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First Aid kits

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Hey fellow roleplayers!

-Medics not in time?
-Tired of dying?
-No CPR training?
Do not worry!

I got a solution for you!

Los santos is now importing first aid kits to be sold at your local general store!
You heard me right! Go pick them up!

Okey now lets talk normal:
I recommand adding first aid kits to the general store. what they will do is the same as CPR, But 50% less effective.
Meaning you will bleed out slower when downed. Afcourse you cant apply it to youself but your friends can help you!

I am a medic myself, And we get a big number off calls. To much to handle with our current staff. the MD has always been understaffed.

My suggestion is:

Add first aid kit to the general store under these conditions:
1. You cannot use them on youself
2. Its a inventory item
3. It will have the same affect as CPR, just 50% reduced. (So CPR training is still the way to go!)
4. Good price, ("Is it worth using it on a stranger?")
5. one time use, and first aid kit is gone.
6. One use per injured person
7. command use: /firstaid [ID]
8. when used, a automatic message for RP purpose: [Name] patched up [Injured person name] visable injured as best he can.

This will make sure a medic has enough time to respond! or if there is no medics. Our Friendly LSPD can always give a hand!

Greetings from your friendly:

Open to Suggestions in the comments!
+1 to agree!
-1 to disagree!

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  1. +1 this is literary genius if we can buy first aid kits to at least help to extend the ammount of time the victim has before he or she dies, you can just store a med kit inside your vehicles  and than even rp it that you are taking a medkit out 
  2. open it and take a certain component out and than you can also rp  the whole first aid procces... and we could also get some teaching from medics for first aid, so the civilians can go to the medic center to learn first aid. so the devs can add to /licence also first aid training or something, so that the person is trained on first aid ^^
  3. boom and now we have it that if you want to use first aid! you need to pay the medical center a bit of money for basic training on first aid and than you can officialy purchase first aid kits and use them on the victims (why this would be good? so people can't abuse it by just going to a victim without rping and do /firstaid ID, they can learn how to properly rp it! Unless this would be too much work for the medics)
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+1 for sure, doe I already saw some random person giving me pain killers and it extended my time of dying/refilled hp while being dropped, doe we also need to add /accept death command because if you got killed by robbers and they stole all of your stuff there's no point really in waiting 10mins to die

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I don't think that I should be BLS qualified to treat others that have cuts and such as this is basic treatment that we should all be able to do.

That doesn't necessarily take rp away from MD as they still would have to come to the scene to take them to the hospital and probably proceed with further treatment if needed because we don't actually die.

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