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  1. Thats not gonna be enough for a nice 3 garage property just saying, Property is going up all the time as their isn't many around
  2. Depends on the price, It actually look nice, Is it a 4 garage
  3. I don't think the fines need to be adjusted you just need to slow down near the NCZ and you won't rack up 90k+ in fines
  4. You always wanted to live in Vinewood Hills, but never had the money? Now it's your time, to live in welfare and not in your car or on the street alone anymore! You pay at the beginning of the month for your rent and can use the house (with possible other residents). No weapons or drugs allowed. Storing your goods inside the house is going to be on your own risk, it's advisable, to use your personal vehicle for storage. Visits once in a while by me, to make sure, that everything is going alright. You can close the contract every month (it will be closed, if there is going to be no pay as well). You can also rent parking slots or a whole house, the monthly pay will be increased according to your choosing although. Status: ALL SLOTS OPEN! Status: ALL SLOTS OPEN! Contact #3984070 for info or arrange a viewing.
  5. Pending @Archaeah Please be patient while she views the report and replys
  6. If you weren't involved in the report can yous not post any more please. Also if this has happened to yous and you got proof make a separate report thanks, Keep this thread clear for the reporter and the reportee and staff thanks
  7. Pending @Lewis please be patient as this is reviewed.
  8. When you join the server is it coming up with a blurry screen, If it is relog so you get the quiz and then that's when you can make an account ect
  9. theirs a drag on Highend with a contender
  10. Ive seen that people have been asking for bleets and adverts ect to be removed from the hud and it should hopefully go to the phone, with the dev tweaking it can be done. Mod Url https://rage.mp/files/file/34-better-notifications/ Maybe we could implement a new phone with Home button. Rage mod url https://rage.mp/files/file/17-interactive-phone-for-cef/
  11. So recently i've seen the general community wanting to open our doors, hood or trunk for further role play, I've found a mod where we can do this but the owner and developers needs to install it if they approve on it. Also probs needs to tweak it aswell. Vehicle mod for Rage https://rage.mp/files/file/8-basic-vehicle-sync/
  12. Ive been looking around for a nice speedometer for Eclipse instead of the one we have now which is just numbers. I think this will be good for every one using their fast sport or super cars. Url For the mod https://rage.mp/files/file/70-speedometer-kmh-rpm-and-fuel/ Hopefully this will be choosen instead of the little one we have
  13. Pending @MusketDeezNuts Please be patient as this is being reviewed thank you.
  14. I would of bought it but i sold my schafter v12 and bought a fully modded seven 70
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