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  1. JackD248

    Warning Point Appeal

    Hey, Firstly, As you said "Anything that isnt on the ECRP platform isnt to be brought up on the platform" Neither did i search your social media its linked to your discord lol Secondly, i thought we were friends and you never had anything OOC against me? Thirdly, Please dont call me Jack thats not very respectful this is an online roleplay community, you can call me JackD248. Thanks! Also yes i did message a senior staff member and challenged them why you are staff when you are at least 2 years as a minimum below 16 which is minimum staff age, if thats an issue you bring it with me personally this is an appeal that is regarding a warning point not u been wayy under 16 years old and staff. Im not been funny but you need to grow up, this appeal has nothing to do with me spamming dislikes on your youtube channel, have an issue with that contact Google not the ECRP Punishment Appeals mate! Your just bringing irrelevant content into this to try to justify your absurd immature actions that clearly shows the OOC 'rivalry' between myself and you. Whilst i appreciate your trying to build a YT channel you have to realise at the moment its not going too successful with your 18 subscribers however, dont take that out on me. Not my fault! My expected outcome is warning point removed. Pending review from Senior Administrator or above. -JackD248
  2. JackD248

    Warning Point Appeal

    Hello Dylan, Thanks for replying! So the guy was saying in his appeal that he rammed this guy cus he was gut pushers aka his KOS reason was cus he was with gut pushers however with myself @Phil McGee and @Dashingly being the leaders of the Gut Pushers i deciuded to comment in the appeal and make it very clear that this person IS NOT with the gutpushers so it can help admins. Thanks, Jack
  3. JackD248

    @Flucifial Metagaming / OOC Harassment

    Dont call me Immature id class that as an OOC Insult im wayy older than you. Im most certainly not 14 like yourself so dont treat me like it. I have leaked your youtube channel? What is youtube private now? If you dont want the public to see it hit that private button, your youtube is quite clearly view able by just typing in your name on it or going on your twitter...
  4. JackD248

    @Flucifial Metagaming / OOC Harassment

    Also wanna add this is @Flucifial Discord outlash regarding my report http://prntscr.com/l0jwxa Obviously @Flucifial feels like im immature. Is this really the professional ECRP Staff Standards? You are bringing IC stuff up in discord and ur causing me to feel intimidated.
  5. Players Being Reported: @Flucifial Date Of Rule Breech: 26th October Time: N/a Your Characters Name: Lewis Smith Other Players Involved: @PB-AJ Specific Rule Broken: How The Player Broke The Rule: On Wednesday the 26th of October i received a message from Flucifial on discord saying "So it was you that started the rumor that I was removed from Weazel" I replied "Thats IC but yea" he then started metagaming and bringing up IC stuff in discord he was saying he was never removed from weazel but more so he left. He said i was spreading false allegations. I then told him that admin @PB-AJ called @Flucifial a "Power trippin" "Babie". Now @Flucifial you are 14 years of age and for a 14 year old i must admit you are very mature however, i must say coming on discord and harassing me and meta gaming isn't so mature. Evidence: http://prntscr.com/l0fz6g Flucifial messaging me http://prntscr.com/l0fz8s Flucifial messaging me http://prntscr.com/l0fzbx Flucifial messaging me http://prntscr.com/l0fzn0 Flucifial messaging me http://prntscr.com/l0fzqc Flucifial messaging me http://prntscr.com/kyztth @PB-AJ calling Flucifical a power trippin babie Additional Comments: For reference John is @Flucifial and Vera is @PB-AJ
  6. JackD248

    Warning Point Appeal

    Account Name: JackD248 Characters Name: Lewis Smith Admin who issued punishment: @Flucifial Date of punishment: 30/9/18 Punishment received: 2 Warning Points (Forum) Reason given for punishment: Spamming Your explanation of what happened: Someone posted an appeal and started saying the reason they rammed this guy was because they were in gut pushers so i commented and said they were not in gut pushers. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I am adding compelling evidence to the case quite clearly @Flucifial has OOC issues with me he was harassing me on discord not too long ago meta gaming about Weazel News i put him in his place and now he is giving me warning points for nothing. Post any evidence or further details: N/a
  7. JackD248

    Warning Point Appeal

  8. JackD248

    Lewis Smith - Best Moments Series

    Hope you like this Agent Smith series
  9. JackD248

    Ban appeal

    I can also confirm this
  11. JackD248

    The Shadow Cartel

    Like u guys seem to be recruiting anyone and some people have really low XP and i know the new criminal faction thing thats been introduced might mean u wanna stop hiring everyone u see on the farms, I dont necessarily like the RP of you guys anyways but i'd rather not see it further degraded. L
  12. JackD248

    Rapper "JP" John Permuy Dies of Suicide

    Who is he? - Lewis Smith
  13. JackD248


    I guess some people like the small minority rockin' the extra small, its a rare sight!
  14. JackD248


    Interesting normally you hear like a 5.0 Litre engine or some shit like that never heard of a 5 out of 5 engine Might be missing out
  15. JackD248


    Can i ask what 3/5 5/5 1/5 5/5 means? Like what is that ((Remember this is IC))