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  1. +1, the suggestion would be better if players can do multiple select using shift + click and can drag multiple items together. Talking about inventory bug, click anywhere outside that inventory box will fix your bug, it is due to desync + response time.
  2. The reason I made this topic so organized because it has to start with small steps. This is a big change, it cannot happen in one night. Small steps every day will lead to make it totally happen. Restaurant must be legal faction too so that owner can give door access, uniform, invite, kick from faction, like LSC and other factions. Though Manager (player) will be nice too but then restaurant business has to be too big to pay them, and have lots of customer too, then player with more money can open restaurant and manage it. So some scripted support will be needed for poor player who w
  3. Along with this feature we can add other features in phone too. All new things are added in below suggestion. Go check out, comment, react, vote and share. Thank you!!
  4. Thank you everyone!! For supporting this suggestion. I have put another suggestion!! Go check out my new phone suggestion. Comment, React, Vote and Share. Thank you!!
  5. There are lot of changes required for phone, sometimes it gets really haptic to call emergency as you need to toggle your phone off using mouse and then pressing T to open chat and then enter command. It will be lot easier to just add phone toggle button. Like: - pressing 'P' phone pop-up/recede in screen - pressing 'O' talk over phone. - pressing 'T' working even phone is popped up over screen Along with this there are many more things that can be change in Phone. Those are: Messaging: There are group/gangs/faction in game. They contact over radio in group. But there are s
  6. +1 we can make cheese, butter, milk, etc. From this farms.
  7. Support this one it is much cooler. +1 for your idea too. But this one here is amazing.
  8. +1 the idea is amazing. Before also the message we use to get in phone use to show in INFO in chat box but now after new phone update it is also gone. Ask them to make APP for weazel news so that we can go through the news all the time. Instead of wasting money on weazel newspaper which is i think total waste.
  9. Husband: I told my boss my wife cooks delicious meal and he is coming home with me, so prepare something delicious for him Wife: Okay! I hope you get promotion Husband: Yes if we get promotion we will book a whole restaurant and give treat to all our friends and colleagues.
  10. Exactly! why drugs have all the fun? More of legal things will be there, drugs like cocaine, weed and meth are also there in GTA Online, though in ECRP it is in better way than GTA Online. And there are very less legal things or scripted jobs in ECRP. If fitness will come then Arm Wrestling, Fighting, Cycling, Jogging, Gym, Body building will also come along, more ways to earn money, that means more and more RP for all Civilian, Legal Faction and Illegal Faction. Police must have certain fitness level to join can be also added in requirement. Will make more fitness suggestions and ma
  11. +1 Fitness will boost with this topic too, go through it. Every meal containing different level of calories and different level of energy. If player just keep on eating high calorie meal then they will gain weight and will be less fit. High energy food will give more energy for workout and will also decrease energy level. There should be energy level too along with water and food or replace food with energy .
  12. I didn't know where to post this, in civilian or in jobs subforums. As it contains both job offers, and civilian RP. It is also a business suggestion too. If someone is opening a bar or restaurant then there will be lot of stuff in those places rather than just dancing. As one can buy Food and Drinks from stores directly. I didn't want admins to think I'm spamming by posting it multiple times in subforums or posting things in wrong forums. SoI posted it here rather posting it in any subforums. I hope the topic isn't removed thinking it was posted in wrong place.
  13. +1 true. There is nothing that will make the table red hot. Like if any appliances is not being used it cools down like car engine, light bulbs so why not drug tables as per real life thing.
  14. I have made a topic after seeing this topic. I did lot of research and lot of brainstorm to make the idea as simple and flawless as possible. Please Go through it, react, vote, comment if anything more is needed. If you really want admins to go through it and act on it. i will come with more civilian jobs in future and write topics on them too. Thank you!
  15. Go check my topic too. If you think any more things are required comment. And do react. Thank you!
  16. +1 i agree, since cars get despawn so after every 2hours there are spaces in NCZ, to park other players' cars which make lot of cars parked in small NCZ area which is unrealistic. If they find area is already full of cars they will park somewhere else. It will also fix issue like: when people are online together most car spawn in NCZ, above each other or flip the cars which spawned earlier or as they spawn and crash make the parking look bad. 6 hours is also too much we can agree on 4 hours or 5 hours.
  17. Please go have a look on this too. I have done lot of research and brainstorm to write this topic. I think you guys can help making suggestions on this in comments. Thank you!
  18. go checkout this and once this update is here we can make more improvement with bars and all.
  19. -1 Make it per irl week, per hour is pretty too much. Better I will drive faggio or get a cab or make 4 or 6 friends drive one car.
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