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  1. JackD248

    Staff confidence discussion thread

    100% And matter of fact is its kinda already too late.
  2. JackD248

    Staff confidence discussion thread

    Did u read the message he posted?
  3. JackD248

    Staff confidence discussion thread

    Welcome to ECRP my friend I also ended up getting worked out the server as i reported many admins for corruption however quite clearly the staff didn't like that so worked me out and i ended up getting a ban for some bs xD
  4. JackD248

    Staff confidence discussion thread

    Very true, can i just say expect to be banned if you say a bad word about Balling. Its his way or the highway.
  5. JackD248

    Staff confidence discussion thread

    @Andy will nothing be done about @BallingByNature taking the mick out of mental health issues then and OOC Insults? Also isn't it against sever rules to accept a report someone has made on you and handle it. Total corruption 100% Balling should either resigne or someone such as @NobodyLTU or @Osvaldon should 'help him to resign'
  6. JackD248

    BallinbyNature (6.3 Metagaming)

    Infact I’ll do the honours, anyone with mental health issues I apologise in advance Balling by nature doesn’t care clearly, calling someone unstable DISGUSTING FROM HEAD ADMIN I know balling you smoke weed IRL as you told me in discord pms so rather than OOC Insulting people you should go do your own thing and relax
  7. JackD248

    BallinbyNature (6.3 Metagaming)

    Hello, Lewis Smith here, I know right didn’t expect to see my name here... For over 6 months of my just over a year playing this server I was trying to voice my opinion to Balling and the founders of how ECRP needs to be fixed and in turn they discriminated against me as they didn’t agree with my suggestions and ultimately worked me up to been perma banned. Its blaitent that BallingByNature has “my way or the Highway attitude” he is totally incompetent as a head admin he is doing nothing he never rolepays with the community and when he does he goes round as the commissioner doing nothing. I believe the staff team is 16+ at ECRP I know that rule isn’t stuck by as there are 14 year olds in the staff team so Balling if you are above 16 which I would hope you are then surely you can take an insult on Twitch? I remember Balling when I called you a twat on discord pms and got perma banned from the server. You are forgetting it’s not on an ECRP platform. I know Noah has a screenshot of YOU BallingByNature saying someone has mental health issues over discord and OOC insulting them for irl learning difficulties perhaps that should be publicly shared now. Many Thanks, Lewis
  8. JackD248

    Ban appeal

    I can also confirm this
  9. JackD248

    The Shadow Cartel

    Like u guys seem to be recruiting anyone and some people have really low XP and i know the new criminal faction thing thats been introduced might mean u wanna stop hiring everyone u see on the farms, I dont necessarily like the RP of you guys anyways but i'd rather not see it further degraded. L
  10. JackD248

    Rapper "JP" John Permuy Dies of Suicide

    Who is he? - Lewis Smith
  11. JackD248


    I guess some people like the small minority rockin' the extra small, its a rare sight!
  12. JackD248


    Interesting normally you hear like a 5.0 Litre engine or some shit like that never heard of a 5 out of 5 engine Might be missing out
  13. JackD248


    Can i ask what 3/5 5/5 1/5 5/5 means? Like what is that ((Remember this is IC))
  14. JackD248


    Oh my goodness, thank you for informing me. I might find some of his extra small's in it I better avoid