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  1. Thread's beautiful, very well made guys!
  2. Metrooo


    Thread looks nice, good luck!
  3. +1, this is a very well-written suggestion Chrisy. I love the idea of bringing the turf system back!
  4. Nice! Good to see a Scandinavian gang! Good luck!
  5. Make a suggestion for it instead of talking about it on this thread? +1, Great suggestion Montie!
  6. Best cleaners around! My favorite employee is Chaz!
  7. Hey, ID 97 Li_Kwang here. I fired upon the Trophy Truck because at the 0:29 mark, I saw it try run into one of my allies. From the perspective shown, he obviously didn't know that he was going to hit him but from where I was standing (back towards where the roads merge), I didn't know this was an accident. • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. Although he obviously didn't mean to ram my ally on the drag, I think the shooting was warranted because from my perspective, it looked like he was trying to ram and injury the Zeta on the bike I hope this clears up any confusion!
  8. Metrooo


    I am interested. 750k
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