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  1. Account name: Paperino Character name(s): Elliot_Papito Admin who issued punishment: Osvaldon Date of punishment: 30/Sep/2018 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Sale of in-game currency Your explanation of what happened: Alright so, I was enjoying my experience on eclipse rp server but one day I bought a house in Vinewood. I thought ill be able to make some money off it. So I have started searching for a buyer, then one guy appeared as interested in my house. I proceeded to talk to him. After a nice little chat, he asked me in OOC do I got discord? I told him yeah, I gave him my discord and I thought he was cool why not? After a couple of hours He writes to me in Lithuanian Would I like to sell the house for real cash. At first, I was negative why should I sell him the house for the real cash when it's against the rules. Once I wrote I'm still not interested in real cash. He still made an offer for a stupidly big amount of money (If needed ill add more details in private.) When I saw the amount he was offering I got frozen for a sec "I am really doing this ?" "I am risking it ?" So I felt for it, I would have never sold him it for real cash but at the time I was not able to leave the cash. After some time he writes to me Do I got something else to sell? Then he offered a big amount for my car Torero. Once again I felt for it. But at that time I had the feeling that something is wrong. And finally, i got banned since he decided to buy 10 million from some random dupers. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Firstly I want to apologize for breaking the rule and being so stupid and rude, just to get some real-life cash. I know that was dumb and I am willing to change. And in my knowledge, the guys that were trying to buy everything and from everyone is unbanned I believe he got unbanned pretty much the same day. (Admins wiped his account.) I had a ban for half a year. I believe I could have a second chance. I could have the same option as the guy who made all this mess, I could get my account wiped. I had a chance to trie the server for the half a year I enjoyed it. In my admin logs I had never got a ban, yes I had a warning but for a half year playing time, I believe it's not that serious. Once again I want to say sorry for being dumb. I hope I can get a second chance. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. Thank you, i putted it for 500k just because i didn't had a price for it but like i wrote before im always for offers !
  3. Everyone got different opinion in my opinion you lost money.
  4. Yep you kinda did a mistake cuz you can easily get way more, but im guessing you needed the cash. But thanks overall
  5. Hello there im currently selling my house. Details : Easy way in to backyard. Good location, has a really nice view. Has a big, deep, luxury pool. Has nice, private, luxury yard. There is a drive in/out you can always park/store your car. There is 3 car garage. At the moment i have putted it for 500k, but im always open for offers. you can always contact me with phone #4625302 or if that happens that im not answering you can contact me in email Paperino#1298
  6. You can always make an offer ! im gonna probably sell my house to the person who offers the most
  7. Hello there im currently selling my house. Details : Good location (Probably one of the best) There is a General Store close. Has a huge, luxury pool. Has nice, private, luxury yard. There is a drive in/out you can always store your car. There is 3 car garage. At the moment i dont have specific price, so im always open for offers. you can always contact me with phone #4625302 or if that happens that im not answering you can contact me in email Paperino#1298
  8. Im not lying you can easly see in your own video that there was people and they been ok with that and im happy that i made their day 🙂 Ur saying that people could died there but i took like good 10 meters away from them i so believe they wasnt scared since they didnt ran away. And please be nice and dont involve other reports/appeals that has nothing to do with me 🙂 Thank you. They been banned becouse they used goverment vechiles to do stupid stuff like blocking the road i wasnt blocking or hurting anyones property all of this was mine stuff.
  9. Hello, im Stranger 9137_5350 as i wrote before i dont believe that we broke any rules people were informed that we gonna do a stunt. They been ok with that. We didnt hurt anyones RP or properties. Yes it might been kinda unreal but i mean there is many people that do that type of stuf irl. Like jumping, flying and much more. I dont believe that there is a rule that wont let you do stunts. Both of the cars are my personal cars. So i believe a person who owns his own property can do what ever he want ofcourse in the right way. We decided that we want to do something "Funny" or atleast make someone laugh. Yes Torero is a sport car but other people like to call it "Ramp" Just becouse its so low and it is kinda a ramp. Overall nobody got hurt everyone were ok and nobody lost their property. After all this I believe your right its unreal and dangerous. I understand i might get banned or warned but nobody else got this mad like this guy reporting me and there was like 7+ people and they been making jokes about it so in my opinion it was a bad decision but it was worth it because i made someones else day not like other gangs destroy and rob. Im wroting for my friend to who is @123456 Stranger 6474_4545 -Ignas (Elliot_Papito)
  10. 5.5.1. First of all did we interupted you or something like that ? Did we hurt your roleplay experience ? I dont think so no one talked with you or vdmed you. It wasnt an VDM There was multiple people which we been talking to. We wanted to show off what type of cars we got and why we got it. 5.3.1. Did we killed anyone or hurt their property ? I dont think so if admins dont trust me i can upload my point of view. 5.6.1 NCZ mean that you cannot do anything illegal but it doesnt mean that you cannot do any stunts or show off to other people. We clearly told them that we gonna try to do a stunt. If you would of been closer you would heard that we spend money to make it hapend. 6.1.1. ???????? If you still think this report is needed go ahead keep it, but in my opinion there was no rules broken. Yea it might be a bit unrealistic but if you would of been close to us other people liked the idea. I dont know whats with you. Its your decicion wait 1 week and waste some of admins time or just cancel the report. Its Stranger 9137_5350 Othervise know Papito.
  11. +1 For all we need an rework for gangs. Because there is so many gangs and all of them is allied so i mean please do a limit 15-20 people max and 1-2 allies max
  12. By someone ? http://prntscr.com/kjs1yl dood lisin you cannot resist while downed.
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