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  1. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 8847_8810 Date of rule breach: 20.06.18 Time of rule breach: 23:27 o'clock GMT+2 Your characters name: Stefanie Huth Other players involved: Stranger 4643_2147 Specific rule broken: 5.2.1. Powergaming is the act of roleplaying something unrealistic or forcing roleplay actions on other players by using roleplay commands. Forceful server commands, such as, /cuff or /mug are not considered powergaming. How did the player break the rule?: Stranger 8847_8810 was going up to my patient, pressing the i key, with no further roleplay and taking Stranger 4643_2147 pistol, while I was trying to get Stranger 4643_2147 on the stretcher. I would have prevented Stranger 8847_8810 from taking Stranger 4643_2147 gun with a /me or /do command. Evidence of rule breach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0P3xW9OokI (When Stranger 8847_8810 came out of the rental car, my audio quit all of sudden.)
  2. Withdrawing money at banks

    The ATM for the Paleto Bay Bank is on the side of the building, towards the street.
  3. Because of server crashes and potential refund requests, could we be able to access our bag inventory without dropping it? Thanks!
  4. Currently, the only way to remove existing clothes is via new clothes or going directly to the clothing store and remove them forever for a loss. Could we get a "Minecraft like" inventory and that we are able to move our existing clothes to our inventory?
  5. Rage MP problems

    Try to reinstall Rage MP.

    (( yeah, imagine what might happen if you can't understand the opposing party alias criminals or they can't understand you. And you have to know the rules, otherwise you will break them with no knowledge that they existed in the first place, but also won't be able to identify rule breakers as well and because of this everyone might have an horrible roleplay experience ))
  7. [BUYING] House - 700k

    Already so rich, aye aye *giggles*
  8. National Guard [Faction]

    Not sure if it would fit the server to be honest, yep...
  9. The most stylish and saddest death ever

    vehicle disappears into thin air
  10. How hardcore RP is this server?

    Not allowed anymore, thankfully.
  11. Bear Baldwin At your service!

    Hiiiii You drove with me yesterday
  12. Thomas Permuy

  13. asuhhhh mann