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Marijuana Update (Updated Dec 5th 2020)

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  • I think it would make more sense for the plant pot to be purchased at Humane since that's where you buy other drug materials from.
  • Rather then just cool visual effects it could benefit your characters health by making it go from the 80% to 100 over time after smoking with the counter effect of hunger and thirst bars going down quicker then usual or dropping instantly after finishing a blunt since a common symptom of smoking weed is "munchies & dry mouth". This would stop the constant harassment medics go through on a day to day basis for "painkillers" which most of the time don't make sense for the injury.  


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I like the suggestion. But i'd like to extend onto it if I may.

  • Add the option to tear up a note, a parking pay, weazel newspaper or any kind of paper to use as rolling paper.
  • Add the option to strip a grown marijuana plant, which will give you a small of cannabis in your inventory.
  • Add /rollblunt if you have rolling paper and cannabis in your inventory to make a blunt.
  • The blunt would be similar the food/drink items, where you'd have like 4-5 uses before it becomes nothing anymore.
  • In your inventory, it would be referred to as a blunt with 4-5 uses left. It would be a half smoked blunt at 2-3 and at 1 use, it would be a roach.
  • Add /passblunt [id] to ask another player if they want your blunt.
  • Smoking it would increase your health a little more than it would decrease your hunger.

In terms of legality,

  • Possession would be legal with a license for it up to a certain amount.
  • Possession without a license would be a fine, as long as it's under a certain amount.
  • Possession without a license and over a certain amount would be a misdemeanor.
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+1, high quality post with lots of effort put forth.

I especially like this idea:

On 5/29/2020 at 1:57 AM, Purmineli said:

For Civilians it could promote the ability to open legal marijuana dispensaries with the proper licenses from the Government.
(create a cool visual effect for it so it has more uses than just producing drugs, heals from 80-100% health makes food and water go down faster while effects are happening)

please for the love of god make drugs worth while besides selling them.

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+1 I believe the first step in this would be to handle this ICly (Ex. Protests) and go for marijuana legalization/decriminalization. Then, the game mechanics may change In order to flow better with the changes IC. It may also help with getting this prioritized. 


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