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  1. Hello! I would like to request a different mod take this report, I was happy to give you a chance but from what i've seen, I feel you have a bias against MD given your dishonourable discharge. Aside from this, as i've previously stated I am happy to take the punishment, my actions are inexcusable.
  2. Hello! As I thought was implied, I'm happy to take the punishment for this. please don't be passive aggressive!
  3. Hello! This is me (ID 15), I've, since this encounter, been given a second, conflicting view on how the newly enforced rule works. I can understand how you could see this as powergaming, and if I'm honest theres no arguing against it if I do get punished, but theres still a couple of things to point out. Firstly, I'd like to apologise about your time with PD I later heard about, I can see how this report is warranted given it cost you hours, although what I didnt need was to be constantly berated in OOC after it occured, After we talked, I changed my RP so I was checking injuries and waiting for a response before I /stabilize, to try and show improvement and even then I am hit with somebody calling me a power gamer, despite this being the advice from our chief and from the mod in the discussion picture you sent. the point I am trying to make is that I believe a discussion is necessary, and hopefully we can change around the rule for the better, so a set definition is in place, and no room for argument can occur. But this isnt an issue for me, at the end of the day I will take the punishment in stride and I'll use it to improve. I dont have much else to say that I havent said before, so I'll leave it at that. Thank you!
  4. The Cabrones Cleaning Company experienced an enormous amount of success upon returning back to their home country and overtaking the large task of cleaning the Palace of Versailles. Despite the large success, the Chaz’s could not help but feel an unhappiness over leaving Los Santos and it was always their intention to one day return. Following the completion of their task in cleaning the Palace of Versailles, it became clear what they needed to do. The Chaz’s are returning to the city of Los Santos to ensure it is kept as clean and shiny as possible. They packed their belongings and the secret cleaning formula, before chatting with their contact in France about immigrating back to Los Santos, afterwards getting on a tugboat to make their way back to the US discreetly. Several days later they arrive at the city of Los Santos, filled with excitement and happiness. Their work on the Palace of Versailles yielded a lot of success and most importantly money. Their main priority upon arriving back to the city was finding a suitable location they could utilise as their headquarters and call home. Using a portion of the money they received from their work back in France, they invested it and bought out the Bugstars company while still maintaining the cabrones cleaning company name. Along with the company came a suitable headquarters and a fleet of vehicles. They decided their second approach towards cleaning the city and keeping it as shiny as possible would be different from their first time. They have a solid plan moving forward. This is just the beginning.
  5. The Cabrones Cleaning Company is hired by the City of Los Santos to provide some routine maintenance and cleaning to one of the more popular landmarks of the city, The Vinewood Sign! Chaz Letwo gazes upon the beautiful landmark from afar, before he successfully manages to make his way to the very top of the sign. Inspecting his surroundings, Chaz Letwo realizes he has his work cut out for him. Chaz Letwo decides to get down to business! He begins cleaning the back of the sign thoroughly, removing any dust and dirt that have built up over the period of several months. Chaz Letwo finishes cleaning the back of the sign, and decides to shift his focus to the front of the sign as he begins removing the different graffiti tags. Chaz Letwo is in the process of removing the dust, dirt and graffiti tags from the front of the sign when he decides to look down. He begins realizing how far up from the ground that he is, and his fear of heights comes into effect. Chaz Letwo lays himself down, as he begins feeling nauseated and scared. Chaz Letwo finds himself in a panicked and scared state, before suddenly realizing that he has no way of climbing down the Vinewood Sign. He decides to call the emergency services for help, and the quickly arrive at the scene. An EMT begins making his way up the ladder to reach Chaz Letwo but somehow slips and falls in the process, injuring himself badly. Another EMT on scene witnesses this and rushes to his coworker, providing medical care. After stabilizing his coworker, the EMT decides that the best course of action is to dispatch an emergency helicopter to assist Chaz Letwo in making it safely down onto the ground. The EMT utilizes his radio and requests a helicopter. Action is quickly taken, as an emergency helicopter quickly takes off from the Central Los Santos Medical Center and makes their way to The Vinewood Sign. The Emergency helicopter quickly arrives at the scene, and safely make their way to Chaz Letwo who successfully manages to climb into the helicopter and make his way down to the ground. He thanks the LSEMS for their quick response time and helpful assistance.
