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  1. Hey again. Sorry if my comment isn't allowed, but if what you say is true, then would you care to explain the post that @CallumMontie had posted yesterday where he found LSD and Meth in your Contender? There's evidence that you DID deposit drugs at the MD as seen in the picture he posted. Also, choose your words wisely when talking about our group. Not too sure why you instantly default to us rule-breaking as clean roleplay is something we pride ourselves on. Interested to see how you respond!
  2. Hey there, I've also observed you (like the numerous others here) running from the LSD lab to Sandy MD to store your drugs, so I hope my input is allowed. You highlights the phrase "Sever losses or breaches of the rules". What you reported ID 90 for in your report obviously wasn't a severe breach of the rules, as we as players see people pull up, park their cars, and neglect the parking pay meter choosing to leave their car unpaid taking the risk of it being towed. Hell, I'm even guilty of it as I park my car at bank all the time without paying. Where it turns severe is when you get involved, exploiting the mechanics of no-crime zones. By parking a car in a no crime zone without paying, is @scotchfishy really harming anyone? Probably not. By abusing the mechanics of a no-crime zone and hiding your drugs in a car that you know cannot be stolen or tampered with really harming anyone? The answer isn't yes, but you are certainly avoiding and impeding roleplay. Are you scared of being robbed? If so, maybe try and get a bigger group and take control of the lab rather only you hold it by yourself. Are you intentionally placing the drugs there so you know they're safe? If so, you're exploiting the MD and no crime zones as a whole. You wouldn't cook a batch of meth then run in front of a hospital in real life to store it would you? Just my two cents on it, sorry if it wasn't welcomed!
  3. Big +1 They must be Redwood branded though.
  4. A mass narcotics run was set up by Mr. Redwood to fund his addiction. The crew gathered successfully completed the run, and Kwang was impressed with the members of the group. A couple were invited to the Triads later in the night. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Redwood forgot to put his heavy weapon away while riding on a bike, a rookie mistake. As most people know, he is not the best driver and within 20 minutes, Kwang was up at the big house. Luckily, an allied gang member was also there and the two helped each other command the cell. After destroying their opponent, Jamal was let back into his cell while Kwang was sent right to solitary with no questions.
  5. He only took his gun down to type though? This still counts as the gun being aimed at you as seen in rule, "When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger."
  6. Looking very promising. Excited to see what you guys have in store for Grove!
  7. Li "Mr. Redwood" Kwang taking a break from action with his best pal After debating on what do to next in the city, Kwang decided to check out Vinewood Studios. He and Nick headed over to get the lay of the land and hopefully start producing.
  8. Li Kwang ended up getting taken down again for speeding tickets. While up in the big house, Kwang dared to sneak in an MP3 player from the old ages of technology. He was shocked to find that the officers let him pass with it, and later on even came in during their shift to enjoy a little K-Pop Obviously, all good things must come to an end. The SADOC officers demanded that Kwang hand over the MP3 player. Thinking that the party was over, he sadly handed over the player to the correctional officers. Kwang was gravely mistaken, as it was time the SADOC officers showed him a little bit of their culture.
  9. +1, like mentioned above having a set routine that you do daily could give you a slight increase in a physical attribute. I also think it would be great RPly to help the well-being of a character
  10. Why... There are no NPC on the server so what would we be robbing? An empty house?
  11. You say create your own gang and import like it's nothing. Becoming an official gang takes time, it's not like I can create a gang and import right away.
  12. A new member was introduced to the Triads yesterday in Ky Gibson. Li Kwang decided to help show Ky the ropes of the Triads. The two snaked around the state hitting stores owned by the same Indian family. They started at home in Little Seoul, then traveled west. The two men then met up with recently promoted and notorious card-counter Barry Yeu to celebrate a big win by Barry at the poker table.
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