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  1. BroskiBen

    Triad 6.7.4. Faction War.

    Ok, thanks for clearing it up!
  2. BroskiBen

    Jail, PD/MD RP, Criminals suggestions/story

    This is most definitely a bias response as myself and Rowan are IRL and IG mates but from a PD perspective it does suck when you have a really cool police scenario (i.e an extensive chase or hostage etc) and then it's ruined because you have to send someone to AFK for 2 hours. I don't know who would actually sit in the prison for 2 hours and RP consistently, this coming from both my PD Matt Trustson character and my Criminal Ben Rucks. I understand that it's probably 'being worked on' but I feel that SOMETHING needs to be added to make it far more interesting, because now I find myself sometimes trying to find a way to reduce sentences for good criminal RP but I can't because the system is very biased. Playing on Matt Trustson doesn't present a challenge of true police work, it's a simulator of me typing in someone's name into the MDC and then adding charges and when I tell them they've got 120 minutes to spend in the prison alongside however long the preliminary RP takes they're just left with "ah.... cool, I work hard to try make engaging RP and I'm just punished in what's practically an OOC timeout." So yeah, something needs to be done about criminal RP and how they're 'punished'. If I was to make my own suggestion here it'd be reduce max sentence to like 60 minutes but I also agree about the activities. +1
  3. BroskiBen

    Triad 6.7.4. Faction War.

    Noice, checking to see how many members are on to see if you should take turf?
  4. BroskiBen

    De Oppresso Liber (6.7.3.A No Valid reason for war)

    Sorry to butt into a report that does not really involve me but as one of the leaders of Rucks I can confirm it's a merger and they're not dissolved into our faction. They still operate as Murder.INC just under the Rucks Family banner.
  5. BroskiBen

    Triad 6.7.4. Faction War.

    I'll only comment to respond to your comment there, but my members have been told to get the identity of people they rob and to make sure they're not Triad, and if they do then rob Triad members they aren't to wear the Rucks clothing, associate themselves with us OR show their faces to hide their identity. You said you were at the meetings between Brad and I so you'll recall I told Brad the only 5 people he should take any notice of are myself, Adam, Jason, Damian and Matthew Valenz (This was before our merger with Murder.INC) where your leader AGREED. The very first attack which 'prompted' the war was a FAILRP situation regardless as the people there died and would've had no way of identifying to others that the Rucks did it. I hate to accuse you of Metagaming but I know that people in the Triads (notably you, Pistol Pete) have been punished for it.
  6. BroskiBen

    Triad 6.7.4. Faction War.

    This evidence is after the 2nd piece of evidence where you were upset I didn't rise to your bait so further tried to get a reason to declare war. It's obvious that you were looking for a war. When we had a talk a few days ago between myself and you 1:1 at the farms where I was trying to defuse the beef you at that time were trying to get a rise then too. I'm gonna be waiting on an admin's comment now that both parties made their comments, but the reason my people have been in fights with you ICly is to defend themselves UNLESS you haven't identified yourselves. Anyways, I await admin comment
  7. BroskiBen

    Triad 6.7.4. Faction War.

    Player(s) being reported: Triad faction. Date of Rule Breach: 08/07/2018 (however they've been making it clear over the last 4 days they've wanted our turf and trying to find an excuse) Time of Rule Breach: About 17:35 Your character's name: Ben Rucks Other players involved: All of the Rucks family (who if need be can probably add evidence in to the report) and Gut Pushers Specific rule broken: "6.7.4. A criminal faction cannot declare war on another faction without having a valid role-play reason. Wanting to own a turf is not considered a valid reason to start a war. If your faction does not have a valid reason to go to war, you can contact the leaders of the other faction and send them an ultimatum with your demands." How did the player break the rule?: The Triad have for the last couple days been trying to find beef with us (in no discrete fashion) to start a war and to try take our turf. We have gone on record MULTIPLE times to our faction members do not start beef with them and do not give them a reason to create a war cos they're desperate and will take anything they can get. Today, Matthew got into a robbery with a member of the triad. Matthew asked him multiple times who he's with and refused to answer (something something fearrp) so he held him up and he further broke FearRP and asked for backup with a gun pointed at him. Our guys show up, kill them FULLY and that situation was concluded. Later when Jason Rucks was going to sell weaponry at the farms he runs into Brad (who he did not know) and Brad i presume asked to speak to me. I go up and then we start talking about the attack (which at the time I thought they would've had an IC reason to know about). This is then followed by the threats, and further baiting of a war. As you see in the video I try and calm the situation down and do not rise to his bait. He then texts me after telling me I made a mistake, may the best man win, my faction want your head. Then we see they declared war on us. This is after 1 conversation where I did not rise to their bait. I simply told them to go away and to train their 'hobos' better (as I have seen them recruiting on /vnn and who knows what sort of people are joining their faction with how much XP). After some time passes I get a text from Brad (evidence item 2) asking for help to find ANOTHER faction to talk our differences out. I ask who and he instantly mentions turf. Not any beef or why they have reason to find them, the fact they have turf. Twice now that's been mentioned if anyone's keeping count. I tell him I'm speaking to an admin and then he complains in OOC (evidence 3) and then says we're definitely (in his own sort of spelling) going down. I believe that was mixing OOC feelings with IC but he tried to cover it up. A lot of this is very convenient! Later on I'm told by Lewis Smith that he interacted with the Triad and they just said the war was to do with our turf as seen in the 4th piece of evidence. Funny how the death of their friends went out of the window? I guess grief must have been too hard for them they forgot. FINALLY, after they have been informed of the report, as I am writing this now they are lowering the turf points which I presume is so that they can try get the turf before the report is dealt with. Evidence of rule breach: https://youtu.be/R3CWYIWrZGI / https://youtu.be/e74T8JhZyVk - This is the farm situation which Matthew, Lewis Smith and Jonathan Hedwig went through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA5mqaGXTZ0&feature=youtu.be - THIS is the discussion between myself, Jason, Brad and someone else. At 4.25 of the video you can hear Brad literally change the situation from about the situation with his guys to talking about our turf? Coincidence? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9PC9jgTDVk&feature=youtu.be - This shows a member of the triads literally just stating why they declared war, for turf. Unfortunately @JackD248 didn't have his microphone on for the recording, but the point still stands. I'm sure if you ask him he can tell you what he said to the best of his knowledge.
  8. BroskiBen

