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  1. ID:106 , my bad i forgot to mention , the shotgun guy
  2. 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. In my opinion what have you done is non-roleplay , because if you were in the same scenario in real life , i am sure you will go backwards where was our guys , and when we shoot at you you start running like Usain Bolt . So dont tell me about non roleplay in here and if you would like to answer me , where is roleplay to rob a cop? In the PD? And if you look close in your video you can see ID 57 near your windshield , so he was near bank when he shoot ,and non roleplay , like i said , its done by you 🙂 i can provide video with real cops get shot from close range anywhere , if you told me about non-roleplay . Have a good day/night!
  3. In this video supplied by Jay Bacon at 00:37 Rycka White (ID 57) approaches the car with gun drawn and you can see the ID above his head turn green showing that he is attempting to speak using his mic, this was in plain sight of Jay Bacon and he at that moment knew that he could not hear him. In this video also you can clearly hear nothing come from Rycka as the server has voice bugs from time to time. Had Jay Bacon made an attempt to type in /ooc to say he couldn't hear us we would of NOT shot at him and continued the RP by typing. But his clear attempt to escape going against the demands we were saying over voice led us to shoot. Now we are full aware that the server has VOIP Issues but we always attempt to use VOIP first as it is easier than putting your pistol down to type once we are told that we are not heard by the person we are RPing with we then resort to typing. As I stated before had he told us he could't hear us we would of NOT shot at him and he would not of been injured
  4. KeedoW

    ID 93 ; ID 106 (Utilise water to escape from RP situation)

    On the first video Henry was talking , and i don't think he said something like " Hello guys wanna buy some candies?" no, he said "stop" or "hands up" . I know a lot of players who keep they loot on the other server and they swim to deposit the drugs . Don't be silly . Be realistic , come with some real things not that , please. And if you look closer , someone already talked when we were in cars, so maybe he was selling candies too.