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  1. We dont even have a tow system e have to charge them for repairs wish costs double for customer due to parts and labor.
  2. -1 call a mechanic as we have tow trucks it steals what little profit we make now due to new system..
  3. Hello, Due to the changes its unfair mechanics have to chip there money to go buy gas cans and fill them up to refuel vehicles who call us. I would like to see gas included in our uniforms so we don't have to buy it..
  4. Hello, I believe we should look into a better system, the new system prevents anyone from making money. It requires owners to pay employees but keep in mind this is a game. They can't spend hours upon hours in game paying people. I like the idea of reducing salary due to camping but we need to figure out a different system.
  5. Account name: Tourelle4u#0466 Character name(s): Leon Knight Admin who issued punishment: Unknown Date of punishment: 3/1/2019 Punishment received: Banned From Discord Reason given for punishment: Not sure, everyone was talking about the new update and I was kicked for stating I dislike the new update. No rudeness or anything. I believe it was a misclick because someone was spamming lewis above me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Kicked For No Reason From Discord Post any evidence or further details:
  6. That's a real dick question... Why would you even ask or state that..
  7. Baby #2 on the way!!! It's a boy found out today 🙂 Due June 4th 2019 🙂
  8. Hello, I was doing some thinking, and would love to see a new faction DMV instead of the regular in-game bot DMV. The faction would be authorized to suspend licenses, issues licenses, tests, etc and charge a fee to do so. I believe that it would increase more role-play and better fun for doing DMV. Having a real player conduct the test and grade you based on your driving. It would be fun to RP and be a employee of. We could have new commands added just for the faction that allowed the issue of truck licenses, drivers licenses, suspending, etc and even maybe paybe vehicle registration in the future? Just an idea I had that would make it more fun to get a license or even enforce it. I have a lot of ideas for it please ask for more details 🙂 Atticus Smith Faction Idea's: 1) In-Game Exam Test Issued By Players 2) In-Game DMV Driving Test By Players 3) New Forum Section For DMV for grading the tests and etc 4) New Commands For DMV 5) Vehicle Registration 6) Registration Suspended if to many tickets 7) ETC
  9. Hello, I don't have evidence as my computer sucks but I was the other officer in this issue. The two being reported shot an officer down not even ten minute prior to this role-play. They claimed they died ;however, they admitted they died by jumping off a building. Now, under FEAR RP this should not be allowed due to the fact they would fear death. When I pointed it out they started disrespecting us OOC and even made ALTS to hunt us down and kill us after we jailed them. At this time they refused to RP and so we just jailed due to refusal of rp after waiting 30minutes for admins to respond. At this time after the jail they made ALTS to try and kill us due to the jail. They were not here for RP but to troll and disrespect OOC. NOTE: We do have videos of the scene from another officer he is currently uploading them it will take a bit due to slow internet.
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