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Allow perm car key owners to get their cars fixed.

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As the title suggests this a simple little suggestion. It makes sense to me if you were to give someone a permanent key to your vehicle, effectively loaning or renting (As many do) your car out to them that they'd be able to go to a mechanic shop and pay to maintain those vehicles instead of waiting for the owner to come online everytime it breaks, which is currently how it works.

Again, only for people who own permanent keys to the car and only repairs.

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I say take it one step further. Allow permanent key owners to release the car from the impound, park the cars in their houses and put it in the parking pay. Also allow permanent key owners to customise the car how they like. Essentially a perma key owner should be able to do anything to the car they like, except sell it. 

The only issue is that if somebody gets banned or gets inactive and they put your car in a garage you might not be able to get it out. An easy solution is to create a mors insurance app on the phone that allows you to claim your car is 'missing' and pay to have it spawn back at the insurance place. 

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+1 for repairs/maintenance as stated by OP

Anything more than that has the potential to pretty much make additional vehicle slots pointless. You should have some privileges as a permanent key owner but not to the extent of doing everything the owner can. There needs to be obvious difference between being a keyholder and an owner aside from the monetary benefit of being able to sell.

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I think it would be cool to allow people with perm keys to get repairs or call a mechanic out if they total the car, but I don't think they should be able to make modifications or park/take out the vehicle whenever they please.

I've seen the scenario where people with perm keys abuse the use of taking that persons vehicle and the struggles of being in game at the same time in the same area to remove the key let alone them have the ability to modify or park the vehicle as well against the owners wishes. Their taste in colour and style might not be the owners, and I'd hate for someone to change something I might like already. 

Maybe is it an idea to put a system in place where you can add/remove a key much like you can a house? This can be done anytime then. 

Calling a mechanic to tow/repair only a huge +1 though.

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