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  1. Hello id 79 here. For metagaming : i used the radio when i was in my house and told my boys that someone is stealing my car : proof here http://prntscr.com/n3to6u with times tamp too and i think it took 10 min or less cuz they were in paleto - first line typed by danny . And for the fear roleplay : these doors are 2 types : 1 its /accessdoorType 0 - only the owner can unlock it . and /accessdoorType 1 - who is provided with a codelock . I am so sorry cuz i didn't provide video when i roleplay putting the " code lock" on the door , but if you typed /accessdoor you would see that there is a code . I did not realize that putting a door down with type 1 ( witch is code lock) would need a proof of role play video or photo and i didn't kept the video for long , first thing i am doin when i will go online is recording when i install a code lock "role play" . That's my bad and i don't have proof for that , like i said , but i think i am reported for something else, why i didn't gave you the code , and if you see , i role play it and i told you that i cant think when i am under point gun " about to shittin myself" so was kinda a role play , but in the end i comply to demands and i was about to go in and roleplay trying some codes , in the end i would put the correct one , like you can see in the video when i "disappear " and i waited there like 4-5 minutes for you guys to join me but you left .
  2. 1 guy killed with car and the second guy maybe you shoot or maybe still shot with your truck. From now on ill wait for a staff member. You didn't prove me i'm wrong. Peace
  3. Its so funny , we were 5 at all ID 59, ID 26, ID 102, ID 18 and ID 88, 2 of them were killed by the v12 , thats ok , no VDM just "luck" to hit 2 guys in one ram. i got killed but not by you and i think you were fight just with ID 102 and you needed help , cuz i saw your friends ran to you . Haha , Rambo please chill your aks maybe you will kill the whole server with one bullet . If i ask for video where you shot 3 guys , can i have it? or you deletin all the video after 2 min? Your pistol shots 1. 1:26 car kill 2. And the others guy you clapped maybe anther day , cuz from 1:27-28 you left the scene and fight with 102. Dont shoot too many bullets , they are kinda expensive , even for you , the richest person in the server . You really made my day . Thanks "boy"
  4. I think i'm not the one who is crying . I'll keep my accusations up and we will see what a staff member think about my "cry" , and with that argument when you said " we changed seats " and you are still the guy who was driving the van , i think we both know who is crying right now . I don't need my empty pistol back and the radio. I want to get rid of the "rule breakers" who cry and accuse other of doing that. I literally don't win anything just get rid of "rule breakers " . So i'm still waiting for a review from someone who can settle this , cuz you are lost right now, tried the " change seat" line , didn't work , now " he was already in the van" but we can see that you tried to him me" the person" not the van , but when you saw that i am kinda in van ( the animation was near done) you preferred to hit the van instead , that didn't work ( for me) too, now you don't know what to say and just " jeez don't cry ... 5v3 clapped axax" i admire you , cuz you didn't say "easy ,ez" . When you fight with guns and the others(you) use the vehicles to win the fight i know , easy clap . Keep calm , don't start to cry and we will see the conviction from a staff member . Peace !
  5. Oh , how blind i am , and you relogged fast just to have the same id .. Yea jeez 1:08 - id 87 http://prntscr.com/n2j6ci 1:20 - id 87 http://prntscr.com/n2j6kt How can i be so blind tho ?
  6. Yes ! Prove me I'm wrong . Please.
  7. In my video , like you said , first time you try to ram me 1:08 , fail and hit the van , 1:20- second time came to ram me cuz i was outside the van. You tried to ram the same person 2 times. And i think thats Vehicle DeathMatch. Hope to see a review from a staff member. Have a nice day!
  8. let see what Staff would say ! Peace
  9. id 59 here : my Point of view : He rammed me like 3-4 time then he came back to ram another people .
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