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  1. I am ok with this if instead of having a call, we as PD go up to the cameras and use a command like "/checkspeeding" and it gives us a list like... "BRAWLER - [LICENSE PLATE] - SPEED - DAY/MMM/YEAR" If there was a call that led us to a camera I think it would be too spammy like when CCTV calls originally came out.
  2. +1 , I think it would be good if they're unable to send regular text such as speaking, but only allow them to communicate via /o and /me & /do.
  3. As a member of PD I don't think we should be allowed to patrol in drug labs, and actively tell people not to. Obviously a server rule would make it a different story. +1
  4. BroskiBen


    Hi, I'm Matt Trustson (one of the cops who actually shot). I won't speak on behalf of the entire Police Department, but instead myself. We warned you (something that is not shown in this clip) that following the convoy would result in lethal force being used. The group continued to set up your ambush RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE POLICE CONVOY FULL OF SWAT OPERATIVES. Your members decided to continue to follow us, so we were informed to take tires of vehicles. Whilst they were being shot at they decided to drive and follow us still (something I would regard as breaking FearRP but I am not a moderator so won't be making accusations.) I personally do not think you have any room to speak here, as you decided RPly to follow a multiple vehicle heavily armored convoy on your bike. To quote a part of your report... "What planet would SWAT open up with Micro SMGs from the back of a swat van, transporting a prisoner?" In what world would criminals decide to follow the convoy on motorbikes and continue to follow whilst being shot at? All the best.
  5. Hi. I run the FTP for PD (Which is how people go from cadets to Po1). We've recently had an influx of Aussie players (whilst it might not seem like it). I have the same idea as you though, I would like to be able to beef up the Aussie PD presence. This is something I am looking into though I can assure you, I've been trying to get more officers for different, less populated timezones. I'm not a part of recruitment however so I can't tell you from that side of things.
  6. Two sessions of training. A Police Academy and an Advanced Scene Management Training Session.
  7. SWAT Operatives preparing for training.
  8. As a member of the PD since May 2017 I can confirm this is the 'weakest' the PD has been since I joined. When I was a cadet we were given a full loadout, driving around with minor training. It is increasingly easy for criminals to kill cops. Which I have my own problems with on how increasingly common that is. From my criminal alt (Ben Rucks) standpoint, I understand the appeal of trying to kill cops, and 6/7 months ago I was guilty of doing so. The reason I refrain from damaging cops now (I either RP doing physical damage or don't actually shoot at them) is because I understand the weight of my repercussions. Spending years of my life in prison for my actions, risk of life etc. I think criminals at the moment need to stop relying on the option to just kill cops. It's selfish RP. On my police character (Trustson) It's becoming the norm where gangs are just going to kill you if you RP with them, sometimes for stupid reasons. I'll post a link below as to what I mean. In terms of constructive conversation about changes within PD, the only things I can agree on are the Teamspeak IC rooms, but as has been mentioned MULTIPLE times in this thread, if you're in those channels they're strictly IC and you must use IG VOIP as well as TS, or you'd be punished accordingly. Overall, I don't think Police should be further nerfed, rather I think criminals should be smarter with their actions. Engaging Police, notably SWAT is NOT a smart idea, and should be avoided as much as humanly possible. I would like instead a way to work with criminals to encourage better roleplay and more reasonable situations where antagonizing or in some cases murdering Police would work. https://streamable.com/uvc8d
  9. That was because RP was being conducted, as you can see James Dalton was ignored.
  10. Player(s) being reported: Mask 5973_5587 Date of rule breach: 13/10/2018 Time of rule breach: 23pm BST roughly. Your characters name: Matt Trustson Other players involved: Liam Paige, Erik Henderson and other members of the PD. Specific rule broken: FearRP and Non-RP How did the player break the rule?: Was tased multiple times, ignored RP and then just got on his friend's bike and left. This was after stealing a cruiser infront of 4 cops. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/nivvr
  11. Applicants becoming cadets in our police academy!
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