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Adrian Johnson

Vehicles in NCZ

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I am not a developer and i am not sure how far someone can go but this is my suggestion:

- Removing the ability to bobby pin/steal cars that are standing in NCZ

Why? Well due to i hear daily people say that their car is gettin stolen infront of banks, tequila la la, MD parking spot etc etc

Those NCZ are suppose to prevent people from doing illegal stuff that they usually do, but we all know that there are several people (New and older members) that see either a Turismo, Infernus, Pfister 811 or any car/super car with a high value and they instantly go for it no matter if its a NCZ or not.

Let's take @Com783 as an example, she is working and having her car at the MD parking spot (Which is a NCZ), well people ignore it and you can't find out who it was due to all you see is your GPS signal is removed which means you can't report due to you dont know who it is.

This results into us opening forum and write a refund request which is just dumb in my opinion, i wouldn't want to pay 8k for my Turismo that got obtained through a rule breach.

Let me read your opinions


A. Johnson



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