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  1. Com783

    New houses

    Mansions are expensive for a reason. They are realisticly only for rich people like in real life. Yeah, house issue is there although, that's true.
  2. Protection from police XD lmao... that was a good chuckle
  3. The server is set up this way, where action is more important than proper roleplay. There are little amount of scripts for civilians, but tones for non civilians. Go figure. I've put about 3000 hours into the server and civilian roleplay is only possible, if you live in your own bubble with like-minded people. Everyone can have such an easy access to guns, that it's actually quite obvious, that it's going to be a more toxic experience with people, sadly.
  4. [German] Ruhe in Frieden, unsere geliebte Königin

    Rest in peace, our beloved Queen

    1. Femo


      heil unsere geliebte königin

  5. Due to certain events, renting will be unavailable for the unforseeable future. I wish everyone a good time! Greetings, Stefanie Huth
  6. I am back in town and renting is going to be available soon again. ❤️
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): 02.03.2019 Character name: Stefanie Huth Issue/bug you are reporting: VIP tax reduction is still 5% instead of 15% @NobodyLTU Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
  8. 10/10 would read again and again and again...🤭
  9. Com783

    Goodbye ECRP!

    Good bye! It's just a game overall. Have fun, whatever you are up to in life! 🙂
  10. (( I am currently taking a longer break from roleplay for the next two weeks, being burned out ))
  11. Heavily abuseable and community damaging, as it would get innocent and unaware people involved very likely. -1
  12. +1 , yes please, I don't wish to park near the strip club anymore to get new furnitures. 😘
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