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  2. Appeal - Jack Davie

    Account name: Jack Davie Character name: Jack Davie Reason of Punishment: RDM FearRP Administrator: Pazz & OsamaBigLag (Kinda inappropriate name) Why should this appeal be accepted? Firstly before i start i have already submitted an appeal but the person that was involved in making the decision answered my appeal that is fucking wrong! It should be a totally different admin so they have there own opinion and fresh start. Secondly i don't appreciate that people who ain't involved in the incident in game responding. KEEP OUT FFS! Read my appeal on the "Rejected Appeal" Page admin Pazz is refusing to hand it back over to pending she just said submit a new one although she is the person that made a guided choice to ban my ass for shit i shouldn't be banned for she said its only 24 hours so leave it but i don't give a shit if its 24 years or 24 minutes i shouldn't be banned! Sort this out. Whoever owns this network thing needs to realise they have some power hungry admins on the network who are loose cannons! Another note; I killed the guy cus he had a gun in his hand the second he exited the car i risked for my life and shot him. Yours Sincerely, Jack Davie :)
  3. Jack Davie - Appeal

    Also how can i prove what he saw? thats impossible!
  4. Jack Davie - Appeal

    Pazz as i have said i will change the wording we suspected he witnessed the robbery
  5. Jack Davie - Appeal

  6. Jack Davie - Appeal

    We had just robbed and beat a guy up if you want me to change my words then: We believed he committed a robbery
  7. Jack Davie - Appeal

    Pazz he showed u the video sat there on that hill like what else u want?
  8. Jack Davie - Appeal

    Peace is upon heaven and if i want peace i can have peace
  9. Jack Davie - Appeal

    Hey you dont reply on other peoples posts and i said i died to meet my god! I never wanted to end up getting murdered by a gang or thrown in jail i died to see my god!
  10. Jack Davie - Appeal

    Account name: Jack Davie Character name: Jack Davie Reason of Punishment: Deathmatch FearRP Administrator: OsamaBigLag Why should this appeal be accepted? Lets go through the situation THE RANDOM DEATHMATCH: (Why i killed him) 1) He witnessed me commit a robbery 2) He called for backup (i believe his gang) 3) He knew my name 4) I am a criminal (it was my criminal character) 5) I am the leader of a non official gang and religious in character. The FearRP (Why i asked to be shot) 1) I'm religious i want to go to Heaven 2) I cant be put into jail 3) I didn't want his rival gang to beat me up and kill me 4) I respect my religion as much as life! My appeal summed up!
  11. Rule Breaking

    I don’t exactly k ow what rule we have broke we had a reason to kill him and I wasn’t allowed to return if an admins wants me they message me.
  12. Rule Breaking

    I couldn’t return or I would be breaking a rule
  13. Rule Breaking

    My reply Hey firstly I’m new here I’m not 100% If I respond here but here is a response: I am new here I am brand new to EP eclipse is the first time I ever played RP we were out on farm robbing people and then we saw this car so we went to him cus he witnessed the robbery, we then heard on the radio that people were coming and that he knew my name at that point I got a little excited and opened fire as I didn’t wanna get caught. I got my gun and started shooting I lost the gunfight as I normally do 😂 I didn’t go back to the area cus of the new life rule I didn’t return cus I would be breaking the 30 min rule then. Sorry if any harm caused...