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  1. Hmm. Perma-banned. By @Flucifial For reasons know only to him Just admit ya'll butthurt because of this thread. Also, who the fuck gives admin to a retarded 16 year old child, with autistic disorders? God damn you, faggot, You could have waited for proof of the so called DM from another perspective. Fuck you and that whore who brought you on this planet. God damn problematic child. Learn to do your duties, fucking faggot. Bye ECRP.
  2. So, as a simple user i feel a question arises: When i first got my DM offence #1 why wasn't i given a "verbal guidance" .cit BallinByNature. I mean, Serthon gets his DM report accepted and archived with no punishment in place. Someone that should lead by example, get only a "training" and some "verbal guidance". I had my record clean too, why didn't i get the same treatment? Just admit that playing favorites it's every man's best game. Am i disrupting operations in making some genuine remarks to how punishment works? I got nothing on Serthon, if not only positive things to say, but this has taken be really hard. Hope i won't get "warned" and the thread deleted for bringing up something that involves all the people getting punished for DM. And i know already this will go on deaf ears, but increasing awarness of this kind of things must be done. This is the report in question:
  3. You should get another chance, fingers crossed. Hope to see you soon. Now give me my 50k, as agreed upon, for the positive feedback and comment.
  4. -1 I'm in italy. That means >400 ping for me. No thanks.
  5. +1 for the cooldown but it should be a bit longer (1 hour, 2 at most), i would also suggest for the /frisk command to have a cooldown. I explain: From my experience, seeing that as soon as i got on the server (26-12-2018), i started roleplaying with a criminal char (that I still use) and only that. From what i managed to gather, people usually go on robbery streaks just for the guns. As such, implementing a /frisk cooldown "could" deter people from using it and going on robberies streaks. But, that has a loophole: Just Roleplay with /do My hands would go thru all your pockets, on every inch of your body. What would she be able to find? That also could leave the door open for many false /do's. Still. -1 For the HE and LE being categorized under NCZ. Why? For the simple fact that yes, IRL a place like that would have at the very least some CCTV protection. But in this case, it will inevitably become another parking spot, which in my opinion, destroys immersion. Yet rules can be also implemented for the parking of vehicles in it, but i see it hard for many players to respect said rule.
  6. I know what you mean, and i see where you're coming from. Just play it thru, and most of all, respond with something more vulgar than them and push your dominatrix posture over the poor betas (Mind ya'll not ZETAS xD) that smh believe calling "bitch" is edgy or "toughish". But yeah, as the above said: Try, and start, to differentiate between your char (IC) and yourself (OOC). Had the same problem with it, getting OOC salty for IC insults xD.
  7. Hey there! Welcome. Have fun here. Remember to read the rules, and most of all, understand them.. Just a friendly advice, seeing that not every RP server has the same rules.
  8. @nateX Are you 100% sure that you really want to choose the path of the slave? If so, i'll hit you up as soon as i come back from the eastern gulags. Deportations sucks. Remember, your life will be commited to my wishes and whims. You must forget your old life and dedicate yourself fully to my cause and pledge allegiance to my name. Satisfy every single need i have, and you will be rewarded for your loyalty.
  9. 2:10 be like What the actual fuck is that thing?
  10. This looks Promising. Legit love the policy of not hurting civvies. I respect, admire and look up to the ones that are not willing to hurt civvies. Wish ya'll good luck with this hard, and ardous endevour.
  11. Congrats, wish ya'll the best in life. "For jokes" That gave me stage 3 brain cancer. Metasthasis spreading thruout my body.
  12. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BRO EDIT: Give sauce of outro music, or you not cool.
  13. ((You reached this "forum" using a VPN, as such, every info disclosed in here can't be used against anonymouses)) Hello there, travellers. My name has little importance in this context, as such, i would also request that any of the people that will respond on this site to not disclose any personal information other than the own phone number. Having said that, i can introduce you all to the latest Exclusive form of entertainment: Battle Royale. It will consist of 10 participants, the place in which the event's taking place will be disclosed to all the partecipants at the opportune time. Each partecipant will be given a melee weapon of their choise. The end goal is to finish off every other partecipant, securing her or his place as the sole survivor. The partecipants will also have to pay a 10k entry fee. The winner will also be rewarded with 150k. Lastly, the partecipants agree to put their lives in danger by subscribing to this event. There are no rules, every drop of blood is expected and, there will not be any doctors.
  14. No need for calling ME names, you wicked slut. Fuck off. Die in a pond. Expire in peace.
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