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  1. https://youtu.be/3hFzEyRBFso heres my pov it shows them ramming a few times before we change from shooting to stall to shooting to injure.
  2. gotcha, sorry i'm not looking to get another vehicle just the cash
  3. 20k? lowest i go would be 50k
  4. phone number: 4544815 60k
  5. The Fruit Stands End With local law enforcement continuing their harassment of the Los Santos 247 and The one and only fruit stand open in all of Los Santos this would eventually cause the closing of the fruit stand. With out the fruit stand Wolfgang would find himself wondering how he would continue to make cash with out the passive income of the stand. it took a few days of thinking but eventually Wolf would gather up the last bit of cash he had from the stand and go speak to a close friend. With little more than a brief case full of cash and hope for financial stability wolf would go to see Jay Gamble who would then give wolf a bit of psychedelic gold. Jay had offered wolf enough mushrooms to double if not triple his initial buy after hearing this it wouldn't take long for the deal to be set up. From Rags to Riches Wolfgang knew one thing and this was how to market a product. within a week Wolf would begin pedaling out the mushrooms like they were candy, Wolf had started out with fair amount but wolf knew he could move more weight and also wanted respect from his peers. again Wolfgang would go to Jay this time not with just a brief case but a van and a whole duffel bag full of 100 dollar bills. Jay would tell wolf if he was able to get rid of all of this that he would have be able to bring him in pounds at a time. Money Time With a van full of mushrooms Wolfgang was ready to start opening up Los Santos' third eye. but he would also be informed by jay that the shrooms he had bought would be the last for some time. knowing this Wolfgang upped his prices and began searching for ways to make sure he would always have his fix for mushrooms. it would be weeks before a single bit of information would come in about the where abouts of the cartel bringing the mushrooms into Los Santos. The information that came in after the wait wasn't anything special. Out of nowhere Wolfgang would remember his old gang the Vikings and how they had a laptop inside of their warehouse to order the drugs and guns. Wolf knew he need this laptop so he would go ask his close friend Thrax to help him break into the warehouse and steal the laptop. After days of trying to get the laptop to work it finally turned on. Wolfgang knew that if he wanted to reach out to the cartel he needed someone they knew, there was only one person he was for sure about Jay. Jay and wolf would use the laptop to reach out the cartel, after days of negotiating Jay and wolf had the deal set the price set and the location set. The deal would go down at LSIA with out a single problem now all that is left is to repeat the process
  6. Report dealt through other means
  7. (1/2) Maxed Gargoyle (1/2) Maxed BF400 Contact number: 4544815
  8. sounds good to me feel free to use my number listed in the ad
  9. if you make it 700k its a deal they go for 780k stock so i feel as though thats more than fair
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