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  1. Yes I reopened it
  2. Yes I am, let me wake up from my nap and I will send my number five minutes
  3. -1 Its not that we don't balance it it's the fact we have such strong roleplay and training for everyone to make th erp stay intact. I would say no to this as it can ruin the roleplay
  4. +1 I have been trying to buy a house for weeks with no luck. I also live under the bridge near LSPD lol
  5. -1 this is not ArmA dislike this idea
  6. -1 Unrealistic because that doesn't happen in real-life
  7. First off, I don't know were you got the idea we have low player counts. We have really high counts during the day over 500 players no server has that many on at same time. Secondly, the quiz works if you read the rules right. 🙂 stostop being lazy and do the work if you want into the server. I say no to this suggestion. -1
  8. Looking to purchase a house in city my max price is roughly 500k post your information and house details
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