  6. Over the weekend, Chaz Letwo and Chaz Leseven met with Andrea Fallon, a commander and the director of communications at the LSEMS. They discussed and signed a contract between Cabrones Cleaning Company and the LSEMS which was beneficial to both parties. After agreeing to terms and signing the contract, they got to work straight away, cleaning their fleet of vehicles, exterior and interior to the highest quality only Cabrones could do!
  7. Cabrones Cleaning Company is a faction which places heavy emphasis on enjoyable and sensible roleplay. This faction thread is completely out of character, and no information gathered through this thread may be used for any in character purpose(s). The main goal with this faction thread is to present all players with an insight into how the faction operates and the type of roleplay that we offer each and every day. This faction thread is a work in progress and may be a subject of change at any point. The history of Cabrones Cleaning Company begins back in france, year 1958. Swedish born immigrant(s) Chaz Letvå and Chaz Letre arrive at France with big hopes and aspirations of having a completely fresh start, and founding their own cleaning company. Having former experience within cleaning in sweden, they apply their knowledge that they had gained back in their hometown to develop and create a secret, revolutionary cleaning formula which came to change the face of the entire cleaning industry within france. Using a combination of technology, the secret cleaning formula and the enviable cooperation between the two brothers, Cabrones Cleaning Company is officially founded and built on its quality service, speed, integrity and utmost professionalism. The brothers start off small, using their cleaning formula they begin providing unchallenged and excellent cleaning services for various different people all throughout France. It is not long before their services are extremely sought out by everyone within France, which resulted in them expanding their business and opening the first Cabrones Cleaning Company office in the capital of france, year 1959. Cabrones Cleaning company is now on a steady and upwards path, and the two brothers decide to employ skilled workers to help expand production and sales. Through their incredible work ethic and expertise within marketing, Cabrones Cleaning Company embark on a marketing campaign which would place Cabrones Cleaning Company, a local and small business, on an international level, gaining attention from all countries within Europe. The two brothers had finally achieved their goal since arriving in france, they had finally made it! This is the start of Cabrones Cleaning Company. Fast forward through time, and the year is 1963. The industrial revolution had left its mark in France, as the uprising of large multinational cleaning businesses, which had the potential to drive out local business owners, began. Cabrones Cleaning Company was no match to these large businesses, which were internationally recognized on a global level and started dominating the cleaning business within France. These large cleaning businesses had aimed to provide the cheapest possible cleaning services, which resulted in the French people increasingly favoring these large businesses rather than the small and local ones, such as Cabrones Cleaning Company. The downfall of Cabrones Cleaning company had begun, as they fall out of their golden days of providing the most sought out service to everyone. It was not until the death of both brothers that the company had ultimately filed for bankruptcy as the business died, and with it the secret cleaning formula which was passed down in the family through generations to come. Fast forwarding, it is current time. The secret cleaning formula has been passed down and used among the family of Chaz Letvå and Chaz Letre, before ultimately landing in the possession of Chaz Letwo and Chaz Lethree. The two brothers are now working tirelessly for the large cleaning businesses, which once drove their relatives out of business, as they pocket the majority of the profit leaving the two brothers with scrap pay which barely covers their day to day life. Something had to change! Chaz Letwo and Chaz Lethree decided to follow in the footsteps of their relatives, moving to Los Santos and taking the secret cleaning formula with them, they aim to experience a fresh start and revive the successful company that was once the Cabrones Cleaning Company. A lot of difficulties await them as they embark on this journey, stay tuned! Cabrones Cleaning Company are active throughout Los Santos each day, driving around to each business and asking them whether they’re in need of any cleaning services. The main members of the faction are working tirelessly to bring the best quality cleaning services to all of Los Santos. Cabrones Cleaning Company is working at an employee count of around 6 members with Contracts around the state including Motorsports, Wong Dynasty and LSC! Cabrones own only one van, which whilst used whenever they clean, they are sometimes known for renting Bugstars vans to stand out amongst the crowd and help rake in investors and customers alike. Currently, Cabrones do not own any warehouses or HQs, however after signing contracts recently with Wong Dynasty and Motorsports, they hope to invest the money into better cleaning supplies and a place that they can call home. Cabrones Cleaning Company have also began planning its future in the form of a cleaning monopoly, centered in an area which is yet to be decided, they wish to