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  1. DDevastatedTV

    [FOR SALE] Dominator GTX - Maxed Out

    Post pics and show us what it looks Like
  2. Was that a good thing or bad thing
  3. DDevastatedTV

    Keep inventory after death

    @MusketDeezNuts Could you forward this for devs to check in case it is true as this would get 100% abused
  4. DDevastatedTV

    Mookie Stewart Loan

    Theirs plenty if loan company's out their, Check the blue house in the city on your GPS
  5. DDevastatedTV

    LSEMS Suggestions

    Theirs are a few things we need for md to bring in more people, Faster Ambulance, Fast response car or bike, Fire engine faster and hold more people and blockades so they can do more rp and help pd out to make things safe, Also when you see a car flipped could be used for fire fighters to go out with an ambulance and help it and rp cutting some one out ECT
  6. DDevastatedTV

    stranger 3253_8066

    Actually I wait 15 mins just in case to make sure I'm ruin any ones experience, Last message and I'll leave it to the admin to deal with
  7. DDevastatedTV

    [Delete This]

    You don't buy warehouses as they aren't buyable, They only in turfs that gangs already have.
  8. DDevastatedTV

    stranger 3253_8066

    Either way you should of stopped and waited 10 to 15 mins to make sure that you didn't hit any one which you didn't. Or relog and asked we are all here to rp and have a nice experience, But when you crash in to some one at the bank which is a NCZ and disconnect with out any rp it ruins it for others people or people involved ((Also you just said that you abuse the bank NCZ to park your vehicle aswell.)) I'm gonna leave this for the admins to review it.
  9. DDevastatedTV

    stranger 3253_8066

    I couldnt say anything, By the time i either responded or got out you left, Check the video, After he hit he left few seconds. Not enough time to Rp the situation ect.
  10. DDevastatedTV


    @Pretty Fat Girl This server was my first RP server, I began my journey in May so I've been around a while and I love it. Hope you enjoy yourself, Make sure you get something to record with and good luck on application quiz. Go and smash it Regards Mr Pegorino
  11. DDevastatedTV

    [SOLD] Coquette Classic For sale

  12. DDevastatedTV

    stranger 3253_8066

    Player(s) being reported: stranger 3253_8066 Date of rule breach: 16/09/2018 Time of rule breach: 15.30 Your characters name: Jimmy Pegorino Other players involved: Angus Macdougal, He was the person i was messaging on the radio across from me on the other side and seen it. Specific rule broken: 5.3.4. Vehicle deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally by using a vehicle without having a valid in-character reason to do so. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. Players must value their vehicles and only use them for transportation or getaway and not for ramming other vehicles when it is not necessary. Players may not destroy their vehicles intentionally. A player who uses a vehicle to ram other vehicles must use a vehicle designed or able to do so realistically. Supercars should not be used for ramming in any circumstance. How did the player break the rule?: I was at the bank talking to another taxi driver about an PR related event for dcc, When a sandking crashed in to me at the bank to park in to the space where i was with no rp and just logs out. Evidence of rule breach:
  13. It's just the rules dude, The staff team are very picky on applications due to we don't want any bad eggs that's goin to give others a bad rp experience, Theirs people who haven't past like 5 or 6 times and eventually they get in. Keep trying and you'll get in eventually.
  14. DDevastatedTV

    Can't enter vehicle as passenger

    Have you tried relogging might be because you might be bugged, Like a different to mention size, Report in game for them to check dude all I can say m8. Again sorry