    Lewis Smith FEARP

    I think my questions were answered. Not entirely happy with how that works personally but if there was some kind of post or something to set the record straight that could be good for future reference, unless there is one now and I'm unable to find it? I think @kevinpake99 had a question about the situation too.
  9. BroskiBen

    Lewis Smith FEARP

    COMMENT: Myself and Jack spoke and cleared the air about the FearRP, but my issue still remains about accepting CCTV from third party instead of the mechanics itself.
  10. BroskiBen

    Lewis Smith FEARP

    I would also like to clarify this is not about us losing, that's happened multiple times and it will happen a lot more probably, it's about the way it happened. IC evidence should be collected through the proper channels, not the fact some guy involved was recording so that acts as CCTV, or the fact that someone thinks they're ok to drive through an active scene nonchalantly whilst shirtless and wouldn't think we'd retaliate. The last two days we've ended up being arrested/dying to our police interactions. That's not the worst thing to ever happen because we had fun and engaged RP scenarios leading up to it. Just this has upset us.
  11. BroskiBen

    Lewis Smith FEARP

    Player(s) being reported: Lewis Smith Date of rule breach: 06/07/2018 Time of rule breach: estimated at 18pm BST Your characters name: Ben Rucks Other players involved: Damian Masters, Adam Rucks, Matthew Valenz, other multiple members of my faction ' The Rucks Family ' , the on duty mechanics at Bayview. Specific rule broken: Fear roleplay is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger most importantly but not limited to when an attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. How did the player break the rule?: You see him watch the 8 of us run into Bayview to begin our kidnap, we take note of everyone in there and begin to get them to move inside (they were delayed for whatever reason some taking ages to respond which slowed them down.) You then see this guy DRIVE THROUGH ON A BIKE. This is different from a car which doesn't break FearRP. This guy drove through an active situation in between our guns whilst on a bike just acting casual. Where is the fear for his life when there's what he presumes 10 men aiming guns at him? Evidence of rule breach: ( A further point I would like to make; I do not see how this can classify as CCTV footage from Bayview if it's not been recorded by a bayview mechanic. Had this been RPly recorded (i.e. Lewis did /record and recorded our actions then fair enough, but this has then be used to ICly capture a few of our faction members which I don't think is fair. From my PD character I have been told that if the mechanics themselves do not have footage it can't be used as CCTV, so I think this should please be clarified.)
  12. BroskiBen

    Ben Rucks (SMG)

    @Cooksley is the admin who can vouch for me. Apologies it wouldn't allow me to tag him in the post.
  13. BroskiBen

    Ben Rucks (SMG)

    Character to be refunded: Ben Rucks Date and time of incident: 20/06/2018 Time not entirely sure of. Around 22:00 BST Requested refund (what and how much): SMG with 34 ammo Description of incident resulting in loss: I was deathmatched by a group of people (They've been banned for a day due to this already, so no need for a report on them) and was treated by a medic. The situation was paused, so i just stood still, and the medic was released from the scene by admins and as she drove off, she hit my sandking and the impact killed me and got rid of my AR and pistol as seen in this video below. I wasn't able to record the impact from the medic due to shadowplay issues, so I asked Cooksley if tagging him would be ok and he agreed to vouch for me. Evidence of loss: https://streamable.com/22mdu Comments:I have edited the sound out of the video to protect the privacy of my friend's girlfriend on discord, however if the need for the unedited video is believed to add something then just contact me and I can PM you an unedited version. I also have ONE more clip before my shadowplay stopped working where I'm seen discussing the report with an admin as I'm dying which saved as a separate file. I don't believe it shows anything you don't see already in the evidence provided so I haven't added it, however if it's deemed helpful I'll post it as well.