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  1. Sonny Jordan

    Some guy from NGRP

    fa sho, what was your ngg name tho
  2. Sonny Jordan

    Some guy from NGRP

    yeah sometimes i have an account here. looking for more people to join, email me at [email protected]
  3. Sonny Jordan

    Some guy from NGRP

    he's still here with me dw, his email is [email protected] come talk to us
  4. Sonny Jordan

    Some guy from NGRP

    yoo dawg wassup hi from syndicate
  5. Sonny Jordan

    Can't run the game anymore

    Reinstall rage and make sure you updated GTA V with that 5GB update.
  6. Sonny Jordan

    Reclaim Buses, Money Trucks, Postal Vans

    Yeah, a lot of vehicles just abandoned over LS.
  7. Sonny Jordan


    are you one of the knights from ngg by any chance
  8. Sonny Jordan


    i updated ragemp but whenever i try to open it, it gets blocked by my avast antivirus. Are there viruses or what
  9. Sonny Jordan

    Hello. Ancient SAMP player here

    are you lucius crump? i think i remember you btw hi from ngg