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  1. Loving the graphics and everything
  2. DDevastatedTV

    Mercia [REWORKED]

    Keep it up buddy @frijfugel
  3. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Fantastic 3 Garages house! VW.

    Contact me with the lowest you would go @ #3984070
  4. DDevastatedTV

    [Sold] 3G Mansion in Vinewood

    How much would you be interested in selling this for, Contact me with offers #3984070
  5. DDevastatedTV

    (Selling) Massacro ($275k)

    SOLD !!!!!
  6. DDevastatedTV

    Looking to buy business or supercar

    What buisness you looking for
  7. DDevastatedTV

    [AUCTION] 4 Garage Mansion - Great Ocean Hwy. 5

    Good luck its a lovely mansion
  8. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Schafter V12 maxed out

    Good luck with the sale buddy, You could add some pictures to it with wat it looks like and show us the mods it has
  9. DDevastatedTV

    Looking to by super [ Already bought]

    What did you get my dude
  10. DDevastatedTV

    [Buying] T20 or Vagner

    Dont think your gonna find one buddy
  11. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Fantastic 3 Garages house! VW.

    I use to do letting and buy and flipp houses, Its not worth 600,000
  12. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Turismo R Supercar !!!

    Hmm goos job buddy
  13. DDevastatedTV


    Didnt know you can sell a warehouse, Csn i have pics
  14. DDevastatedTV

    [SOLD] Paleto Bay Gas Station for sale

    Good job man 🙂
  15. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Fantastic 3 Garages house! VW.

    Looks nice good luck on your sale, I wonder how much your looking for