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  1. Definitely #Notallcops. But a lot. Sad to hear Daniels Shelby is leaving as well. I respected him a lot regarding his RP quality. So many good dudes down
  2. I've been charged a few times while wearing a mask. How is a cop charging me via player ID with no positive license or facial identification, an IC issue.
  3. Pertinax keeps posting videos of awful cops being awful IRL and thinks it defends his point?
  4. The force does seem to be losing a lot of good cops, that I find to have very good RP standards and enjoy RPing with, examples include Jason Steel, Vyse Legend, Jimmy Pegarino, Edward Sharp, and the list just continues. As a criminal main, I hate seeing high quality RP cops leave the force. And even though IA reports are basically worthless, I'm gonna keep filing them EVERY time an officer breaches force matrix, which happens to me almost daily.
  5. Regarding the chasing an evading suspect...a billion times yes. Eventually the chase will turn into them ramming you into walls to arrest you. I mean... PIT to "detain"
  6. My only comment will be, PIT maneuver is 100% VDM. Anyone who disagrees is flat out wrong. If you read the VDM rules, PIT fits the description exactly. But cops have VDM permission I suppose. I'd like to see this changed.
  7. So I am permitted to treat that character as Logan, and I'm not required to treat him as a new character?
  8. Logan Cross was permitted to CK since this supposed change of "not allowed" so there has to be some criteria to permit it.
  9. This could also extend into gang RP, with there being several illegal jobs, by taking those jobs, you begin getting better at them. Switching jobs would be possible, but would reset you back to 0 advancement in all jobs. Also, having one job should still let you do the other activities, just at baseline value, and gain no XP towards doing that task. Iron Chef: The speed at which you produce Narcotics increases Green Thumb: Higher chance for more seeds from weed plants/Faster plant growth as you keep processing into seeds/planting Gearhead: Chopping car time gradually decreases with each car you chop. Sticky Fingers: Grabbing money within a store robbery gives higher amounts each pull from the register RP wise, a gang would have a master cook, who doesn't know shit about ripping about cars, and someone who's really good with plants, but is clumsy in the cash register during a robbery. It would give incentive to specialize and work with your gang as a team.
  10. Fake Zetas, Fake Wanted, Fake Rooks, now we even got Fake CIT....crazy shit.
  11. Okay, so this thread turned toxic...Still, +1 to turfs
  12. Probably shouldn't advertise an online gambling site on here. Your post seems to just advertise the site, with no addition to the suggestion itself.
  13. +1 Low priority prolly, but would be nice to have
  14. Rooks have one as well. And it's very handy. If I'm waiting for someone who just spoke over radio or something, and I see "code 0" in the discord for it from the guy I'm waiting for, I won't assume he's being robbed/arrested etc and that's why he went silent.
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