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  1. We are not food&drink delivery. That's a complete different job. Anyways... I think, the truckers union and everyone else is happy with my payments, I give out by now.
  2. Only manual verifying works for me *triggered* 😞
  3. Same problem since the last web update... @mikex
  4. Welcome back, lost one. 😉

  5. It's so non RP to shoot near or into a fuel station anyway. Something might go boom boom.
  6. Your salary is already increased with VIP. It's not processed, when you take it out, but when you receive it from your work.
  7. Yah, more variety in jobs, even if they are a little boring. 💓
  8. @gyrhnr No need to be so aggressive... It's okay, that they want more pay.
  9. But well yeah. I could it deliver all by myself and you would get no money at all. So you would just do other jobs, which you won't certainly like, I bet. Your job is one of the most relaxing ones, so I don't get how you complain all the time. If you want to make more actual money, get a more stressful job. I've earned everything with being a farmer, taxi driver and paramedic. But you just sit in your truck all alone and chill, drive, enjoy the landscapes. I enjoy truck driving myself, but it doesn't even make sense, to have it as a permanent job and more as a side job, since there won't be opportunities aka deliveries all the time. It's just not a consistent, paying job like all others...
  10. That's just a weird industrial figure for one actual piece.
  11. He just didn't realise, that 10 units is one actual piece or liter...
  12. My income is taxed by 35 %. I can pay you without tax applied. But tax will apply to you, from the delivery you make. You want actual proof, that it's 20 000 liters?
  13. And you very likely sell everything at double, I am unable to pay more. No one would visit my store that much, out of the city, in a hidden location, but I love my store and its location, actually. Sweet and nice to the beach and with cheap offers. I really can't pay more than the standard amount of $ 1000, for a max of 2500 units. I import normally at 1000 units (100 pieces of goods).
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