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  1. "Yukki Huth"? Another "Huth"? Blasphemy. 😅

  2. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 8344_754 Date of rule breach: 14.11.2018 Time of rule breach: ~20:55 GMT+2 Your characters name: Stefanie Huth Other players involved: None Specific rule broken: How did the player break the rule?: With no further acting or communication using the "/eject ID" command throwing me out of the taxi after an "unrealistic" ride and he was at the front and myself at the back, so it was highly unrealistic, to use the command as well. Evidence of rule breach:
  3. Com783

    Server Support

    There are certain times, where you won't receive any help to a technical problem, as there would be specific people to be online (aka developers), to help with your technical issues.
  4. I think this clothing piece is still not able to be bought.
  5. Com783

    Rise against the crime

    It's coming home, it's coming home...
  6. Com783

    [2.1.6] [2018-09-27] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Where and how do they work?
  7. Your name makes me sad 😞

    1. Pretty Fat Girl

      Pretty Fat Girl

      Why, my dear? 😮

  8. LeftSharkie visiting his HoOd
  9. Com783

    Hello Eclipse player

    Hey there Elena, welcome to Eclipse Roleplay and I hope things will become better as well. Enjoy your stay here. 🤗 Cheers!
  10. Com783

    Eclipse Review

    Thank you for making this review and sharing your opinion(s). 🤗 How's your experience gone after another 2 weeks? 😃 Cheers
  11. Com783

    Greetings from a long time role player!

    Welcome Eric! Enjoy your stay! 🤗
  12. Com783

    Getting robbed

    I posted this a while ago: Not a lot of people cared sadly...
  13. Com783

    Getting robbed

    I had a girl once, who just lingered around LSPD, poorly dressed, with... basicly nothing. As a taxi driver, I was positioned there, for any incoming newcomers or for looking for a customer of opportunity. So we talked really nicely and I showed her around a bit and brought her to a job in the end. The next day, she was at LSPD again, seemingly bored and said, that she didn't like the job or that she got fired. She wanted to go to the prison, she said... That was... one of the more strange requests I had in a while. But we went for it... When we left the freeway, she told me to pull up to get some fresh air. As she said I did. What then followed... I didn't expect really... She pulled a small pistol on me, behind my back, demanding to step outside. As she demanded, as I did and she told to drop my gun, what I did as well. She then took it and I asked her, why she would rob a friend (in my point of view). She told me, that she can't really live anymore and that the jobs are not her thing and she just doesn't know what to do... In the end... I persuaded her, to not kill herself and we hugged each other and she gave me my gun back and told her, that I wouldn't report her to the police, but that she needed serious help and not... prison. We then drove together to another location which I... can't remember sadly... It made me shiver... OOCly... it still does, as it was really good roleplay, even though confusing, still not quite grasping, why she would act in such way. It's going to be a secret forever. A good one. Robbers have to put in more meaning in robbing people, making it more fun for the being robbed party, with multiple outcomes, not just one: "We take all your stuff and then disappear." Thanks for reading. 🙂
  14. Com783

    Highlights Pt.1

    Hahahaha too good 😆
  15. Reaches out with her hand and says with a friendly and pleasant smile: "Thanks for the great bidding contest and thank you for participating. It was nerve-wracking, fun and now I need a ton of sleep."


    Would he shake her hand?

    1. Com783


      sighs and walks off sad

    2. Marc Tremblay

      Marc Tremblay

      I'm sorry about that i was thinking about building myself a good business! I'm mad about loosing this auction right now and hope you will do something with the gas station. Enjoy it and i'm glad that i make you buy this gas station for almost 3m instead of 2m.