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  1. RickyB

    [SOLD] 1G

    SOLD at the door for $225k.
  2. RickyB

    [SOLD] 1G

    SOLD 1G apartment $225,000 Located at the Pink Cage motel complex 1 block north of the government building. 2nd level Unit #1 Very clean, roof access, communal pool outside and plenty of parking for visitors. Centrally located near a clothing store, barber, government building and a short drive/walk to bank. For sale at door | Price firm | Will update when sold.
  3. RickyB

    [SOLD] Dominator

    I had to pull it off the market due to inclement weather, I didn't want the body damaged ((bugged when placed on HE)). I can run down there with it and meet you @DimaDan.
  4. RickyB

    [SOLD] Dominator

    UPDATED Lowered price
  5. RickyB

    [SOLD] Dominator

    SOLD Dominator $75,000 Brakes 4/4 Engine 5/5 Suspension 1/5 Transmission 4/4 Turbo 1/2 Original owner car, purchased new by me from Motorsports earlier this year. Always maintained. Upgrades performed by professional mechanics. Ready for its next owner. Lowball offers ignored | Cash only Post offer below | Will update when sold.
  6. Yeah bro, it just not for me 😛
  7. SOLD Hakuchou Drag $290,000 Brakes 4/4 Engine 5/5 Suspension 1/5 Transmission 4/4 Turbo 1/2 This has been my baby for quite some time, always garaged and never ridden in the rain. I'm the original owner, purchased from AutoServices in Paleto Bay Maintenance and upgrades performed by myself at regular intervals (LSC employee). Recently replaced tires with Michelin Pilot Pures, did a fresh oil change and cleaned+waxed the chain. Ready for its next owner. Contact Ricky @ 5546605 Lowball offers ignored | Cash only
  8. Looking really good gentlemen. I like what you did with the history.
  9. Buying a 1G in Paleto Bay. Reply here.
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