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First time GTARPer, but I hope to get to know y'all.

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Hello, I'm Homast, That's the name I typically go by online (even if my Social club name says otherwise, Idk it hasn't updated lmao)


Found Eclipse literally earlier this week, Applied, Got denied because I filled out the quiz while dead tired, Second app was accepted within the half hour.

So yeah, Thanks for the quick response to those responsible for Quiz oversight and I hope to get to know some of y'all better.

RP name for now btw, is Martin Haswell

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Welcome! I also started as a first time GTARPer!

This is a great community if you are willing to learn everything! My advice for a new player (I wish I had someone tell me this so I caught on quicker) is to check out the server guides thread so that you can quickly grasp onto commands, proper ways to use /me's and /do's, and much more. You can also press "F5" in-game and it will list some commands for you. The link will be connected here for the Server GuidesIf you also want to check it out, there are some cool threads in here as well, that kind of give good ideas on how to further your roleplay and how to become fluent in how things may work.

It still may take time outside of forums to learn your way around things, but if you ever need assistance in game, feel free to use the /report feature and one of our members of staff will help you out! (We also have #i_have_a_question in discord if you aren't in game or if no-one is free to respond to an in-game report).

Enjoy! (And don't be afraid to reach out!)

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