expand and have most, if not all control over the cleaning market of Los Santos, Blaine County and Paleto. Aiming to host a multitude of cleaning services, and be the best in every single one of which they offer, offering the fastest and highest quality of cleaning available in the entire island, doing so by acquiring an HQ of sorts, a center of Cabrones Cleaning Company’s employees which will serve as the main offices of the company, allowing it’s management to better control its employees and employment offers they receive from different customers, while also making sure all equipment is stored securely and kept to a healthy status. Cabrones Cleaning Company’s current goals vary, although they currently aim to seek for investors and partners to assist the growth of their organization, believing that doing such can easily help the company receive a small boost to its funds and treasury, and thus, helping it become more independent with a strong back-bone in case of different incidents which can result in the company’s decline. Cabrones Cleaning Company also began drafting plans for a massive expansion within its ranks and total staff amount, beginning an advertising campaign to pursue additional employees who uphold to a high conduct which fits the company and it’s standards. Management - Are in charge of the most important decisions within the company, they represent it's highest members, they handle promotions, the treasury of CCC and all other aspects may they choose to. Chief Cleaning Cabrone(s) - Are in charge of seeking new cleaners and employees to the company, they handle the activity and performance of employees within the company, finding new investors and customers, report to any member of Management. Very Senior Cabrone(s) - Are in charge of seeing that work is done within lower ranks, usually manage cleaning on-scene of the client's desired space, report to any Chief Cleaning Cabrone. Senior Cabrone(s) - Are held to a higher standard than cleaners, they are good-working employees of the company and are trusted to perform and handle equipment and actions that cleaners cannot, report to any Cleaning Inspector. Cabrone(s) - Full-time employees of the Carbones Cleaning Company, receive payment per their contribution and activity, report to any Cleaning Inspector. The main vehicle used by Cabrones Cleaning Company is a white Speedo with blacked out windows, which seats 4 people (2 in the front and 2 in the back) and has a top speed of 130 MPH. The Cabrones Cleaning Company are adamant that they will one day be able to own a range of personalized vans ranging from Ponys to Burritos. In addition to this, The Cabrones Cleaning Company is sometimes known for renting the Bugstars van(s) to stand out amongst the crowd and help rake in investors and customers alike. Members of the faction must adhere and respect the server rules and policies at all times. Consistent rulebreaks, carelessness and showing no regard for the server rules and its policies will result in a removal from the faction. Members of the faction must notify the high command team in the case that they receive any administrative punishments across all characters. Failure to report a received administrative punishment may result in removal from the faction. Members of the faction must maintain a high standard of roleplay. Heavy emphasis is placed on all our members providing the community with enjoyable and sensible roleplay. Members of the faction are to remain in character at all times. Consistent usage of /ooc is not tolerated and should only be used if absolutely necessary. We are here to roleplay and have fun, not argue and extensively discuss certain things in /ooc. Members of the faction are required to remain active in the server. There is no set quota for how much a member of the faction must play, but regular activity is needed. Members who are inactive without a valid reason may be removed from the faction. Members of the faction must adhere and respect the discord rules. The Cabrones Cleaning Company discord is an extension of the official Eclipse Roleplay discord, and as such the same rules that apply there will apply here. Disrespecting others, toxic behaviour, excessive arguing and metagaming is strictly forbidden. Thanks for reading!
  8. Grape

    ID 64 Fear Rp

    @HaminLord I don't, but I'm sure the reporting party wouldn't mind showing extended footage if he has nothing to hide
  9. Grape

    ID 64 Fear Rp

    Hey! I am ID 64 as shown in the video, I'd like to start by addressing the 'Fear-RP'. I had noticed that the person searching me had no knife or other weapon in either of his hands which is why I decided to run, it also states that the attacker must lower his weapon to RP, and in this circumstance there was no weapon from him previously aimed or directed at me. As for the Non-RP, There was no attempt to keep me there, no RP holding me in place, just your friend saying he automatically finds keys when searching me ("He Finds them"), not even knowing if it's my car or not, the rule also states I must be ignoring a /do aimed at me, but there was no question to answer so nothing to ignore. It's also very convenient you started the video a couple of seconds after you stabbed me coming around the corner with no previous roleplay engagement for no particular reason, which I made a /report 3 for to no avail, I'm sure if you were to show the video in full we can get a greater sense of the situation. I look forward and am willing to answer any replies!
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