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  1. JackD248

    Ban appeal

    I can also confirm this
  2. JackD248

    The Shadow Cartel

    Like u guys seem to be recruiting anyone and some people have really low XP and i know the new criminal faction thing thats been introduced might mean u wanna stop hiring everyone u see on the farms, I dont necessarily like the RP of you guys anyways but i'd rather not see it further degraded. L
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/ConcernedInterestingBunnyKappaPride?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url Adding some “compelling evidence” to help with the report
  4. -1 Would cause too many issues, also lets be real how common is it to become a pilot irl? The full server would be flying planes around. Like im a light aircraft pilot IRL and its not easy you need ATC you need an FAA/CAA you would need ALOT of RP to go with it.
  5. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives individuals the right to ask for their data to be deleted and organisations do have an obligation to do so, except in the following cases: the personal data your company/organisation holds is needed to exercise the right of freedom of expression; there is a legal obligation to keep that data; for reasons of public interest (for example public health, scientific, statistical or historical research purposes). With this being said I’m pretty sure if you requested you can have your data deleted.
  6. I am the actual owner of the SMG not Phil i gave him that weapon
  7. @PB-AJ Hello there, As stated above currently you and the other admins involved are been investigated as well as the whole situation. I believe your misreading this persons appeal. @N1smoo never shot a bullet, I agree that in video 3 it was deathmatching but that was not @N1smoo we are not sure who that is. @N1smoo never shot a bullet once. I do have video however it’s currenlty been used to investigate the numerous reports of discrimination and corruption therefore, I won’t release it yet until it’s clear too. I guess this one is pending the founder of the Eclipse Roleplaying server @Osvaldon as he is the one investigating this.
  8. @PolarBlunk I believe @Osvaldon is looking at this whole case and also the 2 admins involved in this.
  9. Not advertising here but ECPR is unique in the way it’s a VOIP server that’s what makes this server different from every other server. If you don’t like VOIP there’s a million and one text only out there go join them but trust me try it for a week and you will be begging to get VOIP back! ECRP biggest feature is VoIP so doubt it’ll change.
  10. JackD248

    Eclipse Review

    I have to honestly say and no offence to the staff, some of which work relentlessly hard, but the amount of IG reports been answered is very poor a /report 2 rarely ever gets answered now, ever. The staff that are IG are all parts of gov factions such as PD and are always busy RPing therefore cant help people the staff team in my opinion needs looking at as someone people are too busy in there IC RP and dont have time for reports meaning the community is suffering.
  11. JackD248

    LSPD Most Wanted

    Hello Jason, Meet me at the L Smith Graveyard we can arrange a time and a place, make sure to come in hazmat gear, a rather pungent smell for a mysterious reason around here. -Lewis Smith ((/do VPN Used))
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