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  1. Tip for everyone that many don't know: If you need to pm someone who's legal name is, for instance, Michael Jones, you can pm them by using /pm michael_jones if you do not know their ID. I'm shocked and how many people don't know this function exists.

    Wall of Scammers

    I'll vouch for Joel WeatherBy as well, and also nominate Moxxi Fitz and Tyrone Cox to the list of trusted people.
  3. Just an anecdote from my last prison sentence. I had something like 120 minutes or whatever. I did a bit of it, wasn't too many people around so I logged for the night, hoping to see more when I logged on in the morning, around the time the server starts to pass the 150 players online mark, to give you the idea of my time zone. I log in in the yard, see no one, I run inside to find a cop placing someone into prison, I then head over to grab a water and a burger, and find 3 people have kidnapped a guard. They are awaiting prison break permission. Myself and the guard both explain that it's not fair to essentially pause her RP by kidnapping her and waiting for admins to approve the request. So we all are just sitting. With nothing happening. 2 new players also arrive in the meantime. An admin answers to void the kidnapping as no prison break was approved. The two new players start screaming over voip about how the mod is "gay" and "a bitch". Literally screaming btw, clipping their mic and all. I call the mod back, the mod sets them right. They then call me a snitch via voip and one of them someone has a baseball bat. He DMs myself and one other inmate who has been processed in the meantime. Mod is called once again to deal with the situation.i am released from prison. Honestly, at this point, if I'm not going to prison with @Spencer GerritsGerrits then I just want be locked in solitary or hide in a corner of a cell to avoid this kind of issue. Because Everytime I do prison with Rex it's at least new and interesting
  4. +1 to this. Especially the import changes and clothing options.
  5. The 6x6 not being able to hold a body while the contender and regular dubsta both can is the only thing preventing me from buying a 6x6
  6. What ooc rule are you talking about? It's illegal to resell your licensed handgun, but not against the rules.
  7. +1 I commented a very similar idea in another thread.
  8. Maybe it could be relative to garage spots. 1g gets 20, 2g gets 25, 3g gets 30, etc
  9. If we have no business seeing appeals we shouldn't be able to see them before they get archived either, not just after. The argument that "we don't need to see them, it's private" is ignorant, considering we can see them until the moment they are decided.
  10. This seems the most balanced approach. Maybe have the cap slowly decrease if you stay without charges for long enough
  11. Maybe they could reimplement a cap, but the script removes the cap when murder/terrorism/other high value crimes is one of the charges. So a few felony evadings and such would cap at 2 hours, but if you add a murder of a gov official it would make you s the the full 5 hours or whatever. It may dissuade of shootouts as well.
  12. +1 honestly when I get wicked long 5 or more hours sentences, I demand to be put in solitary so I can avoid the fist fights. Make poker minimum bet 5 stamps and you fix 90% of the issue. The poker table is useless, has been useless for months, and is still not fixed. I know it may be hard to fix or low priority, but it sucks that we almost had a fun way to pass the time and now we dont

    The Rooks

    Little Brother Still Has So Much To Learn. Brandon had just been arrested following a successful purchase of heavy weapons from the Triads. The drop was made for the weapons to be distributed to his gang members, but Rex and himself were captured and arrested. Only a single shotgun and 20 ammo was lost from the purchase. Upon arriving into the prison, Brandon sees for the first time since the Schism with Gauge and crew, his adoptive little brother, Luke Fitz. Luke began running his mouth, as he was prone to do, and Brandon had to stop for a moment to remember "We are so much alike, no wonder you fit so well into the Fitz family." Then Brandon lowered his head to bash Luke's nose, breaking it. A fist fight ensued, with Brandon gaining the upper hand and placing Luke into a choke hold. The words he spoke as the oxygen was cut to his brain stung, not because of the words themselves, but the because of who they came from, and the hate that fueled them. "The Rooks are dying" "Moxxi left because you are trash" "You'll die alone, like the rest of your so called family" Luke finally lost consciousness, and Brandon dropped him to the ground. He gave a swift kick to the side of his head, and Rex spit on his limp form. Then Rex and Brandon set out to tax the prisoners for stamps. Business as usual.
  14. Walk a mile in your shoes? I think I will. Oh wait. PD won't recruit alts of high command of illegal factions. I'd have to give up my main in order to "walk a mile in your shoes"
  15. Personally, the war with Rooks and Russians brought a lot of good rp from both sides. We lost a few, won a few, but we are having fun.
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