should help this situation with capping or decreasing jail time to let them start something other than camping at foudraies.
  11. Who the fuck shots a cop for a traffic stop?? Who ever does that is 100% wanted and the cop is 100% trying to arrest him. If you shot a cop for just a traffic stop you have broken dm rules and can be punished for that.
  12. It exactly makes sens because we want to have fun instead of torturing players. Remember that if we want to make things realistic we should apply it to everything in the server not only jail time. The high amount sentences are being used for a couple of months, did it improve the criminal rp?? HELL NO . So maybe we should change it and see the result.
  13. Punishing larger crimes more? Why would we want this. The larger crimes are the Ones which make rp interesting not carrying an empty illegal sns pistol.
  14. I made a topic about this problem a couple months ago too. Big +1 As a criminal i always try not to get in trouble with the cops and there are several reasons for that. The most important reason is that it's not worth it! Why would i start a criminal action which can lead me to prison for more than 2 hours?! there is nothing to do in the prison and its 100% worse than an ooc punishment because you can't afk, you can't log out. you have to just sit there and look at the wall for 8 hours. Some people just told me : don't do crimes, do the crime serve the time and bullshits like that which is retarded to any role player who has a healthy mentality about role play. Actions should have consequesnes but i guess people here forgot that its a role play server and everyone here should have fun during their play time. Second reason is the big gap between criminals and cops in power: I am 100% agree that cops should be stronger and more organized than criminals, but why would you want to close all the rooms for rp between the cops and criminals? If you are talking about realism, let me tell you that role play is not meant to be realistic. Role play is about sinking in your character and perform a role which everyone can enjoy from it. And if you are trying to run a realistic enviroment why would you just make cops realistic? why criminals are not able to pickup weapons from the cops? the answer is we should sometimes make some changes to make rp enjoyable and smooth. You can't pickup the weapons because cops would just change to a loot box to criminals, and that's why in eclipse you should not be able to pickup the cop guns. So why don't we make more changes like this? why shouldn't we open much more room for rp between the cops and criminals? why should lspd bring super cars and helicopters and detectives because of a traffic stop and close any room for a wanted criminal to get away from a traffic stop. I was wanted and a cop was trying to stop me because of speeding, so i just drove off and faced over 20 cop behind me driving supers and helicopter and carrying smg in their hand when i had no guns on me. I was driving a schaffter and even their SUV's could catch me easily and i had no chance to get away. maybe some people just say: so don't go above 70km. It's not about making a mistake or doing a crime, its about the role play behind it and how much space you got to rp with. the jail time and not balanced power between the cops and criminals( in a right way ) just stops me from rp'ing with cops and most likely would just lead 90% of players to start robbing randoms and ruin everyone's experience. Changing some stuff about the jail and cop-criminal activities can really improve the rp level out here. We have been talking about these stuff on the last few months but never got a answer from related staffs which is unfortunate. Changing some jail time and talking about the rp situations don't need heavy scripts and cods so i don't really know why staffs are not trying to change some rules and times and stuff like that. i really don't.
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