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  1. :2_grimacing: Seen you viewed my profile. 

    Hi.Hi. (wasn't much there) 


    1. Com783


      Who are you ICly again? XD

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      Mia Martinez.

  2. Hi from the UK

    Hey there and welcome to Eclipse RP! Check our Discord, if you haven't already, for some additional help: https://discordapp.com/invite/y2gxAjg Cheers!
  3. No hard feelings against Eriksen, Andor or anyone who replied in my previous report... I just wanted to be sure.

  4. "The same dress and the same car" See, I have a feeling there was indeed Metagaming in place, even though it might not have been both of them (Andor, Eriksen). I also posted the full video. Please don't post on a report you are not involved in, unless told otherwise.
  5. Even though you are not the reported party, it seemed like you did metagame indeed. Provide evidence, from who you got the information ICly and not OOCly.
  6. @Lewis I would like to hear your story, before you came to me, how he might have found out, that it was me.
  7. All blackscreens don't belong to the report, being Discord or other private things on my PC.
  8. That is considered metagaming as well. The phone would ring, but you did no /do would I hear her phone ringing? It could have been anyone. You used the system to metagame my name.
  9. Player(s) being reported: Andor Rootman, James Eriksen Date of rule breach: 03.02.2018 Time of rule breach: around 22:40 GMT+2 Your characters name: Stefanie Huth Other players involved: Andor Rootman, James Eriksen Specific rule broken: 1. Metagaming is the act of mixing in-character and out-of-character information. Out-of-character information is not known by your in-game character. For example, your character cannot see player nametags, therefore while roleplaying you must pretend that you do not know the names of the strangers around you. 4. Metagaming to gain an in-game advantage, for example, requesting help from your allies through out-of- character channels, will result in more severe punishments, than accidental metagaming, that serves no benefit to the player, such as, calling a stranger by his character name. How did the player break the rule?: Assuming that I am Stefanie Huth under my slit mask, because of the "red blush" and the "black clothes". Allthough, black is a neutral colour, I am not recognizeable as Stefanie Huth when I am sitting in the car like this, you wouldn't even be able to tell if I would have breasts or not, because of my clothing. Just later Eriksen did a /do if he could recognize me. /do Would the voice sound like Stefanie? I replied with: /do no, the mask would hide the voice Both of them ruined roleplay for me completly, they told everyone who I was in public, even though they never were 100 % certain that it was me. Only Lewis Langley and other PD members knew, that I am Stefanie Huth for certain. Showing Lewis Langley my license. Only Brian Oconner and Nathan (who is also Lewis Langley) would have known, that it was me. If they have 100 % lackluster evidence that I was Stefanie in the black car previously, they should provide them. Evidence of rule breach:
  10. [SOLD] My wonderful House in Paleto Bay

    Sold for 80 000 $.
  11. [SOLD] My wonderful House in Paleto Bay

    Changed price to 50000 $! Absolute minimum!
  12. Name: Stefanie Huth Phone number: 3931895 Selling a House: For 50 000 $ 80 000 $ Information: Exterior and Interior of my House
  13. Hello! New to Ecliprse RP

    Welcome to Eclipse RP! :wave:
  14. A idea for POV

    I would appreciate it. Although we would be in need of some high quality mirrors for our vehicles, so that we have better visibility looking around.
  15. Hello all, my first time RP-ing

    Welcome and enjoy your stay! :wave: