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  1. DDevastatedTV

    Mask 9599_2081 NLR

    You still broke this rule after you got killed.
  2. DDevastatedTV

    Map bug?

    Might not of been a map bug, Their crash places around the city near pd.That might if been it @Osvaldon
  3. DDevastatedTV

    Gas Stations and Gun Stores Tweaks.

    +1 Fuel only I like the fuel command and thid hits a good idea.
  4. DDevastatedTV

    1 room apartment wanted

    @Stimo Check this out
  5. DDevastatedTV


    Message me in game and ill tell you in a meeting
  6. DDevastatedTV

    More Police in AEST

    @[email protected] Goin to mention the chief of poilce as this is a nice suggestion for the future of pd for the Aussie time zone.
  7. DDevastatedTV


    Hey, If you need help to sell your house contact me on 2008264 and i can offer my help to you. If you wish to meet up contact me and i will get back to you when i can
  8. DDevastatedTV


    How much would you sell
  9. DDevastatedTV

    To Any Active Loan Banks

    That's probs because of the Times zones between you 2. The loan company does have a discord with information ect.
  10. DDevastatedTV

    Plastic surgery

    Got some chest their for a man, But never mind maybe next time 🙂
  11. DDevastatedTV

    To Any Active Loan Banks

    +1 for chuck and his loan company
  12. DDevastatedTV

    Did not get get credits.

    Only people who can deal with the credits is @NobodyLTU and @Osvaldon as they are the founders of the community.
  13. DDevastatedTV


    I wouldn't go any lower than 85k and if you get no one commenting or giving you offers just put it on high end for 90k and you easily get it
  14. DDevastatedTV

    Better communication from staff and developers

    Back in the day the warehouses used to give the gang who owned it treasury money it was a on weekly basis and j think it was 50k aweek or something. Also with the warehouse you can import guns, bullets, silencer and other weapon parts and drugs in the past. With the new drug system I don't think that will be possible. Also other gangs with rp reason goin to war with your gang could tske the warehouse from that gang to another gang. With the new system what's coming out all I can say is let ballin and Harmdone do their awesome work and if theirs any bugs report it.
  15. DDevastatedTV

    NIcholas Pandolfi (3Ak 618 ammo)

    @ElisabethC Any news on this