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  1. Thats amazing work as usual, You need to teach me the way
  2. Look good, I like it keep it up brother
  3. How much did this get you m8
  4. This has come to a shock but i see why you have done it, Family members are more important and I'll be around if you need a chat any time.
  5. Record and report, i say it could be NONRP
  6. I think you should check this out might be some help to you
  7. This is awesome guide and this will help out alot of new people 🙂
  8. You could message a Head Administrator on discord, They are the people in Dark Blue colour
  9. Have you donated 100 euro to eclipse
  10. Its worth a lot more than that i think one recently sold for 4.5m i think
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 17/6/2019 Character name: Jimmy Pegorino Issue/bug you are reporting: Police Siren and lights desync bugged, They used to work before 100% of the time Expected behavior: For me its on for other people its off. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Go in a police car or watch another one and you will see police cars that are have lights on and some with out
  12. You should talk to the town hall for this issue
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