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Original Covenant Ballas

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This faction is a Server Lore Faction.

Meaning that it is initially run and set up by staff, but then handed off to community members to run and roleplay within after the initial set-up stage. It will already have Official Status upon its creation. 

As it is owned by the server when a leader leaves or is removed the faction does not disband. A new leader is appointed and the faction continues.



The Ballas are an African-American street gang that have been around since the 1970's with multiple different sets popping up around Los Santos over the years with no real origin widely known. Their activity has nearly always focused on selling drugs, weapons, and conducting other small-time crimes such as robbery, and Grand Theft Auto.

In the 1990's the Ballas rose up in Los Santos and gained control of a lot of areas as they established themselves as the biggest street gang in the state, pushing out their rivals in the process. 

This success lasted well into the 2000's for all sets of the Ballas until one by one, they started to lose power and influence. Many members died and many still reside at Bolingbroke Prison for many years to come. And by 2021, there was no Balla sets left in Los Santos.

The Original Covenant Ballas set had its downfall in 2013, when an attempt to scam some buyers by selling an ounce of cocaine for the price of a brick backfired. A shootout ensued on Grove Street that drew large LSPD attention. The majority of members died during the shootout or went to prison. Afterwards the set faded from existence and the area was open for the taking.


Now, 8 years later after completing a lengthy prison sentence, Tanisha Jones has been released from prison and returns to a completely different Los Santos than she remembers. And she aims to reclaim the area and re-establish her old set of the Ballas.



  • Find and make contact with any remaining Ballas within Los Santos
  • Re-establish the Original Covenant Ballas set and become a presence in Grove Street and Covenant Avenue
  • Establish connections and contacts to get back into the weapon and drug trade
  • Get information on other gangs in Los Santos and make connections



