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'Phone Alerts' / Minimap Popups

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I'd like to see a lot of redundant and reviewable information moved to a minimap popup notification ('phone alerts') and out of the chat box. This includes anything that you can view using other systems or information that can be viewed by command. These are temporary messages that pop up and show you information, but they can't be reviewed again, so these are best for messages that can be viewed further with other tools, devices or commands, like the phone, MDC or others.

d56intm.png    YUSc8Te.png    m02aOhP.png    300b4601896a9b19f52d6d1d6117307c2fc9af3b.png    img.jpg.94e49e413b02619255a90112c1ff3fc9.jpg

The following list are IC messages that are viewable elsewhere and can be viewed initially via Minimap message instead of in chat, helping to clear up the chat box (especially for some people).

Here is a script system for rage that could help make this happen https://rage.mp/files/file/34-better-notifications/. I will be writing a lot of the lines based on this.

Additional references

EXAMPLE I believe there are 3 lines of information, so we'll use this as an example.

  • IMAGE: (the square image box that shows at the top left)
  • TITLE: (that's the big text on top)
  • SUBTITLE: (that's the smaller but all cap right below the title)
    • DETAILS: That's the information right below.


Emergency Service Calls (Player can review this information with /calls or in an MDC.)

  • IMG: 'Some kind of Emergency Services Icon'
  • SUB: Call 'Call #' in 'Location'
    • DETAILS: Details of Call

Text Messages (player can review these items in their phone.)

  • IMG: 'Texter Portrait'
  • SUB: Text From 'NUMBER (or name if in contacts)'
    • DETAILS: Full Text Message

Phone Call (player should have a call history on their phone, either way right now, this is not something you can review)

  • IMG: 'Caller Portrait'
  • SUB: Call From 'NUMBER (or contact name)'
  • Ctrl+X Selection (helps you see what you've selected)
    • IMG: NONE
      • DETAILS: What action are you taking?

/stats (shows you your own details)

  • IMG: 'Player Portrait'
  • TITLE: 'Your Name' (('player ID ##'))
  • SUB: 'Job' | (('Experience'))
    • DETAILS:
      • Bank: $'####'
      • Debt: $'####' 
      • Salary: $'####'
      • Wallet: $'####'
      • Houses: '##'/'##'
      • Vehicles: '##'/'##'

/showlicense (shows yourself and others ID.

  • IMG: an ID Icon or 'Player Portrait'
  • TITLE: 'Full Name'
  • SUB: Licenses
    • Driver: 'Status'
    • Trucker: 'Status'
    • Medical: 'Status'
    • Weapons: 'Status'
    • Firearms: 'Stats' | 'Comments'

/frisk (a notification would be nice, but this would need to be in chat as well, or a simplified version)

  • IMG: an ID Icon or 'Player Portrait'
  • TITLE: 'Full Name'
  • SUB: Licenses & Items
    • Driver: 'Status'
    • Trucker: 'Status'
    • Medical: 'Status'
    • Weapons: 'Status'
    • Firearms: 'Stats' | 'Comments'
    • Wallet: $'####'
    • Equipped: 'Listed Equipped Items'

/vehiclestats (shows information about your vehicles.)

  • IMG: NONE (or a car)
  • TITLE: DMV / Insurance
  • SUB: Recorded Vehicles
    • 'Vehicle Name' ['PLATE'] - 'Location'
    • 'Vehicle Name' ['PLATE'] - 'Location'
    • 'Vehicle Name' ['PLATE'] - 'Location'
    • 'Vehicle Name' ['PLATE'] - 'Location'

Right Click - Examine Item / Weapon (will require changing a lot of items to 'examine' to get information)

  • IMG: Some kind of 'gear' icon.
  • TITLE: 'Item Name'
  • SUB: 'Item Status / Full/Empty', 'Serial Number' or  'Radio Frequency'
    • 'Attached Weapon Modifications' (if a weapon)
    • else NONE

/analysewounds /mywounds (shows health information)

  • IMG: Some kind of Body Screen or 'Player Portrait'
  • TITLE: 'Name/ID' is 'Bleeding Out' / 'Deceased' / 'Stabilized' (if deceased, bracket ((Name/ID)) for /ldo opportunities.)
  • SUB: Injury Analysis
    • Body Part - Injury Type - How long Ago
    • Body Part - Injury Type - How long Ago
    • Body Part - Injury Type - How long Ago
    • Body Part - Injury Type - How long Ago

Weazel News Ads (This would be in addition and hopes for a Weazel Ap you can review the thread of ads for reference.)

  • IMG: Weazel News
  • TITLE: Weazel News Network
  • SUB: Advertisement
  • CONTENT: 'Advertisement'

Taxi App (Only a refinement, moving the acceptance notification to a popup, instead of text box.)

  • IMG: DCC
  • TITLE: Downtown Cab Co.
  • SUB: Request Accepted
  • CONTENT: Your driver is [DISTANCE] and in route to your location.

Jailing (Mostly for law enforcement (law gets a TON of info in their chat box...)

  • IMG: Jail Bars
  • TITLE: Incarceration 
  • SUB: Processed by <NAME>
  • CONTENT: <NAME> has been incarcerated ((for <MIN> minutes)).

MDC/Vehicle Selection (When scanned with an MDC or Ctrl+X>rightclick a Vehicle.)

  • IMG: Car
  • TITLE: Vehicle Model
  • SUB: License Plate

Maintenance Complete (When you pay for your mechanic work.)

  • IMG: Car
  • TITLE: Mechanic Services
  • SUB: Maintenance Complete
  • CONTENT: Your vehicle maintenance has been completed and have been charged [Amount]. Your vehicle will be returned shortly.

Product Delivery (A package is delivered to your property or supplies are delivered to your store.)

  • IMG: Truck
  • TITLE: Delivery Complete
  • CONTENT: You have received a delivery at [NAME/ADDRESS]
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+1 the idea is amazing. Before also the message we use to get in phone use to show in INFO in chat box but now after new phone update it is also gone.

Ask them to make APP for weazel news so that we can go through the news all the time. Instead of wasting money on weazel newspaper which is i think total waste.

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