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  1. Selling 2g apartment in town, great location, friendly neighborhood, close to LSC and bank, 500kg stash Starting bid is 350k http://prntscr.com/puc4p8 http://prntscr.com/puc463 Apartment is in 2nd floor.
  2. Hey sorry for commenting but I am particularly involved in this situation ( I was the one who reported this guy) 1st he didn't had proof of "hiding" his house keys which means he MUST have it ICly furthermore he responded in /do that I wouldn't find any keys which is PG isn't it? If that's not enough in the end of the video he just ran to his house pickup and parked car meanwhile he had 2 guns pointed at him ICly? (Videos timestamp:- 10:02)
  3. Auction is closed. Contact #3044825
  4. Selling 2g house in a calm neighbourhood with a gorgeous yard view Current offer is 420k
  5. Hey 29 ID here, like I said multiple times in PM and OOC chat(/o) I didn't even hit you on my screen (probably desync) even tho I COULD OF DONE THAT SINCE YOU WERE ROBBING MY FRIEND((you can see that in ur own vid)(vdm rule states that you cant hit a person more than once or circle around) . I take full responsibility of my actions since I feel like that was just terrible roleplay experience, even tho it wasn't particularly my fault and I could of done that since its not against the rules, im very sorry that this kind of situation occurred and I would be more than happy to refund all the stuff you've lost due to this accident Also I've stopped right in this spot and haven't moved further than that http://prntscr.com/okfji1
  6. Matriks

    ID 36 VDM

    Proof that they were threating to shoot my friend, also aimed gun at me aswell.
  7. Matriks

    ID 36 VDM

    Hey, First of all I'd like to ask reporting party to upload a longer video ( 5 minutes before he got injured ) VDM rule states that you cant hit a person more than ONCE which I didnt furthermore I had KOS on you since you tried to rob/hurt my very close friend, you aimed gun at him and threatened to shot him down. @Rodiz I can provide video footage to confirm my words if its needed, just tell me.
  8. For people who thinks that current system is good - http://prntscr.com/o9n0jg How is it fair to sit in jail for 264 hours (11 irl days)??
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