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  1. SezzeseParola

    Deathmatch 7.2.1 , 7.2.3 - Player ID 3 & 21

    It's sad how you "used" the VICE facts in your very accurate, descriptive, response. Very convenient might add. But nah, i don't plan on staying anymore on server, or comunity, for what matters. I've seen to it myself. Cheers, and have fun 😛
  2. SezzeseParola

    Deathmatch 7.2.1 , 7.2.3 - Player ID 3 & 21

    Well, i guess someone gotta' pay the repercussions. DM is a serious violation, and considering i already have 3 NoRP punishment, it looks grim for me. Silver lining? I lol'd at 3:21. Cheers.
  3. SezzeseParola

    ID's 93/73/12. NON-RP/DM

    And you didn't stop, pointing a gun at you dosen't make you fear for your life? You, my man, are a poor baiter. EDIT: Plus, threatening my friends life, and ME withnessing it, it's a reason to give me KoS.
  4. SezzeseParola

    ID's 93/73/12. NON-RP/DM

    Ok, you clearly don't understand the concent of KOS. Since me, ID 93, started shooting at you for not complaining my demands to STOP the car and get out, giving me KOS approval, i clearly opened fire upon you. Second video, why didn't you post the video from where you rammed me on the highway. PLUS, chased me down to norther lab till back? I still had KOS on you from the scene of the cheburek, where you CLEARLY didn't comply to my demand. Third video- I don't see any rules breached. Waiting for admins response.
  5. SezzeseParola

    the worst case of desync ive ever seen on rageMP

    "3 suspects down" Big, low toned, oof.
  6. SezzeseParola

    Sombra Negra[Recrution]

  7. SezzeseParola

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    Big -1. Grinding is already at an all time high.
  8. SezzeseParola

    ID 48 NonRP

    Post the full video where you show the full thing nah? Whre you took my silenced .50 plus weed and shit. Nah, that could get ya' in trouble does it?
  9. SezzeseParola

    ID 48 NonRP

    Ok fam, in my eyes, the car was not there when you got in it. I locked while it was close to me, you got inside it. You could have just drove off. At least park it more closely to me so i can unlock it. But still, how the fuck do you check a person's body without /me looks the gal over for the valuables. Isn't that powergame at it's finest? Still, i stand by my statements.
  10. SezzeseParola

    Adding Farmsteads to No Crime Zone

    If funny how you get robbed every 40/50 minutes, hope this thing will die down at some point.
  11. SezzeseParola

    Prostitution Circle (aka. Brothel)

    As a matter of fact, seeing that there is a somewhat sizeable request for some "adult form of roleplay", I looked intesively for some rule that specify that in this server its not allowed to run a brothel. I found none. Meaning that, if i wanted to, i could be able to build up my own circle and eventually spring up the business. Any staff members opposing this?
  12. SezzeseParola


    Need a well mannered, good looking and educated woman to spice up an event? Or maybe you must attend a party and you need the company of a "professional interntainer"? This and many other sidejobs where a young, polite woman is needed. My name is Emilia Zanchetti, and if you are looking to hire an escort, you have just found the best one. For any requests, feel free to contact me #2902026
  13. SezzeseParola


    I give credits where credits due, and by that i reffer to the Quiz. The quiz per se is not a problem, not at all, in fact it's pretty good. The general issue that i have is with the waiting time for the reviewing process. But still, thanks.
  14. SezzeseParola


    So... now i see (after reading posts regarding the waiting times issue) that the average riviewing process of the registration font ranges from 5 to 10, 24 hours at worst. That's underwhelming to say the least, in my opinion. But still, fingers crossed..
  15. SezzeseParola


    Hello, Im Sara. I;ve got 21 yrs old and I consider myself as an experienced roleplayer. Im from Italy, a small mountain village more precisely. I previously played on SA;MP sinking many years of my life in it. Im not a Native english speaker, but im trying my best to make myself clear. Glad to meet y;all, see you IG soon. IG name; Emilia Zanchetti EDIT> Still awaiting approval 😞