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    Fail RP Robbery

    Me and Gunny were out doing a tow truck call for a flat tire for a guy by the name of Paul Ghost. We arrived and then got out of the truck after locking it. I stayed by the truck as gunny had told me to do and Paul Ghost screamed Walmart for god only knows why. And his buddy came out from behind the house nearby the car. I saw him in a mask and Paul also put on a mask at that point so Gunny drew his weapon to tell them to put their hands up. They instantly started shooting at both of us and I had not even drawn my pistol yet. At that point I drew my gun and downed Paul Ghost but got injured by the other guy who then took all my stuff off my body I had a Heavy Pistol a radio and he took my phone battery. I did /friskaccept to allow him to do so seeing as I cant pause the RP that was going on. The video cuts out right before I did /friskaccept for some reason my Shadow play failed to get the last 5 minutes of the encounter before my game crashed. But he looted my body before I was able to do /friskaccept. Their IDS were 55 and 39, ID 39 was the first to have his weapon out. He had it out before he ran out from behind the house from my view. They failed to initiate any RP or say anything at all. ID 39 ALSO was the first one to shoot. I did not pull my weapon out till after they started firing. Video of incident:
  2. ABroHam

    Casino & Race track

    That would be amazing +1