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  1. let me know if there is any way for me to ply on this server please.
  2. Account name : Donrid3r (i do not know the account name but i guess this is it and i explained why ) Character name : Samo Granados Admin who issued punishment : BallinByNature Date of punishment : About/Less than 1 year ago Punishment received : Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment : 3 DM in 1 month Your explanation of what happened : it was about 1 year ago , Unfortunately i gave my social club account to someone (i would NEVER do this when i want to ply on my account , i did this cause i were not playing GTA V RP because i was a hardcore WoW mythic raider and the account remained useless , so when he asked for it , sadly , i trusted him) , after like 10 days i wanted my account back and he refused to give it to me , so i changed the Password of it , then he did this to the account on this server (DMing 3 times in a month) to ruin it ! Why should your appeal be accepted : I've played in GTA SA RP servers for like 2 years , i know what is RP and how it works, i did not do this (DMing) and i really what to ply on this server but i cant because the account is permanent banned , i am here to ask for a Unban ,and i know that it was my fault to give my account to another person and i am DEEPLY Regretful. Post any evidence of further details : He also created 2 account witch is the maximum amount of the accounts that can be created , i need to delete these 2 account and start with a new one , i already posted a threat 1 year ago to delete these 2 account witch is here : I will be Thankful if you delete these 2 account too as these are being not used for like 1 year , also i need to say that i just have a username with i'm sure about and a password that i'm not sure about , i probably need to chat with a guy who can delete these accounts by knowing the social club account/server username .
  3. Hey there. about 1 year ago i gave my Social club account to someone , something crazy happened witch i told here about like 10 days ago i wanted to ply on this server with the social club account witch i gave it to the guy , and when i connected to the server i realized that i got PBanned because of DMing for 3 times in a month , i did not do this but for sure i was wrong to give my account to the guy , not i am asking for a Unban , if possible .
  4. so how can i do this ? i mean what im supposed to do to delete my accounts , there is nothing in panel to help me delete my accounts .
  5. hi , someone was playing with my acc on social club , he created 2 accounts with his unique username and password , and now i cant create my own account because he created 2 , i changed the pw of my steam acc then he cant log into my acc anymore , but the thing is i cant ply on this sv because i cant create new acc , so i need to delete these 2 accounts , i have the username and password of 1 of these 2 accounts , so i need you to help me delete these 2 accounts.
  6. i will be thankful if someone answer me i want to delete my accounts asap :*(
  7. also i want to say that , someone else where playing with those account for like 18 hours , and i dont want to let him ply anymore , thats why i want to delete my accounts, he said if i dont let him ply he will change the passwords , so i need help to delete my accounts and create new ones to play ( he wasn't playing on sv , just trying to pass the quiz and he failed for like 5 times ) .
  8. morning , i want to delete my accounts on this sv and i forgot the usename and pw of my first account , how can i do this , can i delete these 2 acc from my social club acc ? pls help me thank you .
  9. bloodthorn

    Need help

    hi , i need to delete my accounts (2 accounts on this sv) , how can i do this ? , i forgot the pw and username of the first account , can i remove my accounts on this server from my social club acc ? pls help me ty.
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