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Los Zetas

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I like it! personally idea of a gang, who is going against cops are nice! It is unique and people in it are very good role players. Keep doing what you are doing, keep improving guys and we will have some business to do together!

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Out of all of the gangs that I have been apart of or seen on this server this is by far one of the best. For one most big gangs tend to just go around in a big packs and rob every person they see. On top of that they tend to also have little to no roleplay in any of their gang activities. Los Zetas has good rp, little to no rule breaking weather its to get revenge on people or to benefit themselves which many gangs have done in the past. Although Los Zetas may be classified as a gang its more of a family they will help each other out with whatever you can think. Los Zetas has provided me personally the best time I've had with a gang on this server by far with rp and just straight up fun.

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