Head Balla

OG Balla


Young Balla




  1. MUST NOT HAVE THE ((NEW PLAYER)) TAG | New players are always welcome to hang around with us, and we will RP with you, however to join we would like you to explore the server and become familiar with its intricacies before joining a faction. You are free to find us in game and RP with us until that time comes, we always welcome new players the best we can.
  2. MUST HAVE HAD NO ADMIN PUNISHMENTS FOR 60 DAYS AND BE IN GOOD STANDING WITH THE COMMUNITY | All people joining must be admin punishment free for 60 days, the only exception being is if you're a new player who hasn't been on the server for two months. All members must be in good standing with the community, people with excessive punishments or that attract drama may be turned away.
  3. MUST HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE, BE WILLING TO LOSE AND KEEP THINGS IC AT ALL TIMES | We're an RP faction first and foremost, which includes losing fights and being arrested. If you're not able to interact with others in a situation where you're not always on top then this faction may not be for you.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You are carrying an illegal weapon and are suddenly picked up by the police and arrested. You are unsure how they knew about your gun and suspect metagaming, so instead of continuing the RP and using /report you instead resort to an OOC argument and move your attention away from RP'ing your arrest appropriately to protesting the current RP situation.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You have been attacked by another gang and feel like a rule was broken. Instead of remaining IC and using /report, you instead inform the rival faction in /b that they broke rules and you're going to get them banned.
    3. Example of what we do not want: You feel a player broke a rule and you plan on reporting them, but instead of RP'ing out the current situation, remaining in-character and then informing them via /pm once the RP is concluded that you will be reporting them you immediately enter /b with "reported" or "save POV" or "see you on the forums".
    4. Example of what we do not want: You are unhappy with losing an RP situation, but instead of remaining In-character you clearly become OOC'ly angry via voip, begin reacting in an unnatural way for your character, putting less effort into RP and using euphemisms to refer to OOC rules and rulebreaks. For example a player breaks fear-rp and instead of reacting naturally to the situation you euphemistically refer to the fear-rp rule by shouting at the player via voip that they should "value their life bro". A player offers begins to agitate you in a NCZ and you wish to fight them, but instead of finding a natural way of reaching your desired outcome you instead say "meet me accross the street", euphemistically referring to the NCZ restriction.
  4. ZERO TOLERANCE ON DRAMA AND UNNECESSARY OOC | As part of our attempt to be a RP heavy faction with a focus on remaining in-character we will not tolerate unneeded OOC usage (such as entering /b in a fight or when being arrested) or drama, if you're unable to react maturely to situations then this faction may not be for you.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You are engaged in a fight and win. One of the players you killed begins to accuse you of Deathmatching in /b, instead of remaining in-character and ignoring the misuse of /b you decide to engage in OOC hostility and taunt the player for getting 'clapped'.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You are standing at the bank and begin having a conversation with another player in /b.
  5. MUST REMAIN FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE SERVER ON A PUBLIC OOC LEVEL | This is a community faction and everybody is welcome to RP with us, we will not tolerate people slandering other factions, staff or fellow community members. We're here to give others a good time and have a good time in the process.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You are unhappy with another factions RP and instead of reaching out to that factions' leadership or faction maangement you begin to call out the faction in #general or complain openly about how you feel about the faction.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You are unhappy with another members RP and instead of looking for IC resolutions you attempt to solve the situation OOC'ly or complain to faction leadership about the IC situation.  
    3. Example of what we do not want: You are injured and a medic arrives to assist you. Instead of engaging with the medic and communicating with them you only give the bare minimum of /me's and /do's, with no voip RP so that you can be revived and move on. 
  6. DO NOT EXPECT MUCH ACTION RP AND MUST REMAIN CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS DURING ACTION RP This faction attempts to put RP first, before gunplay, which means we do not roam around looking for people to fight or rob, fights and robberies happen as a consequence of RP, they are not the subject of RP. We spend a lot of time RP'ing among ourselves and for our characters, if you're only looking to have heavy weapons and fights then this faction may not be for you. When we do get involved in action RP we expect you to remain courteous to the players we're fighting and not be disproportionately excessive with your RP.
    1. Example of what we do not want: As a member of the Ballas you use your access to heavy weaponry and manpower to drive around looking for people to fight, robbing everybody in sight.
    2. Example of what we do not want: A firefight breaks out and The Ballas wins the fight, instead of attending to the wounded and leaving before cops arrive you decide to stay and chop all of the rival factions vehicle and loot all their corpses.
    3. Example of what we do not want: You enter a drug lab and a player points a gun at you and your members, but swiftly surrenders. Instead of punishing the player appropriately, RP'ing with them and developing the situation you decide to rob the player of everything they have, shave their hair and then steal their vehicle before leaving.
    4. Example of what we do not want: A low ranking member of the Ballas is being arrested by the police, so you gather a bunch of people and orchestrate an ambush, attempting to kill all the cops involved.
  7. MUST RP AN APPROPRIATE CHARACTER AS A MEMBER OF THE BALLAS | We expect you to portray a realistic street gang character, we understand everybody's ability to act varies, however we expect your characters image, backstory and actions to reflect your gangster lifestyle. Street Gangs are a lifestyle, as such we will not allow others to join if they do not portray that they live and breathe the lifestyle of Street Gangs. We understand that building up your character can take time, so do not worry if you do not know what to do at first.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You have previously been a member of multiple other gangs, with no interest or association with street gangs or that lifestyle. The faction disbands and in an attempt to find another gang you try to join the Ballas without first building up a character arc that makes sense for you to join the Ballas.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You have joined the Ballas and looking for a new vehicle, but instead of sticking to low end lore vehicles you insist on buying a hakachou drag or high class sports vehicle and prioritise speed over rp.
    3. Example of what we do not want: You happily associate and act friendly with rival factions or police officers, who you should otherwise avoid or outright despise.
    4. Example of what we do not want: You RP a perfect character that has no flaws, failing to develop your characters arc and react to the world accordingly.  
    5. Example of what we do not want: You are more focused on the acquisition of a large amount of assets and cash. As a member of an Ballas you're not expected to be rich, and we would rather you invested your resources back into RP, rather than being concerned with acquiring expensive vehicles, houses and assets.
    6. Example of what we do not want: You treat your character as a reactive personality rather than proactive, unless you're reacting to a situation your character stands like a wood post. We expect people to put life into their characters and immerse themselves in the world, giving their characters personality traits, preferences, likes and dislikes, habits and flaws.
    7. You must be roleplaying an African-American character: This in an African-American gang and will not accept people who do not portray an African-American character. You may have an IRL accent, and that is fine. As long as your character fits the gang, IRL accents or where you are from IRL does not matter and any reference to you not being African-american will be mixing. We encourage people to attempt accents and push themselves to play a character, but it will not be required. 


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Tanisha was 22 when a shootout started on Grove Street in 2013 between the Ballas, some clients, and the LSPD. She had avoided being a casualty but was arrested and taken into custody by the LSPD.  She was charged with Attempted Murder of a Government Employee, possession of Illegal firearms, and controlled substance possession and taken to Bolingbroke Penitentiary to serve her sentence. 

8 years later she has been released to a Los Santos without any Balla sets remaining. Grove Street and Covenant Avenue are no longer filled with familiar faces. She aims to revive the Original Covenant Ballas and is searching for any surviving or released members in Los Santos from any Set to revive the Ballas and gain control back of the hood.

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Back in 2006, "Tubbs" as everyone called him, was a 16 year old boy who'd lived with his elder brother Darius for most of his life. Darius was a high ranking Balla at the time meaning Darryl didn't know much beyond Grove Street and had grown up amongst the 'family' of Ballas. At the time he was too young to participate in anything too serious by orders of his brother but was mainly one of the scouts when the rest of the Ballas conducted business. Tubbs' main role was to keep out of the way and be on the look out for rivals, or cops showing up when transactions were being made or jobs were being done and then radioing it in to the rest when he spotted something. Tubbs had never got in trouble with the law doing this but gained some good knowledge on the streets from those higher than him.


