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Gun stores should sell ammo and more weapons

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My (3) suggestions are designed to improve the gun store experience for customers and business owners. 

1) Let gun stores sell more melee weapons

-This is my most modest suggestion

-Right now gun stores don't sell knives, but general stores do. But gun stores do sell golf clubs! This seems weird to me. Why not let gun stores sell all the melee weapons?

2) Let gun stores sell ammunition direct to consumer

-Gun stores can't sell ammo direct to the customer. I think customers with a firearms license should be able to make ammo purchases for their gun, instead of buying a new legal gun every time they run out of ammo. 

3) Let gun stores buyback weapons. 

-Why shouldn't customers be able to sell their legal used firearms back to the store? Well, Certainly lots of ways for criminals to try to take advantage of this, so regulations would need to be strict. 

-This third suggestion is mostly about enhancing customer experience with stores, so they don't simply buy and leave (at least they can rob general stores!). I want civilians to have more things to do at gun stores. Understandably, this would be difficult to implement effectively. 

I've only been on the server for 3 months, but in that time we've seen tons of cool developments in terms of civilian RP and diverse interactions at businesses - hoping gun stores get a fresh coat of metaphorical paint in a coming wave of development. 







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A big +1 from me. It's realistic that customer can buy not just guns but also seperate ammo at stores. Maybe it could be implemented that just ammo could be bought a bit cheaper than a whole gun and ammo could also be imported a bit cheaper than a gun plus ammo. Either way; great suggestion!

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+1 It’d be great to simply buy ammo as long as you have the Firearms License, also instead having to strip ammo from pistols and then having a useless pistol. Plus the sellback function could sell the pistol back with no ammo for a reduced price which we all would appreciate.

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