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  1. Panic Alerts

    +1 if It isn’t abused I have a feeling people could abuse it to break FearRP
  2. Police - Chases

    So lets just start with saying the police have OP cars and can practically keep up with anyone unless your in some super. Whilst in chases the police ram u from behind at speeds that IRL would not only 1 disable your car but potentially seriously injure you through whiplash. They also kinda ram u on side and dont pit manoeuvre how it would be done realistically. It would be cool if police treated there cars like how you would IRL and wouldn't ram someone at 180kmph and don't injure/kill themselves IRL (Not wanting to damage them) preforming the action. IRL the police do PIT however its a small tap on the rear axle of the car to spin it off course in an open area not a door to door ram. The police IRL also use TPAC (Tactical Pursuit And Containment) They never ram you up the ass at top speed.
  3. Server and Faction Message of the Day

    Rare i agree with Tavi on things but... +1 would be a great way to get an "urgent message" out kinda simulating a mobile pop up.
  4. House w/ 2 car garage on Davis & Brouge

    The door says 70k
  5. Lewis Smith (All Inventory)

    Character To Be Refunded: Lewis Smith Date/Time: Sunday 18th (2am UTC) (Time Of Actual Bug) Description Of Incident Resulting: So i share a house with Nihil this is a screenshot from the day of the bug and its the most recent inventory picture we have http://prntscr.com/isxabi Earlier on me and someone called Jake captured Deshawn from the police as he was under arrest and took him to mine and Nihil house so we can uncuff him. At this point Deshawn was in our house and that is when that inventory pic was taken. Then later on Deshawn was re arrested and had some bug later on at PD where he saw someones inventory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPDO6yi6Wpo&feature=youtu.be that inventory is the same as ours and all our stuff from our inventory has gone its 100% ours even the ammo is the same like the logs will even say what we had and when it went. As deshawn was leaving the house after been uncuffed he like fell through the map and admin @Lewis sorted him out and TP'd him back to us (I have included this as it may be what caused this thats all i can think off and the game has bugged) Items Lost: AK 47 (147 Rounds) Shotgun (25 Rounds) Shotgun Bullets (50) 3 .50 (100 Bullets Each) 3 Clips 2 Grips 6 Crack 2 LSD 1 Weed 2 Unknown Drug Evidence: All listed in description if you need anything further please contact me Thank You I Hope We Can Get The Refund Sorted And The Bug Fixed As This Could Be Quite A Pain For Someone That Has An Even Larger Inventory Like Me.
  6. Mike White, 5229_8768 (FearRP, FailRP)

    Im more pissed off that mike decided to pull the AK but what did was also wrong like i needed time to type that and i had u ADS
  7. Mike White, 5229_8768 (FearRP, FailRP)

    @kris783c i still had my gun out and u shouldnt run when an armed attacker has there gun out and has warned you, also you need to give me time to type commands. Also i would quite easily be able to shoot u i take a half a cm step to the left if we were at a distance or i had my back to u then yeah fine but u never u and mike where lined up on by a .50
  8. Player(s) Being Reported: Mike White (7603_5388) , 5229_8768 Date: 18th March Time: 12:30 Your Characters Name: Lewis Smith Other Players: None Specific Rule Broken: Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your attacker is able to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as fail roleplay. How It Was Broken: So i noticed Mike White and was going to harm him as he and a few others are wanted dead as he made a fake lie to police and tried to sting me and got \i jailed. There were 2 people a mechanic and Mike. I aimed a gun at Mike and he raised his hands and i also aimed a good at the mechanic. At this point were all pretty close range and IRL 1 bullet would cause serious harm.As i was typing the /mug command the mechanic decides as i lower my weapon he would run behind the truck and get his gun out, i had mike and the mechanic in my line of sight at that point . I am aiming the gun at Mike still and also at the Mechanic swaying it. Then whilst i still have my gun drawn and aimed down sights mike decides to run forwards and pull an AK out his ass however i killed him before he was able to shoot me. I have also put FailRP because when IRL if there is 1 guy with a heavy weapon in hand which IRL can kill u with bullet you wouldn't run and pull your own gun you would wait for the right opportunity however the mechanic never gave me time to type my / commands. Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/5aae6209b6079f0840/mike-fearrp
  9. Stop Metagaming

    @juniornyc well it’s quite funny how the largest fraction (only big cus u hire everyone an they just don’t return to server) and you have to cheat and metagame to get my location etc. That’s pretty funny in my opinion.
  10. 3 Car House for Sale/Rent

    Haha, I think I’ll pass renting...
  11. Stop Metagaming

    Harsher punishments, I won’t name anyone but this group are known fo Metagaming and nothing is been done.
  12. Stop Metagaming

    @Kay133 I ain’t just Metagaming is a huge issue and people don’t realise and take it like a joke. Just cus people can’t play legit and need to cheat.
  13. Stop Metagaming

    @BallinByNature I ain’t gonna name people but Metagaming is getting to be a huge issue in the community now and people just don’t seem to be learning after been warned/kicked/banned etc. Is Metagaming an issue the admin team are working on now? As people now are editing reports and removing audio/video as it includes Metagaming and are denying it etc. Like people are also abusing the tabs above players as you can be in a new car and new clothes and people will still say “Hey Lewis” etc when they have no idea is me IG if they were been realistic I think the tag above names should be removed or if you are wearing a mask it disappears. I am not going to name any particular group however I think we all know who. Hint: They are been massively exposed for Metagaming recently on multiple occasions as they can’t play the game legit and need to metagame to get there way. People don’t seem to understand that Metagaming is saying things like “Where is he” “Lock your car” “Meet Me ABCD” etc and it’s been abused massively right now.
  14. Problem about PD with chases

    +1 100% I think in the server a lot of the things police do are u realistic they just look to arrest people nothing else. Like also the OPEN THE POLICE MDC everytime they see a car that doesn’t happen in real life not EVERY car they see do they run. Also I agree the way they do pursuits is unrealistic and also very dangerous should it be IRL.
  15. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    Oh well Metagaming still not acceptable in my opinion no matter what the reason but whatever... also im called Jack IRL