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Motorcycle helmet

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new motorcycle helmet for riders or it can be used as Mask or second Mask when the player is in the bike or player can buy a helmet for himself and it can be toggled when he is in the bike  and no one can't see his face(MASK)

120px-Prop_M_0_50.jpg  120px-Prop_M_0_51.jpg  120px-Prop_M_0_82.jpg 


and this is can be used when his mask is off or.....

120px-Prop_M_0_70.jpg  120px-Prop_M_0_71.jpg 


I really want to be one of this for myself 

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I like this idea. I remember months ago (around 5) a PD officer actually RP'ed he wasn't able to identify a speeding biker because he was wearing a helmet. I was really glad it was RP'ed and I believe it should stay this way.
I would love to see people are able to buy helmets in clothing stores. Maybe they can toggle them with a command similar to teh mask (/togglehelmet). The random helmet ruines my outfit sometimes. I also hope, IF it will be considered to be added, it is possible to add some protection physics for bikers. So when they crash or fall they get less HP loss when they were wearing a helmet.

Eitherway, big +1 for me. Escpecially I wear alot of outfits that match completely and I would love to have a matchign helmet.

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