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Ed Liebenburg

Reclaim Buses, Money Trucks, Postal Vans

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Make it so that after some duration (say, 30 minutes) of being unattended, these occupational vehicles will de-spawn. Currently they litter every main road and highway, with buses entirely impossible to move via conventional methods. Also, I'm concerned that buses and other occupational vehicles are not despawning after players quit the given job (?), as I see several buses parked at the farm. Edit: Also, garbage truck and drug delivery cars.




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yesterday at the drug dealers starting point, maybe half an hour after it became available it had about 20 cars just dumped in the street in front of it, just like pics above.
I can see with all the crashes why there is no penalties.. but its a RP server, is it too much to ask for people to park their cars normally!?

I'd suggest making a hefty fine for dumping your car somewhere/ not parking it properly.
maybe; If your game crashes, make it mandatory to call for a towing service?
only would give more RP possibilities!
People that complain that that would take too much time, aren't in here for the RP any way 😛

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