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  2. One of the things ive noticed while playing on ECRP is the amount of cars that are supported by Rage MP that are not added into the server. Why not make it when someone achieves the Donator rank that they are able to import 1 vehicle that is not for sale to the public, they would still need to pay in game cash for these vehilces and supers would be excluded from this obviously. Also for VIP members have a separate list of cars they can import from a VIP dealership that would take Credits to import. This would diversify the cars a little bit more in my opinion and make more cars available that could be used in RP as well as every day use. I feel that if we made the general stores and gun stores be discounted for VIP that would be a HUGE advantage they would have over normal players. I also like the idea of Donator only clothes or weapon skins. Free parking in the parking lot would be a wonderful thing but still 500$ for lifetime parking is really cheap as it is. Thank you for letting us have an opinion on this and keep up the great work!!
  3. Account name: ABroHaam Character name(s): Barry Windsor (the character that was banned), James Carwyn, Desmond Black. Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature / Boxxy <- the one that shows on the pannel. Date of punishment: 01/21/2019 Punishment received: Ban 48 Hours Reason given for punishment: DM #1 - KoS without valid reason (FR - Ballin) I explain my side of what happened in this report. I logged into the server was asked to come to Grove street well known stomping grounds of the Grove gang that wears green primarily. I show up and am told to watch the roof tops, one of the opposing gang members opens fire and hits one of my gang members many times with a pistol. I unload and eventually kill him less than 3 minutes later when he pops up behind us. Staying on over watch for a few more minutes being that one of my gang members was just shot I then see another member of the green gang beneath me on the ground, I instantly aim my rifle at him and wait to confirm if he is a threat, the second that I see a pistol drawn I unload and injure him. I had valid reason to kill as his gang was in an active RP that included one of my gang members being shot right in front of me. Green gang fires at us we fire back. As you can see here this is my perspective: In this video you will see me getting the radio call going to the location witnessing my member being shot and retaliating. You will then see me go on over watch. This first video above shows that I have every right to think that the green gang is a threat to my life as well as every other vice member at the time. per rule: 7.4.3 KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; • There is an attempt to steal your valuables, or those of your group, if the value of theft is not less than $75.000 (this point excludes vehicles); Bullet point 2 my friend or ally is threatened by being shot many times and I witnessed it happen by a member of the grove gang. This 2nd video shows the 2nd member of the green gang being very close to myself and my friends and having a gun drawn only a few minutes after the previous shooting Both videos one ends the other picks up not more than 1 second later no gap: Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because in my perspective with that RP I was wrongfully banned for Death matching as I had probable cause to KOS people from the green gang from them shooting at and hitting my members. Post any evidence or further details: All evidence and reasoning behind it is posted above, Had I been asked for it I would have provided this on the previous report from December 23rd 2018:
  4. ABroHam

    Mask 7116_9029

    https://gyazo.com/7320da48ddc8c7dfe0ca0994eb16cfb5 Here is my screenshot showing the guy on the ground that we had been RPing with for a while. As you can see in the right side of the photo the warrener just over that stone wall that Abdullah Muhammed used to 3rd person peek over that is where he is injured on the ground.
  5. ABroHam

    Mask 7116_9029

    Also I want to know why he instantly drew his pistol and ran to look exactly where his buddy was down at? How did he know right where he was at? Especially with nothing being typed in chat to indicate the location of where his friend was.
  6. ABroHam

    Mask 7116_9029

    I am the one that shot him, as I explained to him in OOC chat after that recording I was called on radio by my crew to come and give assistance as guys in green were on rooftops shooting at them. I rolled up and took out one of the guys prior to this man logging in. It was an active RP we had one of the guys down on the ground that we were RPing with. Abdullah Muhammad logged in and as you can see in the video took his pistol out he is wearing the exact same outfit of the man we were RPing with that was on the ground. As I was on over watch and it was an active shootout with a group that wears green and specifically these outfits I aimed at him confirmed he had his gun in hand and shot him. I will go back and grab the screenshots I have of the situation if need be for proof he was wearing the same clothes as the man we had on the ground.
  7. +1 on this comment Orange radio in the chat would be nice!
  8. Already sold sorry just forgot to change it.
  9. All Government jobs require the members to stay clean, they all have limitations on breaking the law. I am the owner of Los Santos Customs if one of my members breaks the law for example robbing someone, and it is caught on camera and reported to us they are fired. MD, PD, DCC, Weazel are all the exact same way, if they are caught they are fired depending on the charge. At LSC if someone is charged with brandishing a firearm which seems to be a normal thing now cause we use them to defend LSC and the cops arrest us pretty much no matter what that is looked over simply cause I know they are defending people and property at LSC. Even if the gangs banded together and said don't rob postal trucks there are many solo criminals that have small groups that have no reason to not rob you it would be a never ending thing they are criminals so they are going to rob you. I do agree however if there were more things for criminals to do that would draw their attention away from robing people that just simply are not provoking the rob it would be good and the development/staff team is working on things on a daily basis to improve such RP.
  10. Huge Huge Huge +1 I have been saying these exact things ever since the first time I went to jail on my criminal. So many people abuse the system by breaking every law possible while online, kill 50 people rob every one of them murder and torture cops the works then at the end of the day just walk into PD with no money nothing on their person and go to jail and then pass out for the night. Come back the next day and do it over again, there is almost 0 repercussions most the time for people like this. So adding in longer times with things to do would be amazing!
  11. ABroHam


    James Carwyn, 5966484, $500,000 figured is start out the bid per your rules stated above.
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