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The Bloods are a predominantly African American street gang that originated in South Central Los Angeles, California in 1972.  The genesis of the street gang is traced to the intense street violence that consumed the city in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Much like their rivals, the Crips, the founding of the Bloods is steeped in legend and it is difficult to definitively construct a founding narrative. Most scholars believe that the Bloods were founded as a confederation of smaller gangs and fund themselves through the most violent cases of extortion.  

Sufyaan Khan and Bobby Escobar were fed up of sucking up to all the current gangs of Los Santos, and decided to meet The Bloods' Elders. During this meeting, they offered to expand their gang operations and take advantage of the vulnerable rural areas of Los Santos. The Elders saw the potential of exploiting the drug-trade and the ease of trafficking Crack-Cocaine into the unstructured city. However, they were not convinced Sufyaan and Bobby would be able to handle such a huge operation. After monitoring and rigorously testing them, The Elders funded Sufyaan and Bobby to begin the expansion of Bloods in Los Santos. With the new goal in mind, Bobby reached out to his street-smart distant cousin, Dexter Mahone, to be the Underboss and help create a path for the gang. Last but not least, Sufyaan needed a trusted Advisor by his side and approached non-other than his brother Adam Khan who will help ensure subsequent plans are foolproof. 






As Bloods began their expansion, they noticed another gang operating under the same name and had no real ties with Bloods so were declared as impostors. However, Bobby Escobar wanted to give them a chance to prove themselves and decided to setup a meeting. At the meeting, Adam Khan ordered them to operate under us or be wiped out. With no progress, Sufyaan Khan shot two members in the head for their disrespectful tone. Meanwhile, another member of the impostor gang managed to slip a text away to call for backup. All of a sudden, reinforcements had arrived and saw their allies held at gunpoint by Bloods. With Chief Enforcer Curt Maddox by their side, Bloods took a stand and managed to escape the situation however took casualties in doing so. This was not the end.  Bloods continued to pressure the impostor gang through kidnapping and extortion. In a matter of a week, the impostor gang was run out of town.

Bloods are improving the efficiency and profitability of their operations on a daily basis. As well as this, the recruitment of Young Bloods are in full effect progressing the expansion of the gang across Los Santos. Operations run by Bloods include Racketeering, Extortion, Drug Trafficking and Kidnapping. To show their presence and spread fear in the city, Bloods cover themselves in red clothing including red bandannas however sometimes wear different shades of black and white. The gang could also been whipping in red vehicles to place their mark and show other gangs they are about. Currently, Bloods are neutral with the majority of the gangs in Los Santos. Talks have been made with numerous reputable gangs including The Rooks, The Wanted and The Valors to operate neutrally within Los Santos.





Short-Term Goals

Dispose of Impostor Gangs

Make our presence known in the city

Establish neutrality with other reputable gangs

Gain a turf as a Safe-Haven

Supply Gang members with powerful firearms

Keep recruitment open for new potentials


Long-Term Goals

Gain access to a Heavy Weaponry Supplier

Shutdown opposing Gangs

Acquire a legitimate business to front illicit operations

Increase profits of all Gang operations

Own multiple warehouses for secure stashes




All faction recruitment is done ICly. OOC Requirements include, but are not limited to:

Must have over 5,000 XP

Must be OOCly mature

Must have Discord

Must be recruited ICly

Must speak comprehensible English

No Recent Major Rulebreaks













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Dexter thought about the proposition Bobby offered him and went off alone to have time to think about things. 

It was here that Dexter envisioned things which appealed to him...



Dexter then had to attempt to clear the air with his former organisation in attempts to build any broken bridges. 

However, both parties did not see eye-to-eye and respectfully parted ways on bad terms. This was a sign of things to come...



Dexter then met with Al Romano, a higher-up of The Rooks, to discuss recent quarrels with both gangs. 

Both gangs squashed any previous beef they had and the meeting was successful.


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