Tubbs got pretty close to one of the runners in the years he'd spent at Grove, Latoya, and as things escalated the two of them got real close and to the shock of them both, Latoya got pregnant. This was not good news for either of them as they were both 16 and definitely did not have the resources to bring up a child. 9 Months had passed and Latoya gave birth to a little lad. Latoya skipped town and left the baby with Tubbs who was not ready for this level of responsibility. Darryl could not bring a child up in Grove Street, he'd been there his whole life and knows that it's no place to raise a child so he made the decision to leave Los Santos with it and start afresh with the blessing of Darius. Darius gave Darryl his car, a trusty Buccaneer in the Balla colours to see his little bro off from the city.




15 years later Darryl gets a call from a lawyer claiming that Latoya is wanting to get in contact about seeing their child once more. Darryl was not happy about this as she chose to abandon them all that time ago and that she has no right to come back making these demands. A court case ensued and with Latoya being the mother and having a well-paid job, whilst Darryl was effectively living off scraps from his work as a garbage man, Darryl lost custody of the child even after all the work he'd put in bringing it up. 

Feeling at his lowest point Darryl returned to Los Santos to find his elder brother who he'd not heard from in about 8 years. Going back to his old home of Grove street he pulled up in the same Buccaneer he left in...but it was empty.

Grove Street was a ghost town, no sign of his brother or any of the old Ballas. Maybe it's time he followed in his brothers footsteps...


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Omar Bishop, born and raised on the streets of LS. Mother was a junkie, father nowhere in sight. From an early age, the gang life was all that Omar had known. As a child, he would watch the streets and feed all the information he would get to the Ballas. With time, they trusted him with more and more. He started running drugs and at the young age of 13, he did his first hit.


Everyone remembers their first kill, and for Omar, it is no different. Due to raising conflicts between The Ballas and The Families, violence became a daily practice. Omar was the right age and ambitious, wanting to prove himself. The OGs saw great promise in him, and entrusted him to hit the Families. Armed with nothing more than a pistol, Omar found a lone dealer from the Families, and shot him down.


Following that, Omar was a full fledged Balla. His enthusiasm never faded and he was looking to prove himself at every chance he got. He climbed up the ranks fast, and it was looking like nothing could stop him. Nothing, other than themselves.

The constant fighting, drew too much heat towards the Ballas, and they were facing an enemy they had no chance of beating. The Police. The conflict with the Families drew attention from the LSPD, which in turn, cause most members to either die or become incarcerated. Omar seeing the end of the Ballas, made the choice to get out of town and look for a new life.

Years pass and Omar receives troubling news. His only remaining relative, his auntie, who took him in and offered him guidance through his entire life, had passed away. Thoughts of Family and Home, brought back memories about his past life, the good and the bad, and Omar decided that it was time to not only come back to LS, but it was time to show once and for all, that you are a Balla For Life.

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Born in the late 1980s in Scotland, Kofi moved with his parents to LS in the mid 90's amid. They moved as they lived in a rougher more impoverished area of Scotland where the colour of their skin was not something common at all within the area. Figuring that Kofi was best brought up in an area where people were more accepting, or at the very least were the same, they bought a house on Grove Street and thus began Kofi's introduction to the Ballas.

At first he was teased for his accent but due to the brotherhood that came with the territory he quickly earned the affectionate nickname 'Scot'. Scot met many kids who had family within the Ballas and quickly began to get pulled into the set. By his late teens and early 20's he was efficiently working the corners and holding off the impending threat that the Grove Street Families posed from Forum Drive.


By '03 Scot was one of the most proficient dealers within the set and was starting to make his name heard with the higher ups. However it all changed one night when he and one of his closest companions JJ headed to the gas station to pick up some papers for a few blunts. A lone youngster from GSF was looking to make a name for himself and decided to hit the store after seeing Scot and JJ enter.



After a brief but deadly shootout resulting in the loss of both JJ and the youngster, cops turned up at the store whilst Scot was holding JJ in his arms. Knowing he had the Tec-9 still on him and that JJ had breathed his last breath, he jumped out the store into his Manana and hit the gas. Unfortunately the shell shock from the death of his friend led him to make a mistake in a corner and he ran straight into the corner of the La Vaca Loca burger joint on Macdonald Street.




After a brief foot pursuit, Scot was able to lose the cops and he hid in an underpass near Brogue. He gave the Tec a quick wipe over with his shirt and ditched it in the grass and bushes nearby. Unfortunately the cops searched the Manana and impounded it leaving Scot with no vehicle and a lot of heat on him. He made the decision to get outta town and got the first flight back to Edinburgh.


Whilst waiting for the heat to die down, he heard about the shootout in '13 and the dead brothers and sisters as well as all the one's locked up for many years he chose to stay in Scotland until their sentences were spent. Now those years have passed and Scot has taken a flight back to LS to reconnect with the old set which he considers to be his true home. He is a Balla for life.


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was briefly tp’d to grove during a bug report i put in today and saw a few of you guys just parked and chilling. was cool to see it occupied and i’m looking forward to the presence of more lore-friendly and rp-orientated gangs. i definitely think these types of factions that are closely monitored for its rp quality steer the server into the right direction. excited for the interactions in the future, gl!

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