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  1. I agree which is frankly shit on the whole however, we need to address the fact that it was mass DM here by everyone shooting in the effect
  2. JackD248

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    Ey yo Iโ€™ll put a bounty on you and shove a bounty chocolate bar up your ass come at me boi
  3. JackD248

    LSEMS needs better activity and more members

    Mate LSEMS recruitment is closed they ainโ€™t even hiring the LSEMS absolutely fell apart when Maverick left it just collapsed. Today I did 11 calls + Jason did what like 3 or 4 so like 14 calls ish until ambulance actually responded
  4. JackD248

    Tag People In Conclusions

  5. JackD248

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    Nah I escaped the cops driving an RV (Journey) too fucking good of a driver mate
  6. JackD248

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    Lmao what you gonna do Iโ€™ll put a bounty on your head, you gonna hunt yourself?
  7. JackD248

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    Join 6 gangs together, wonder who killed all them poor SWAT officers at bennys ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. JackD248

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    Go for it mate 80 LSPD Officer have been looking for me for 1 month never even gotten close ๐Ÿ˜‚ You fuck with me your fucking with like around 60 of my close friends all of which are heavily armed so good luck my dear friend, Give me your name Iโ€™ll have you brought to me might not be a pleasent experience but you can meet me.
  9. JackD248

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    Never catch me, not with all my boys
  10. JackD248

    Mitigate the need for MD

    +1 However we also need @Dashingly suggestion looked at where we introduce "Back street doctors" where you can take your friend in your car and they will heal them
  11. JackD248

    Phil McGee Nation

    I asked Mamie Gumpert for my psychiatric report turns out she is also mentally unstable so not fit to write me one thats why she stepped down from chief of MD
  12. I was there to kill the grey guys I saw my red guys the plan was to meet with red guys however the grey guys DMโ€™d each and everyone so I was one a few left and no one was firing at me they had no reason to. To clarify I was a reinforcement for Narcos but you had already killed them all I was never shot at though until I was DMโ€™d
  13. JackD248

    i cant register, what is referral code?

    ((This is an IC Forum for ICly content only, use an OOC Section for this or go in the #helpdesk in the discord, Anything saying In Character means its IC only and nothing OOC xD Need help PM a support staff or moderator))
  14. Hey, I was also at this scene it was an absolute shit show in all honesty i also got DM'd by Narcos and grey guys they were just shooting everyone that passed in the area here i have a bit of footage if it helps any admins. People were just KOS everyone that passed interstate 1 as you see at least 4 people shooting at me https://youtu.be/KuK-Y-j11LA
  15. Alright here is a slightly longer video, NO reason to shoot me and no reason to ram me as thats also DM as your intentially damaging my property. In regards to your VDM claims looking on your video i agree it looks like VDM however look on mine from my view and my angle dont know if it was desync or whatever but u was never shooting so i assumed ur back on your bike so i returned as i got like 4ft away from the bend you open fire on me again/the gunfire returns on my screen As you see in video at 44 seconds when i flip back around there was no active shooting going on at all thus i can return as its not an area of ACTIVE gunfire