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Bars & Restaurants & Alcohol Script

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Can we please get bars & restaurants added as a business, along with an alcohol script. 

The alcohol script doesn't need to be complicated, add different stages of being drunk (there are multiple animations & screen effects on GTA V for the level of drunkness) and base it off a percentage from 0.0 being sober and, 0.05 being tipsy and above 1 would be drunk. 

Here are examples of animations:

move_m@drunk@a idle_intro
move_m@drunk@moderatedrunk_head_up idle
move_m@drunk@moderatedrunk_idles@ flinch_c
move_m@drunk@moderatedrunk run_turn_180_r
move_m@drunk@slightlydrunk_idles@ fidgit_01
move_m@drunk@slightlydrunk idle_intro
move_m@drunk@transitions moderate_to_slightly
move_m@drunk@verydrunk_idles@ fidget_01
move_m@drunk@verydrunk wstart_l_0

Adding different stages with a % level would also add future role-play for PD when they get scripted breathalyzers. However, we could still do field sobriety tests with the animations, would increase RP for us as well!

Bars & Restaurants is really just a social interaction RP system. Have people own these bars & restaurants and have them advertise to hire staff for times they're open, i.e. security at the door, bartender etc. With the VOIP system, we could even have karaoke nights at bars. And since you're scripting a slot machine system, you could even place a few slots inside the bars. 

Restaurants are more just a social interaction RP system than anything, allow people to go in there, buy meals, eat meals, sit down with others and just have a chat. 

Don't make these businesses that cost millions to own, people that truly want to increase the RP levels on the server should be the ones that own these. Make them apply for them on the forums or something with an explanation of what the intentions are with the place.

The income of these businesses could be the sale of alcohol, food, profit from slot machines, add a fee to entering the place (at the door).
Have the owners import things like alcohol and food just like any other business owner.

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Totally agree with this one. It would be dope to get some addiction system for the alcohol as well (not one where you take a pill and done). With every beer you get an increased chance of addiction with different addiction stages, which would increase with the stage of the drunkness.

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