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  1. Bank Robberies

    Yeah, it's needed. Should only be possible with enough on duty police force.
  2. Having a Great Time so Far

    Welcome Ed, I hope you enjoy your stay! :wave:
  3. Movin' from SAMP to GTMP

    Welcome to Eclipse and enjoy your stay! :wave:
  4. 8000 $ for second spawned Infernus.
  5. Cross

    Welcome back! :wave:
  6. Server stability?

    hihi, they do, DDOS attacks are not always easy to fend off I heard.
  7. Server stability?

    It's not just you... it's been this way since a while sadly...
  8. Updated Avatar and Cover Photo. ♥

  9. Account Name: Commander783 Character Name: Stefanie Huth Refund Reason:
  10. Cant log in, im new here.

    Go to Forum account is different to the ingame account by the way. :) Cheers
  11. cops can grab a hold of players in water

    Well, with Rage it's going to be different, more synced water hopefully. Also ever heard of this vehicle? Hehe
  12. Is the server dead?

    Hey thereand welcome to the server! To see people online you press F1. To enable/disable your mouse cursor you press F2, F3 is admin stuff, F4 are for the factions in-game, F5 is for general help regarding commands (but there are a bit more and some are outdated), F6 is for VIP membership and other buyable stuff with RL money, F7 enables/disables user interface, F8 makes a screenshot. To find people, you could visit various populated places: Mechanic workshops (LSC Downtown and LSC Bayview), LSPD, Hospital, LS Bank, Mors Insurance, the farms in Blaine County etc. Good Luck, Cheers Stefanie
  13. Hi and Help?

    Hi there and welcome to Eclipse RP Kai! This picture might help you (attached). You have to hit the "Launch" button, the use direct connect like displayed! Cheers!
  14. I can´t log in the pinel pls help

    Does your password consists of upper case letters? Write down your password into something like notepad, editor and copy and paste it into the ingame login Formular.
  15. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    I just want to say again that I wanted to have a different outcome in this situation and didn't intend to break Fear RP. The fun part here is. I never uploaded or showed the video to DCC or anyone else. You did it just to yourself, to get yourself kicked from DCC.