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Los Zetas

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3 hours ago, Venxai said:

How do you go about joining the Zetas?

(I have 20k EXP if that helps)

find one of us in game and you'll get passed onto a recruiter if your worthy 🙂 

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When Zetas got leaked information and copy of a document about alliance against them being formed from smaller gangs they are neutral with in town and Los Zetas being named as an enemy in it. We were surprised but reacted fast and had a meeting with all gangs mentioned in the contract as we had a nice relations with almost each of them.


As we figured out the document was edited and passed to us as a copy where Zetas as enemy mentioned. When real document didn't had anything to do with it and most of the gangs didn't signed document with Zetas name as enemy on it. To meet the people who did arranged this fake document we had to find them and take them to motel to have a talk while surrounded by people with guns, so they had nowhere to go but to tell truth.


After this accident the gang that did this will never be trusted the same way again. Los Zetas gave them best condition they could have between each other, but they managed ruining those relations themselves, by making up an issue where there was none.

That's how you figure out who is trustworthy and who is not and those who were not - paid for it in a massive shootout.


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A meeting with a few of the family and friends  


The Russian Grandpa Look 


When the fish feels heavier then usual 


When the enemy has to be put in their place action is taken


Sometimes gang shit can be stressful


and you need something to relive you


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  • minor thread overhaul (layout changes)
  • current state updated
  • relationships updated

    PSA: Recruitment is done strictly ICly; please find us within the city for inquiries about becoming a Zeta.
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Preparing for a home invasion, using the occupant's bike to lure them out.


Rolling with the crew in our convoy.


Th spoils of war, a couple of the heavy weapons we acquired from a skirmish. 


A meeting to discuss the day's events and an opportunity for members to ask questions and raise ideas.


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