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  1. Com783

    Vehicles in NCZ

    Just give us gates, fences/walls... that's what we need... and we could toggle the gates, but only for PD and MD employees (LSPD and Hospital that is)...
  2. Character to be refunded: Stefanie Huth Date and time of incident: 31.07.2018, 00:54 GMT+2 Requested refund (what and how much): Infernus, 8000 $ Description of incident resulting in loss: Infernus got stolen from MD parking lot and got chopped. Comments: James Lost knows. :eyes: Evidence of loss:
  3. For roleplay purposes I would like to be able to buy beach clothes again, like Bikinis and such. Pleaase.
  4. That's a lie. Some dealerships don't have their online prices updated.
  5. Com783

    Rage Multiplayer version problem after update...

    For now you have to wait, yep...
  6. Com783

    Chop Shop Tweaks and fixes

    I guess that was recently implemented?
  7. Com783

    Girlfriend PC

    She and you might get punished, if one of you break server rules, because of having a shared social club account. That happened before... But other than that, it would be fine, if you would play on her PC.
  8. Com783

    Ways of making money

    Hello there and welcome to Eclipse RP! Well! Ask around, use your map and find it out ICly I would say. A lot more interesting. 😉 Greetings
  9. "...only[...]!" 😁 Have to agree though. 😉
  10. Com783

    Update /givekey

    Yeees +1
  11. Com783

    Breaking and Entering houses

    -1 It would mean, that houses become meaningless. Everyone would just try to break into players houses all day, so houses would become meaningless to purchase, because of risking every single minute that your 50 000 $ goods might get stolen, even if they are just female clothings and they can't even use them on themselves. You can already roleplay to break into a players house, by following them and making your demands for the key of the house. Houses are meant as a safe haven to the players. It's annoying enough, that people try to steal vehicles from you, wherever you go nowadays. Even more annoying, if there would be no cops around (IRL there would be always be cops on duty, different shifts, etc) and your goods are stolen with no consequences. I would seriously consider quitting the server, making the server just far more criminals versus robbers style and nothing left for civilians to do.
  12. Com783

    Help me Solve this

    Well... You would need to buy GTA V: https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/271590/?l=german May I ask, if you have ever played any 'Grand Theft Auto' game? 🙂 Or are you just looking for a new roleplay opportunity? Cheers 😉
  13. Com783

    Custom cars

    Hey there and welcome to Eclipse RP 👋 Custom cars as in modded in cars? No. You can buy vehicles and modify visuals and performance like you can in singleplayer or multiplayer at the mechanic workshops (players roleplay as mechanics ;)) Cheers
  14. Com783

    Help me Solve this

    Do you have GTA V installed as well?